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The rougher, with more uneven and irregular surface, the walls are built, the better effect the oven receives.
Although the design of the foundation will depend greatly on the shed’s plan and designated use, moisture is your enemy and you need to look at how it will affect your foundation. I bought ballast and cement to make concrete and was going to dig out 8 holes, 4 each side, then put the blocks onto the concrete pads. The shed is fairly large at 10' x 8' and the site its going on is turf at the moment, with clay soil under.
I was going to go for paving slabs but with the soil being heavy in clay I was advised I would have had to put a thick layer of hardcore down. My old shed was just sat on red bricks, directly on top of the soil and that lasted a good 15 years .
I've built a deck that way and it's fairly easy to do by yourself with a post hole digger and wheel barrow. I always suggest that buyers of my storage shed plans check with their local building inspector to make sure which method of anchoring your shed floor is acceptable in your particalar locality. After ordering the CD’s from Rado I started building with the slab in November 2009 and had the first firings in March 2010. This part happened fairly quickly, but by the next pic it still seemed the finish was a long way off. If the ground usually stays wet or you have no choice but to Build Your Storage Shed in an spot that accumulates rainwater you’ll want to put down a gravel base below the foundation. Treated skids…This is when you want to have your shed built so it can be easily moved around.

Treated lumber foundations…This is a great do-it-yourself method and offer years of rot and insect free service. Concrete pavers…There are various types of  [Deck- Block] concrete pads that you can use. The easiest and least expensive is treated lumber foundations…Great for any do-it-yourselfer who wants to save some money. Some old quarry tiles on top or a thin steel plate to provide a bearing and spread the load.
So that would mean a lot of digging out, having to get rid of the topsoil, having to buy a lot of hardcore and then having to buy the paving slabs. I do also have some pvc trim that i could nail to the under side to help stop water getting to the timber. Just make sure you get the forms square and level and that the concrete goes down below the frost line. Because this is part of a larger south-facing garden project we decided to build it into one of the walls. The concrete slab serves 2 main purpose as the foundation for your shed as well as providing a very durable floor. This options requires that the piers be dug into the ground so they’re not subject to frost lifting them if you live in areas that have harsh winters. The most common are made to have a treated 4×4 inserted into them and then you attach your floor joist to them. Would have also had to hire a wacker to compact it and my local tool hire charge ?45 for the day.

I dont have any materials for on top to spread the load though, so If I have to go and buy something I may as well just buy bricks or something and use them instead.
If the worse comes to the worst it wont be too hard or costly to replace the treated timber frame if it did rot. I was wondering if you could use that over the top to add more protection, so its good to know you can. Then make up some 1' square by 4" timber frames and sit them on top of the holes, then fill in the concrete up to the top of the timber.
Where I live in northern British Columbia we are required to have any piers 4 feet below finished grade.
So it would be just like using the concrete blocks but it would be solid concrete instead of the blocks. Now I’m onto the new learning curve not just of how the oven behaves but also dough making and baking techniques. This is the type of shed foundation you’ll want to hire a qualified contractor to do for you. Then you just install your floor joist on this treated lumber foundation…Then add the flooring material and your ready to begin building the walls and roof. Another useful place for these blocks are for a base for posts if your building a small deck.

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