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Changing web hosting company is something that most webmasters are likely to consider at some point in time. Disclaimer: The below procedure requires you to have basic understanding of the various web technologies and it can heavily affect your SEO status. Check the available bandwidth of the hosting pack, the various services & limitations and the physical characteristics of the server. Mind the configuration settings of the server, the time limits, the installed libraries and the version of the servers etc.
Selecting a company that offers great technical support can save you from serious problems on the future.
Make sure you choose a company that is known for its quality services and avoid the cheap solutions. As we discussed in several previous articles, the physical location of the server (the country) is used as a GEO location signal by most search engines. The best way to ensure that the new web host is compatible with your website is to test it first. Before we explain the process of changing the DNS records, let’s briefly give a simplified explanation of what DNS is. Unfortunately in some cases, the DNS record update can take more than 24 hours to become visible globally.
A good way to speed up the DNS update process is to change the value of the TTL from 24 hours (86400 seconds) to 5 minutes (300 seconds).
If you are not able to update your TTL, then you might want to edit the configuration of the old site and change the Database server address to the new one. As we said on the above step, in order to complete the transfer you need to update the DNS records and point them to the new site. The last thing that I would like to stress, even if it is not related to SEO, is that if you change the DNS records of your domain, this will also affect your emails. Unfortunately some browsers and other applications tend to store the DNS records for more time than the TTL value. Setup on your new host all the email accounts, ftp accounts and configure it to work properly before you go live.
Change the DNS records by updating to the new Nameservers or A Records and point the domain to the new host. Remove your website from the old hosting company 2 days after the transition is completed.
By following the above steps and by testing thoroughly everything before making the transition you can ensure that your SEO campaign will not be affected by the update. The best Seo is when you do it your self, Because no one else understand your seo targets better than you.
I am doing an assignment from Venture Capitalist from Silicon Valley on how hosting affect SEO, thanks for the great post!
Dreamhost and WordpressWith Wordpress getting popular day by day DreamHost has taken a step ahead to offer quality, reliable and affordable Managed Wordpress hosting services to its customers. May 2, 2013 By Nathan Filed Under: Development You may have stumbled upon this post, but the title will hopefully have highlighted that this is the third in a series of posts posing the rather large question, How much does it cost to build a WordPress website? Sites we host are backed up regularly which offers you protection against a lot of the nasty stuff out there on the internet. If you have any thoughts on hosting of WordPress websites then this is the time and place to declare them. Nevertheless as we discussed in a previous article, the web hosting and the physical location of the server can affect the SEO rankings of a website.

It is strongly recommended not to proceed to any of the below updates unless you are tech-savvy and you know what you are doing. This is because ensuring that the new host has all the necessary features that are required to display your website properly is one of the most important steps.
These characteristics are usually advertised by the hosting companies; nevertheless they never disclose how many websites are hosted at the same time on every server.
Usually cheap hosting packs attract spammers and you definitely don’t want to be hosted on the same server with them. As a result if the server of the new hosting company is located on a different country than the one of the old host, this might affect your rankings.
The DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is a service that maps the domain names to their IP addresses. This is because the DNS records are cached for a particular period of time (also known as TTL or Time-To-Live) in order to avoid generating a lot of excess load on the systems. If you do this 1 day before you actually transfer your site, you will ensure that once you update the DNS records, your visitors are going to access directly the site which is located on the new server. This change is very helpful if your website is a forum and you want to avoid losing content during the transition. Depending on how your new web hosting works you might need to update the NameServer records or the A Records.
So if you don’t maintain the emails on your previous host by setting up MX records, then you must make sure to set up the email accounts with your new hosting company before you change your DNS records. As a result it is generally advised to keep the old server live for 1 or 2 days after the transfer is completed. Either pick a new host located on the same country as your previous or place it to the main country of your target audience.
Nevertheless have in mind that changing regularly hosting is not advised since this would look suspicious to the search engines. Can I still switch hosts this easily if the website is currently an add-on domain on Host 1 over to not-the-root domain on Host 2? I have been looking for answer everywhere, enjoyed reading yours blog Good information given on seo tips. Started back in 1997 DreamHost is now a brand in the market of hosting, domain registration, wordpress and dedicated servers. Unlike other companies like Hostgator all your files are stored on SSD which offers increased speed and reliability. Creative Look & Feel Tools Design customized, professional logos, left-margin navigation button bars (navbars), and your Web page look and feel (choice of 2 or 3 column layout). Suffice to say that we will track the content and traffic on your site over the first year of hosting and provide an estimate for the second year which we’ll discuss with you in advance. Clients in this position will still have to pay a fee to have the rest of their content hosted, and this is likely to be in the region of ?50 to ?80.
Before this I worked exclusively in marketing positions, predominantly in publishing and most recently in Fantasy Football gaming where my interest in website development grew. As a result, even though transferring to a new web host is not nearly as risky as changing your Domain name, it should be performed with caution. Note that Search Engines can ban particular IP addresses for excess spamming and this would negatively affect your SEO campaign. Usually the best choice is to host your website to a server that is located on the same country as the one of your target audience. This can be done by uploading your database & files on the new host and by testing its functionalities via a temporary URL (checking it with the IP, setting it up on a subdomain, or using a temp domain).

As a result if you change your DNS records today, you will notice that 23 hours later, many of your visitors will continue accessing your website via the old server.
Unfortunately some domain registrars do not offer this option on their panels and as a result the TTL value can’t be changed. If none of the above is possible, then you probably have no other option than wait until the DNS records are fully updated. But these posts intend to highlight the other costs associated with running a WordPress website and explain why we don’t just give them away! When I'm not working I'll be found on cricket greens across mid Sussex, at home with my young family or somewhere in between. In this tutorial we will discuss what things you should have in mind before switching hosts, what are the risks of doing so and how to properly change your website’s host without affecting your SEO rankings. Many major hosting companies offer you the chance to select the location of the server, so make sure you take this also into account while buying your hosting pack. This is fine if your website is static, but it is not if your visitors post content on your site or if their interactions update your database (forum, blog, ecommerce site etc).
Search Engines also tend to update the DNS Records every 24 hours or less, so even if they can handle such transitions pretty well, it is always best to play it safe and maintain the systems for a little while. Digital Davidson works with a reseller to provide hosting for all its clients as part of the set up costs.
Make sure that the new host is compatible with the technical specifications of your website.
When we change a hosting company, we basically transfer our site from the old server with IP A to the new server with IP B. This is a monthly fee that varies according to the content and traffic of the website, and usually falls somewhere between ?50 and ?100 per year. You can also have your own email addresses based on your domain name which we’ll set up for you and host alongside the website. SBI!a€™s through-the-browser graphics software offers a full range of colors, fonts, textures, and effects. The number of email addresses we set up also affects the yearly cost of the hosting package.
Whatever you're doing now, you can use the same tools, including CSS, and upload your own HTML and PhotoShop delights to SBI!.
You can choose and create a professional-looking presentation, even if you have no design skills.
And if you're a designer, you can create and upload your own.I used one of SBI!a€™s 3 column custom style templates. And it includes automatic annual renewal of my domain name, unlimited e-mail (with unique Spam 'n Virus Blast It!), unlimited pages, unlimited images, unlimited bandwidth and all the usual features of top-notch hosting.20.
And the Right Columns Manager lets me edit existing columns, preview them, or delete them.26.
I can add, change or delete at any time.There Are Still More Reasons Why I Love SBI!Once I finished how I wanted my website to look and feel (which by the way I have changed 3 times, and I am pretty happy with the way it looks now) SBI!

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