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The ultimate guide to help you figure out the basics to building your Fallout 4 settlements. The settlements system is probably the most substantial change to come to the Fallout series, overhauling the focus of the game and aiming it towards the rehabilitation of the radiation-torn wastelands.
When the Sole Survivor first emerges from Vault 111, they travel back to their original neighborhood of Sanctuary Hills to find it in ruins.
Gather materials from the settlement site by scrapping everything of use.  This cleans up the settlement area. Sufficient resources must be built to match the population of your settlement, including defense, water, and food.
Your settlers need Power, especially because you need it to run the Recruit Radio Beacon that attracts other settlers.
More elaborate Power-related structures can be made but this is what you will need to start out. Your settlers will be able to devote themselves to other tasks if Machine Gun Turrets guard their settlement.
Your settlers need other survivors to join them so their site will grow and become more prosperous. One item you’ll need a lot of is Cloth, as you’ll need a lot of it to make the beds necessary for each settlement. There are five copies of the magazine Picket Fences, each awarding a new item for use in your settlement: picket fences, high tech lighting, statues, potted plants, and patio furniture. You will need to focus on turrets over outposts at a certain point in the settlement’s growth, because posts need to be attended by settlers, which takes manpower away from your crops. Playing through previous Fallouts one of the features I used the most was the wait, rest or forward time function (depending on what you like to call it) that had time to go by quickly allowing players to forward time to the exact minute they want during the day. Sanctuary Hills is your first settlement, where you can learn how to use all the tools you’ll need for building settlements in the rest of the game.

Additionally, our fiber optics and steel guide will teach you the fastest and easiest way to acquire those materials. To build supply lines, enter Workshop mode, select a Settler and instruct them to establish a supply line to another settlement. You can also plant the items you find out in the Commonwealth, but not if they are labeled “Wild”. Bear in mind that all items requiring Power must be attached to your power source with a Copper wire. Use the commands available in crafting mode to assign a settler to guard at a specific post. You can purchase some shipments of necessary items from traveling vendors or sellers in the Diamond City Market, but for the most part you should track them down yourself. See the entries above to find out what perks are required and what parts you will need to scavage to start building turrets. In Fallout 4, unlike previous games you can’t simply forward time by pressing a button as Bethesda has changed the functionality a bit. A green line will appear around the borders of the settlement, marking where you can build and scrap materials. Materials that have been scrapped will go into the inventory of the settlement site’s crafting table. This will allow both settlements to share materials during base-building, although the Workshop inventory will only show you items available locally.
Some of the crops you can grow include Carrots, Tato (a potato-tomato hybrid), Corn, Gourd, Melon, Mutfruit, and Razorgrain. If the item that you wish to power  has no number near the Energy symbol in its menu, that means it requires ambient Energy instead of direct Energy.
Try to aim for items that contain multiple components such as the items below so as to use your space most efficiently.

Some resources for Cloth include Newspapers, Cigarette Cartons, Cigar Cartons, and Pre-War Money. For instance you cannot build a vendor’s stand without having Level 2 in Local Leader which is a CHR 6 level Perk.
You can become allied with a potential settlement location by helping one of the NPCs there with a quest. Most settlements will be fine if the amount of food and water and beds match the population, but defenses will need to be much higher. You can also build furniture if you’re near a workshop, given that you have the required materials. You may also scrap the items highlighted in green, however those items (mostly furniture but other objects as well) can also be placed within your inventory for later use. To build the third level of the Armor Stand, you need Rank 2 in Cap Collector in addition to Local Leader.
When you open up the menu and choose an item to build, if you already have one stored in the Workshop, a number will appear in the thumbnail indicating how many you have in stock. If you’re having trouble keeping track of what you need, use the Search function within an item you wish to build. While you’re looting, a small magnifying glass icon will appear next to components you need to build it. However, in most of your settlements you will need to start from scratch and bring in components from elsewhere.

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