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By optimizing your website for Google, you could be sabotaging your site for Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia and Eastern Europe. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab!Video TranscriptionHowdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday.
Non-branded searchNon-branded search, these are essentially the search terms, the queries and phrases that we are all pursuing.
Branded searchBranded searches are more like, "Oh I know I want a Fisher test tube, Fisher Scientific." Fisher test tubes is what I'm looking for, or lab equipment from Thermo. These branded searches are preferable in many ways for the brands that own and control these companies than the non-branded searches.
It also increases the propensity to convert, meaning that if someone performs that branded search, they're more likely to actually buy that product. For example, if you do a search for "whiteboard," today in Google, Whiteboard Friday is somewhere on that list, but it's usually way down towards the bottom.
We saw Google file some patents around this, but we also saw some tests in this direction that looked promising, basically saying that if .
What are the tactics that an SEO can actually use?It turns out SEOs, we're going to have to work pretty cross-departmentally in our marketing teams to be able to make this happen because some of the best tactics require things that SEO doesn't always own and control entirely. The first one, if we can create curiosity and drive search volume via brand advertising, that's an awesome way to go.You've seen more and more of this.
The idea is basically telling customers like, "Hey, if you want to research us, learn more about 3M's goggles, don't just take our word for it. You can also use public relations and content marketing, especially guest contributions and content marketing.You can use events and sponsorship, all of that stuff to essentially drive latent interest and curiosity, kind of like we did with brand advertising but in a little more organic fashion.
Then finally, you can create those keyword associations that we talked about, the entity-style associations, through word proximity and co-occurrence in web documents.I put just web documents here, but really it's important, trustworthy web documents from sources that Google likes and trusts and indexes. More precisely, we will build a product review site using the platform we so love and cherish. You will make money with your affiliate site, provided you’re prepared to put in the effort required. If you can strike deals with local businesses to score your users great discounts, you can rake in an immense fortune in commissions. A large part of the work revolves around collecting deals from businesses and manufacturers who can provide huge discounts that incentivize users to buy stuff they don’t even need.
An easy way to get your coupon site up and running asap is with a pre-styled coupon theme like the Kupon WordPress theme. The Go Responsive Pricing & Compare WordPress Plugin is perfect for creating comparison tables for just about anything.
The Review WordPress theme is a stylish review magazine theme with easy review options for readers to leave their ratings in addition to yours. If you want to add reviews to your current site, then checkout the Taqyeem Ratings & Reviews WordPress plugin. An awesome free option is the WP Product Review free WordPress plugin which comes with solid options for a free plugin.
At the end of the day, affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else’s products and earning a commission by so doing.
If you’d like to create an affiliate program instead, you know, to promote your products, check out how to create an affiliate program using WordPress by Nathan B.
Obviously, WordPress is beautiful, but there are many other reasons why even the big brands use and love this CMS. WordPress is search engine friendly, built on clean code and following the best web standards – all meant to entice search engines. A valuable blog will also foster user trust, exactly the quality you need to keep the commissions going up, up and up.
Using widgets, you can easily integrate ads into your WordPress-based affiliate site maximizing your earning potential.
From bloggers, consultants, fellow contributors, developers, and experts among others, you’ll have the best support you can ever dream of.
The best WordPress hosting – Your affiliate site has to be super-fast for good user experience. Great WordPress theme – Go wtih a versatile, preferably multi-purpose theme that will make your reviews stand out. That aside, setting up your review site involves choosing the right WordPress hosting, installing as well as configuring WordPress, themes and plugins. Installing WordPress is easy peasy work; many web hosts offer one-click installers that make your job a bliss. Remember if you promote shoddy products just to milk a commission out of your users, your brand image will suffer the brunt of your insolence. Still on this passion and content business, the products you ultimately promote need to tie in with your content. Moving on, don’t ignore recurring commissions such subscriptions that pay commissions whenever the subscriber hits the renew button. In how to drive more traffic to your WordPress site, we discussed why high quality is of crucial importance. Alongside publishing high quality content, you need to make a conscious effort in promoting your site. Even with the best plan, you will need to remain flexible and adapt accordingly as you build your WordPress affiliate business. The tools you end up using to build your WordPress affiliate site depend entirely on your business needs. Building a profitable WordPress affiliate site takes time and effort, so don’t expect to make a killing overnight. Freddy is a writer, web developer and founder of Vistamedia, Inc., a nice place dedicated to the online entrepreneur looking to boost conversion rates using effective web content. Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product.

Have you decided to self-host a WordPress blog or website but are unsure of which hosting company to use? This week we're going to chat a little bit about how to influence branded search and get a load of benefit out of that.
Thermo Scientific makes a bunch of lab equipment that you can buy prepackaged, kind of all together. Create an association between your brand and a keyphraseCreate an entity-style association. That means looking at: Where are all the places potentially on the web that lab equipment is talked about or would be talked about maybe in the future? That’s because there are different types of affiliate sites as we will see in a moment.
Although I will try to keep this post general, this section intends to help you in choosing the best affiliate website for you. The internet is rife with daily deals websites because they are considerably easy to set up and the business model is rather straightforward. The more deals you dispense, the bigger the affiliate commission.
This theme has everything you need for your daily deals site like front-end deals submission, easy theme options, coupon countdown, social integration and more. Magic WP Coupons Lite is a free WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to add basic coupons with a click counter system, likes & dislikes and the option to upload new coupon templates.
They usually feature product reviews submitted by users, which make the bulk of their content. How does a price comparison site make money? It is a great option for sharing your favorite products and services with your readers using easy to read comparison tables with logos, dates, prices, and more. Add images, videos, features lists, icons and tons more to help your readers decide which option is best for them. This way visitors to your site can be confident in the ratings, and hopefully click on those affiliate links. There is seemingly nothing this ratings plugin can’t do with its unlimited colors, unlimited review criteria, custom fonts and multiple review styles. You can add custom review icons, customizable colors, pro & con capabilities and even a pre-loader functionality. By all means, it eliminates the tedious process of product development, meaning you can easily set up your site and start earning in a couple of months.
We will just touch on some of the reasons why you should use WordPress to power your affiliate website.
While coding skills can come in handy once a while, you don’t need any coding knowledge to build an affiliate website with WordPress. I mean, Google and the likes love WordPress blogs, and if you can integrate a blog section to your review site, you can easily score better rankings and boost conversions. You can bolster your SEO further by submitting your site to Google and using plugins such Yoast SEO. Just paste the ads HTML code into the Text widget and place it wherever depending on your theme. If you’re thinking Total Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme, you are on the right path. Since you need your users to trust your reviews so you can keep earning them commissions, you have to put a little thought and time into your product review site. Go ahead and purchase bonafide hosting from our well-curated list of web hosts and install WordPress on your domain. We’ve shared some great examples up above, but there really are tons of others around the web. The only downside is you’ll have to convert a lot more people to make a sizeable income from your affiliate venture.
If, on the other hand, you get 10% of every $1000 sale, you’ll need only 10 conversions to make $1,000 per month. I will shun an affiliate program that offers, say, 10% of every sale in favor of the guys offering 50% keeping all the other factors, including price, constant.
You simply can’t talk about television sets and then turn around and promote fertilizer.
They can be a great source of recurring passive income that requires little effort to set up.
Use your content to address the user’s pain points, and you have yourself a foundation of a sustainable business. Keep track of trends in your niche and you’ll always ride the wave, instead of following it.
You need plenty of traffic and better SEO rankings, and the only way to get both is to publish high quality content consistently. Do everything in your power to attract visitors, just make sure your tactics are legitimate or you’ll anger the likes of Google and earn a bad rep.
You need to experiment with different types of content and eliminate the products that perform poorly.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a venture that will benefit from all the business acumen you possess.
Many sites on the internet depend and thrive on commissions, so yeah, it is a viable business model.
In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand explores the huge benefits of turning some of your unbranded searches into branded and offers some key tactical advice.
Or chemical goggles, "I know I want the 3M variety." 3M has, like, these awesome chemical goggles.
They've sort of decided to at least investigate your brand, and now you have a chance to pitch them. Over time if we get more and more people searching for Whiteboard Friday, it'll move up in search suggest.
We believe that right now search volume for branded terms does have an impact on ranking for the non-branded version of the query.

Related searches is usually somewhere between the middle of the page and the very bottom of the page, most of the time at the very bottom of the search page. Go find what people are saying, what reviews are saying about our product." You see I think it was LG or Samsung ran a big one of these where they were suggesting people do a Google search, because it turns out their phone had been very, very highly rated by all the top folks who'd done a review of them. How do I influence those authors, those creators, those publications to potentially consider including my brand, Thermo Scientific, in their documents? We will arm you; give you every tool and resource you need to transmute your dream into reality.
It’s a quick and easy way to add custom coupons to any WooCommerce e-commerce website. Pricing tables area great way to compare & contrast similar offers (like hosting or theme packages). You can also welcome reviews from users who have used said product in the past to enrich your content. You earn an affiliate commission when the user you refer to the retailer makes a purchase or completes any other desired action.
This community is a great source of free and upbeat support you’ll need as you build your affiliate business. Add a theme (such as Total or a free one such as Hueman) and set up your plugins (more about this in a moment).
Your affiliate site should be the last resource the buyer visits before spending the green. Note: The more the content, the more the opportunities you have to place your affiliate links.
Before you find the perfect formula, you’ll need to change tactics and strategies a couple of times. Tools such as Kissmetrics and Google Analytics among others offer you a lot of insight into your business. That's a powerful way for those 10% to 20% of people that scroll all the way to the bottom before making a click selection or before deciding to change their query, those related searches are a powerful way to suggest, just like search suggest is, that they should, instead of searching for the non-branded term, search for your branded query. If Google is crawling the web and they see tons of documents, high-quality, trustworthy documents that contain the word "test tubes" that also contain the word "3M," oftentimes in close proximity to the word "test tubes," they'll over time start to associate the word "test tubes" with the word "3M." That can impact suggest. Or how do I create content for places like these that include my brand and include the unbranded term "lab equipment?"Bunch of tactics, bunch of great opportunities here.
That’s right, you can place your links in blog posts, pages, reviews, case studies, interviews, podcasts and videos among others. Become a shark and invest your resources wisely. Until next time, remember sparring is training. Let's say we're talking to a chemist or a lab instructor at a school and they're trying to put together all their materials for their lab.
The related searches, by the way, is also we think influenced by content, which I'll talk about in a second. Next time they do a search, for example let's say "chemical aprons," well it turns out that Google already knows that person has visited 3M in the past. All that classic media, everything from billboards to radio — I know I'm drawing televisions with rabbit ears still.
I'd love to hear from you folks about what you've done around influencing branded search and how you've seen it affect your SEO campaigns overall. If you need a quick fix, we recommend WPEngine and Siteground among these other quality web hosts. So they're searching for things like test tubes and lab equipment and chemical safety goggles. They might see that behavior and, because they're logged into their account, they might show them 3M higher up in the rankings.
I'll look forward to catching up with you again next week for another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Today we will build you an affiliate site, so you can go ahead make some moolah, and buy beach houses, Ferraris and the works. They're trying to figure out the best prices and the best products, the ones that'll be the safest, the ones that'll be best for their class.
If you can drive up that search volume, now you can start to get benefit in the non-branded rankings. Magazines, print, whatever, billboards, all of that brand advertising can drive people to then be curious about the brand and to want to investigate them more.
All this for you, just so you can learn something new and live large because you deserve it. That can make you more relevant for all sorts of things around search that are just awesome. That personalization is another powerful way that you're getting benefit from branded search. If you hear a lot about 3M goggles and the cool stuff they're doing, well, you might be tempted to perform a search. That could be an embedded link, or it simply could be a suggestion to search and check people out. Think of it as your exclusive digest of stuff you don't have time to hunt down but want to read! These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing the products and partners to promote. Regardless, I think I can persuade you that trying to turn more of your unbranded search into branded search is a hugely positive thing.

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