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The theme we’re going to create is going to be made specifically for use as a portfolio website, so many of the usual features of WordPress themes will be omitted in this guide.
Our theme is only built as a simple CMS that accommodates pages and the odd blog post in the form of portfolio pieces. Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Wish I had this when I was starting with WordPress, would've made my first portfolio site a lot easier! Great tutorial, I use IBM WebSphere in my day-to-day and I have been looking for a quick tutorial to help me find something quick to use for my personal work.
In order to modify your CSS or whatever programming language you want, you can use this great FREE editor. Thanks for this awesome tutorial – having knowledge of WordPress these days is pretty much essential. The lengths you go to with your comments really add a lot of meat to your explanation for the WP newbies in the crowd. At times I swear the WordPress Codex users go out of their way to provide ineffective tips and instructions. But somehow, I can understand what you are doing over the CSS codes on the templates after few read through.
Line25 was built in March 2009 as a place to share web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs.
Creating a portfolio with WordPress gives you the ability to build and maintain a professional portfolio online. WordPress portfolio themes are inexpensive and can save you lots of money when building a website.
To build a portfolio website with WordPress, you don’t need an expensive web designer or web design company. The Nimble WordPress portfolio theme was designed to make managing your portfolio with WordPress simple. Origin is a responsive WordPress theme that gives you everything you need for a professional and functional website. Gleam is a stunning WordPress portfolio theme built for high quality imagery and meant to dazzle viewers. The Aegaeus responsive WordPress theme harnesses the power of jQuery and the latest CSS3 coding to display content in impressive ways. Joe Casabona explains how to build a responsive portfolio, creating a plug-in to set up a new Custom Post Type, and a new theme template. Web development may change rapidly, but two things that are here to stay are WordPress and responsive design.
Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Right now, I’m working on redoing this whole site to make it a bit cleaner and prettier. Amber Weinberg specializes in clean and semantic HTML5, CSS3, responsive and WordPress development. I was looking for just that and i have gotten a few bits done on these lines already looking at smashingmagazine tuts on the site for wp.
I’m struggling to figure out how to have different portfolio templates that will show just specific categories or even just one category from my portfolio items. Companies have worked on building their brand for as long as companies have been in existence. Materials used for brand-building have included brochures, business cards, Facebook and Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, and of course websites. When you think about your brand, think about how your potential clients will interact with it. Divi is part of the $69 per year Personal plan that includes access to all themes, perpetual updates, and premium support. This free plugin lets you add images (which can be screenshots of your samples), and then place links on each one. ET’s theme Divi has modules that let you create pages to show off your services in a neat table complete with pricing and features. Monarch is ET’s social media plugin that was designed to get you more followers and shares.
Monarch is part of the $89 per year Developer plan that includes access to all themes, plugins, layered PSD files, perpetual updates, and premium support. You can use the little bio section in your WordPress profile, but a by far better choice is using a plugin to create a fancy bio.
This free plugin will show your photo, your name, your bio info, provide social media links so your fans can follow you, and has a tab with your latest posts. ET Shortcodes is part of the $89 per year Developer plan that includes access to all themes, plugins, layered PSD files, perpetual updates, and premium support.
You can easily create an About Me page that includes some good information about who you are and what you’re all about. The ET About Me Widget lets you title the widget, place a link to the image you want to use, and write a short bio.
One more thing to consider is integrating your About Me page from a social networking website called This free plugin will include your photo, your text with URLs, and your social media links.
Rather than just a contact page (which you should have) you can also display your contact information on your site. Divi lets you place a bar in the header that keeps your phone number and email on the screen at all times. Whether you’re doing business or not, WordPress is an amazing tool for building your personal brand.
By Brenda BarronBrenda is a professional writer and WordPress enthusiast from Huntington Beach, California.
This is a great post marketing or let’s just say connecting with your customer is soooo vital. Totally agree with you Karlon ?? Branding plays very important role as i mentioned above, lets say e.g coca cola, its an international brand and they have millions dollars goodwill. I use et shortcodes for my bio but it’s frustrating because I need to rewrite it each time or copy and paste from another blog. Now let’s take the design and convert it into a basic WordPress theme so you can easily manage and update your website through the popular WordPress application. Our website concept isn’t a blog, so this tutorial is aimed more at using WordPress as a simple CMS.
We then need to customise the details at the top of the file so WordPress will recognise the theme in the Appearances section of the admin dashboard.
Paste in the upper portion of the HTML concept, right up to where the main content div begins.
The contents are similar to the home.php file, with the exception of the additional loop that checks for portfolio items. This file is very similar to home.php as it uses the query posts script to look for blog posts in the portfolio category.

This page contains the contact form code and links to the social profiles within the two divs that are unique to this page.
First we need to create our four pages of home, about, portfolio and contact and type in the basic content. The portfolio website is powered and updated using the WordPress engine and can be enhanced with plugins to optimise for search engines.
Every subscriber gets a free pack of 100 HD Blurred Backgrounds + bonus 10 realistic web shadows. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter. I would love to try this out but just for one wordpress template that I'm not even sure will look good? I like how you've used the comments (especially with the template files) to explain what everything is.
What are your thoughts on building a clean theme with support and styling for common plugins like Jetpack Portfolios? I like the way that you build your portfolio but dont feel the need to reinvent the wheel re: my entire theme. Be the first to see new posts by subscribing by RSS, have new content delivered by Email, or join Line25 on Twitter. WordPress has grown to be one of the most popular and versatile content management systems. Because the WordPress admin is so easy to use, you will never need to hire a web designer to make changes to your site, add new photos or build image galleries. By building a portfolio with WordPress yourself, you reduce your budget and take control of the project. We have compiled and reviewed many WordPress portfolio themes and provided some of the best here for you. This isn’t just an online repository to display your work samples in a beautifully styled gallery. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
The site has exploded in terms of both traffic and content so things are getting a little claustrophic over here. This will allow you to strip out the side bar and customize the portfolio content without affecting any other category.
One of the reasons might be that, if you also have a blog, you don’t have to exclude the portfolio category in all your queries. You have a website that focuses on WordPress tutorials and the site is known by its tutorial branded name and not by your name. Visitors might connect with you on one site or network, find your website, and then connect with you on other networks. Knowing your current status (or the current status of others with the same name as you) will give you a starting point in building your brand. Even if you’re not trying to sell through your site, your WordPress site could include samples of your work. You can so this by writing your services on a page, creating graphics, using a theme with this built in, or using a plugin.
You can place it in five different locations on your site, on images and video, and have it to automatically pop up or fly in based on three different triggers. You can take this a couple of steps further by including widget in your sidebar, such as those that come with many ET themes or an widget. is an interesting site for self-promotion that anyone can, and should, use to the greatest extent. You can customize the message any way you want, so you can use this to place your phone number and email address on your site. With just a few tools and techniques your WordPress site can help you build a personal brand that is recognizable and one that others will share and follow. You can often find her typing up a storm at the local coffee shop, or at home re-watching Back To The Future and Doctor Who. With a name like Facebook, they had the chance to create so many good logos and what did they do? Is there a way to have a button to automatically put in your authors bio so you don’t have to retype it each time?
We then need to go through the code and swap out specific sections with WordPress template tags, which will inject dynamic content into the theme.
The other snippet of code is just a handy page load speed indicator which can help visualise the difference when using caching plugins.
The main difference is the parameters of this query posts script doesn’t limit the number to 4 and therefore displays every item found. The social links alone could have been pasted into the HTML portion of the WordPress page editor, but the code used for the contact form would be stripped out so it’s best to hard code it directly into the theme file. Before publishing each page, we then need to select the custom page templates for the home, portfolio and contact pages in order for them to display their unique functionality and content. Now the core site has been built, all updates and additions can all be made via the online dashboard, no more code editing.
I have a question though, did you know that you would use WordPress as CMS when you created the html site? I already design wordpress themes but I may look at this in more detail as I like the way you annotated the WP files! It is estimated that 1 of every 3 websites is built with WordPress and you can have a professional portfolio with WordPress too! Nimble was designed with built in page templates, short codes, color options and blog capabilities that give you a wide range or design options for your site.
In a world where mobile compatibility is a necessity, you can’t afford to not have a responsive site design. In this tutorial, we will look at building a WordPress plug-in and theme template for a responsive portfolio. But what if you want to put it in WordPress and make your portfolio a little easier to update?
Copy and paste this code into your homepage, or wherever you want the latest portfolio pieces to show. I am going to get this done on one of my client sites (a web designer and a good one at it). Just like any brand, building a personal brand is something that will happen online with or without our input.
If you guest post on another site, the post will be more important and valuable to readers of the site if they are familiar with you and your work. WordPress lets you take advantage of your logo by letting you place it front and center on your website. Hire a designer that gets the foundational message of your mission (you don’t have to pay that much). For example, when you think about Barbie, you think about a specific shade of pink (Barbie Pink – for real).
This can be a page that includes a gallery, a list of samples with links, and an image in a widget in your sidebar. Then select which categories to use in your portfolio and then show them as either a carousel or a grid.

You simply click the button, supply a URL for the image, choose whether or not to allow resizing, add your bio information, and click OK.
Once you’ve set up your account and filled in all of the information, you can integrate your page into a widget on your WordPress website. Another way to do this is by placing it in the header with something like GC Message Bar or a theme that has this function built in like Divi.
This places your contact information within their line of sight and keeps it there without it being disruptive to your content. I have my website, social media places, content and even my profile pic setup to take advantage of branding. I love the plugin suggestions but I try not to weigh down my site with too many plugins….
Thanks for the info though, I'll definitely keep it in mind next time I open up Dreamweaver! The dynamic menu gets your visitors where they need to go with no fuss and the beautiful page templates take the work out of creating breathtaking blog pages, image galleries and an online portfolio. Quickly build grid-based galleries of design projects, promotions or photographs in minutes.
We will work with two mocked-up templates: an archive page, which will list all of the recent projects, and a single page, which will show a specific project.
This article will look at how to do this with the purpose of promoting your work and services. If you have to create your own, draw pictures that relates to your mission and will connect you with your readers. Resist the urge to rant about the cab-driver that took you the wrong way, or that guy that pulled into your lane without looking. The bar remains in place as visitor’s scroll up or down, so your information is always available to them. Obviously no designers working for that company, and their website design reflects that, as well. Users can filter galleries by category and images gracefully slide into place once items have been filtered out. The archive page for the portfolio is a pretty simple one with a header and three columns of projects at full width. May be you could add some more tips, specially on creating custom templates and tips on creating plugins. However, aside from a portfolio and services, these ideas work just as well even if you don’t provide services. If you do come across a situation that needs to be addressed, respond and resolve issues as quickly and professionally as you can. You can do this with a portfolio theme, or you can use a plugin that adds some nifty features. The script in the code will then take this custom field and use the location of the image to display the thumbnail of each portfolio post. WP is a PIA to learn as it has a whole range of functions completely out of the way from PHP and your site and sites like yours really help ….
Let’s take a look at what’s involved in building your personal brand, and then we’ll take a look at how to build your brand using WordPress. Because you can use it as your email address–even if you just use the URL as a redirect to your primary site.
Once you make changes at, those changes are made on every site that you use this widget. Your email address should look professional and send your clients to the website you want them to go to.
This allows you to change information in one place and it is reflected everywhere you need it.
It’s more interesting and even has some humor, giving potential clients and followers a better idea of what to expect if they reached out to me.
Creating a new custom post type A Custom Post Type is an object in WordPress that allows us to add any types of content we want to the WordPress editor, treating them the same way as posts.
With Custom Post Types, we can add options for creating new types of content to the WordPress admin menu. We're going to develop this Custom Post Type as part of a bigger WordPress plug-in for portfolio projects.
While we could add the functionality to the theme, this is bad practice because then our content is tied to our design: if we change the theme, we lose the portfolio. The first is the standard plug-in definition for a WordPress plug-in; the next few lines create constants and then include the files the rest of the plug-in needs. Prefixing variables and function names will decrease the chance of your plug-in conflicting with other themes or plug-ins. I'll only be discussing the important code here, but you can find the complete code on the GitHub repo.
We add an action to call it on init , then send our list of arguments to register_post_type(), along with the type's slug, which will be 'portfolio'. After registering the post type, we register the custom taxonomy to go along with the post type.
If you don't, and the taxonomy somehow gets registered first, WordPress will throw an error. After the Custom Post Type is defined, it's time to add the custom metadata we want to use. Our Custom Post Type supports a title, the editor (which will serve as the body text), and a thumbnail, which is where the featured image will go. There is one more thing I like to add to my portfolio pieces: a URL to the website I'm showcasing. When the admin is initiated (that is, loaded), we'll call a function called jlc_projects_admin_init() that will create a new meta box for portfolio items. Once inside the options function, we simply grab the link value, which we've called jlc_projects_link, and print it out. This consists of an archive template, a single page template and a shortcode (not covered in this tutorial). This piece of JavaScript (you can find the GitHub repo here) allows you to define a set of media queries to switch an image to a version friendlier to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. This also has implications for load time, since you can probably assume that a smaller screen means a mobile device using 4G, 3G, or even EDGE.
It's a simple header with three columns of projectsYou can see the markup pattern for a standard picturefill element on the GitHub repo.
As you can imagine, since WordPress creates multiple versions of every image we upload using the Media Uploader, it lends itself nicely to picturefill.js. Since our projects will be using the featured image section to display the screenshot, we can replace the default featured image markup by using the post_thumbnail_html filter. If this could cause a conflict (it probably will), you should add some conditionals to your plug-in to make sure this filter is only being used on portfolio pages.

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