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Once done with the wp-ecommerce settings, adding your products and selling becomes child's play.
Before we dive straight into the process, let's look at a few changes we made to the e-commerce site since part 1. Before adding a product lets add our product categories from the Products -> Categories page.
While adding a category you need to specify the Name, Parent Category (if any) and Description. Here you need to specify the Product Name, Product Description, Product Tags and categorize your product under the created Categories. Once the products have been purchased, you can see the purchase reports under the Sales Summary, Sales by Quarter and Sales by Month. That's it your e-commerce site is ready for the first sale.While checking out, the system automatically asks for you Login Credentials or Registers you if you are a new customer. A shortcode is a specific code in WordPress that lets you do great things using very little effort. I hope you have enjoyed both the e-commerce tutorials.This is only the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with the Wp e-commerce plugin.
May 2, 2013 By Nathan Filed Under: Development You may have stumbled upon this post, but the title will hopefully have highlighted that this is the third in a series of posts posing the rather large question, How much does it cost to build a WordPress website? Sites we host are backed up regularly which offers you protection against a lot of the nasty stuff out there on the internet. If you have any thoughts on hosting of WordPress websites then this is the time and place to declare them. By Roger PackerThis is the second part of my article on How to Build a Website with a Quality Free WordPress Theme. If you really want to keep your header as text then you can do so and you can pick from a few options for a background or rotate the options so you have a different background on each page. You can also use drawings from within the Google Docs online at Google Drive but there is a problem here as Google Docs doesn’t let you set the exact size of your graphic so you’ll still have to take your file into another program to get it right. You don’t have to set the type of your logo to fill the width, just add a background to 960px wide. Now go back to Appearance on the left of the dashboard panel and you’ll find Header third from the bottom of the flyout. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Header Text and uncheck the box which says Show header text with your image.
Some of the advertising links on this website are affiliate links which may pay me a small amount if you buy a product through the link. If you use one of my affiliate links you will never pay more than you would normally pay for the product and you may in some instances pay less as I am able to offer discounts through my affiliate links on some of these products at times.
Under Settings -> Store -> Shipping we have edited the Flat Rate option and put $ 0.00 under all the fields.

This options lets you define your Variations Set first and then define the different variations under it. The Product -> Product Tags options lets you define your own product tags useful for searching a product while using the Product Tags widget.
You may specify a Thumbnail image and also restrict a few countries from accessing this product. While adding the Price, you can also specify a Sale Price to show a discounted price to your customers, which will increase the customer's interest. Here you have the option to upload the image form your local hard disk, URL or using your WordPress Media Library. Here at first you need to specify a Weight for your product and then specify the Local and International Shipping Charges.
You can also use the Settings -> Store -> Import option to upload products in a batch using a comma delimited text file.. Latest Products-- Using the Latest Products widget will display the recently added products on your sidebar or the area where you are placing this widget. Products Categories - Using this widget will show all your product categories in your sidebar. Product Specials - This widget displays those products that is on Sale in your site, i.e if the product has any discounted price or the Table Rate Price.
Product Tags- This widget displays the specified product tags in your sidebar so that customer can search for their required products using those Tags.
Price Range - This widget adds the price range of the products in your sidebar through which the customer can search for the products using different price ranges.
Shopping Cart - If you have selected the Widget option for your Cart Location , you can use this widget to display the shopping cart in your sidebar.
Under the Sales Summary you will get to know the current month's sales as well as the Total Income. It is through this screen that you will be able to see all the sales details and also process the orders.
The other name of Shortcode is Shortcut, you can embed files or create objects using just one line of shortcode which otherwise would have required lots of ugly codes. This is a very important shortcode in Wp e-commercerce that is used within Products Pages, Products Categories and single Product Templates. Its is used by already registered customers to see their details regarding purchase history, downloads and account details. Suffice to say that we will track the content and traffic on your site over the first year of hosting and provide an estimate for the second year which we’ll discuss with you in advance. Clients in this position will still have to pay a fee to have the rest of their content hosted, and this is likely to be in the region of ?50 to ?80.
Before this I worked exclusively in marketing positions, predominantly in publishing and most recently in Fantasy Football gaming where my interest in website development grew.

In the first article, which can be found here,  I showed how to set up the basics and here I’ll start to customise features and add some content. At the moment, it’s just text with a gigantic banner background sized 960px (pixels) x 198px. You’ll find that if you design your header smaller than the set width dimensions it will be blown up to fill the space, which looks horrible. Check the box on the third option, Disable Featured Image replacing header image or you can end up with your header being replaced by a featured image. This is done since we will use different shipping rates for different products (without any base rates). Here you can specify the Coupon Code, Discount, Coupon Expiry Date and other conditions as per your requirements.
The Sales by Quarter displays the sales by Financial Quarters and Sales by Month displays Last four months of sales on a per product basis. But these posts intend to highlight the other costs associated with running a WordPress website and explain why we don’t just give them away!
When I'm not working I'll be found on cricket greens across mid Sussex, at home with my young family or somewhere in between. I’m going to draw up a logo to replace all this and more than halve the depth to 90px as I feel 198px is far too deep.
I’m going to use a solid colour to begin with although I’ll change this to white later on so it looks as if there is no background.
Digital Davidson works with a reseller to provide hosting for all its clients as part of the set up costs.
I use Adobe Illustrator but there are dozens of cheap or free graphics programs, including MS Paint and Inkscape, which is free. You will be shown with the process of adding products to your site, using different widgets to enhance your site, using different reports to keep track of the sales and efficient use of shortcodes.
This is a monthly fee that varies according to the content and traffic of the website, and usually falls somewhere between ?50 and ?100 per year.
You can also have your own email addresses based on your domain name which we’ll set up for you and host alongside the website. The number of email addresses we set up also affects the yearly cost of the hosting package.

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