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So with the weather still snowy and cold over the weekend, and no ability to work on the chicken coop or recycled greenhouse project – it was time to cure the winter blahs with a building project! Since this was built for a king sized bed – we built it as two separate door frames and then attached them together once in the bedroom.
We cut all of our pieces to length to start, including the cured cuts for the top of the doors.
I applied glue to all of the joints and clamped them together while nailing on the backing boards. Next, we flipped it around, and added a couple of 2 x 4″ trim boards on each side as well as the top to trim it out and give a little depth. Important ResourcesTo find out how to dismantle a pallet without hurting your back or splitting precious timber, check out my guide on making a cheap raised garden bed. We searched and looked for tables since we moved into our house in September, but simply couldn’t find any that we like. After getting a Kreg Jig for Christmas (I strongly recommend you buy one if you want to do any woodworking), I decided to try to make our own table.
Of course, I wanted to take photos and document the process so I could attempt to provide others with a way to build your own DIY counter height kitchen table. I’ve stated pretty clearly here on this site that we are attempting most of our projects for the first time.
It’ll be much easier to just focus on making all your cuts, then putting everything together.
Obviously you’ll need some Kreg Jig knowledge here, but their site is great for that. I found it easiest to add in the supports first, because you will then have a piece of wood to attach to the legs.

After I stain, I usually take a clean, dry rag and go over it again to remove some excess stain and speed up the drying process. We have a table that is similar in look to yours but have a terrible time with crumbs and stuff getting stuck in the grooves between the planks. If we do get crumbs stuck in between the planks, we have found that using a toothpick to handpick the crumbs out helps.
The poly will fill in the V shaped seams between the boards so they are more like U’s and easier to keep clean.
Recent CommentsMatt on DIY Counter Height Bar Stool Plan and Guidetrish79 on DIY Counter Height Bar Stool Plan and Guiderbilleaud on DIY Counter Height Bar Stool Plan and Guidebill on DIY L-Shaped Desk Plan and GuideKreg Jig Product Review, Description and Uses - DIY at Modestly Handmade on Get the New Kreg Jig HD for BIG Jobs! And yes, as the garage became a temporary workshop, sadly Mary’s vehicle was once again the victim and banished to the driveway. Scrap wood is actually a great choice, even if it is nicked up – adding a rustic feel to the finished piece. I was tossing around some wine rack ideas and decided that pallet wood, or reclaimed wood, is the perfect choice for a rustic wine rack.
Drill a hole into a srauqe hardwood block, cut an appropriate angle off the block, and you’ve got your jig.
Rustic stone fireplaces are a good addition to a country style since fireplace is usually the focal point in a room.
Are your legs only attached by 4 Kreg screws, 2 through each support at the table top and bottom support also, and are they sturdy? Ours is a combination of both, along with some salvaged barn hardware saved when we deconstructed two old barns.
There are ideas and projects here for people wanting just a ‘splash’ of country as well as those looking for a whole remodel.

You can complete this project under some steps with the proper ways.First, you can use plywood and 2 by 4 lumber to design and construct the frame and layout of your rustic stone fireplaces. Determine how large you want your fireplace and heart to be and the area where you can tie into the existing chimney. Cut a section of plywood at the size where it will fit around the existing fireplace hole and use 2 by 4s to build a solid square frame behind the plywood. Use the manufacturer’s recommended amount of water and mortar to fill your mortar barrel and roll it around the yard until the mortar reaching the proper consistency according to the mortar package. You can use other screws but make sure they are self-drilling.I use any one of a number of my shop clamps to hold things in place they work well.
Spread the mortar to the back of the stones using a trowel and place them to the plywood faceplate starting from the bottom.
I suspect the kreg clamps would work better but have not tried them, and am not inclined to do so at this time.You will need long reach robertson (square drive) screwdriver (or bit for your power driver). Pick stone that will fit together like puzzle pieces and secure them to the plywood, then allow them to dry. Mix the mortar according to the manufacturer’s instructions and fill the spaces between stones with extra mortar.
Used appropriately pocket holes can be quite strong and durable, whether done with a home-made jig or the kreg. Make the mantel with a piece of 1 by 8 lumber cut to be 6 inches longer than the top width of your fireplace.

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