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Beautiful websites: We have collected some of the most beautiful and responsive website designs which is a treasure cove for many designers out there. It’s a solid fact that real world companies have been trying very hard to infuse their brand into the web, due to the popularity of the internet.
For giant corporation like Nike, they can probably invest a small part of their fund to hire top-notch web designer to build an epic site, but for small companies without funds and design experience, it will be a crucial challenge for them to get their website existed online with nice design and functionality. Designed by Template Monster, Art of Business provides you a completely professional corporate environment to showcase your company and products. Another very high quality site template built with brilliant typography, great color scheme, and professional content slider. Although the site is originally designed for personal work showcase, the site design itself suits very well for business site also.
First stands out from common business templates with its fresh, creative and elegant design, making it a great choice for business user. Here you go, a HTML5 powered, professionally designed layout with brilliant typography and corporate color scheme.
While most business templates are designed with bright color scheme, Lawyer and Attorney offers you a dark yet elegant layout to showcase your company or service. If you are tired of business templates with heavy graphic and color scheme, Mondays probably meets your minimalistic needs with its clean and fresh design.
Smart Biz is an universal business template with modern touch, which makes it compatible to most kind of business. Genoa is a business-oriented WordPress theme designed with simplicity and elegance in mind.
Just as its name, Simplybiz impresses your site visitor with its simplicity and professionalism. Webfolio comes with ads support, content slider and even Flickr photostream, absolutely a feature-rich theme for your various business needs. Released by the same company that publishes Webfolio, Wise Business comes with business friendly features like testimonials page templates and real-time contact form with email validation. Released exclusively by our site, Polo360 is suitable for a wide range of site like portfolio, product page or main business site. Designed by GraphicsFuel, Corporatix is a modern business template with completely slick and creative design. Exponet is a well designed Photoshop template available to you with a home page and an about page design. Produced by Web Designer Raid, Handmade is another very slick Photoshop layout perfect for business site. Besides its clean and modern layout, Openmint includes a content part in the footer area that features company’s partners, which is greatly desired by most companies.

Product layout is actually a freebie released by HVDesigns, followed by the tutorial that teaches how to create this slick layout. This free advanced Photoshop template is purposefully designed to suit portfolio, agency or business site. Guided by Journey Digital Media, this tutorial will show you the detail to design a clean and solid fictional business layout. This is a selection of beautiful website designs to boost your imagination for next time your designing a website. First of all I would like to introduce myself, it’s my first post here, thanks to Nick for giving me this opportunity. As you see all these have something in common, they not just a plain website design, they interact with the viewer by having images and photos popping out of that plain website view that we are used too, and in some of them is the website content that pops out of the background image which also interacts with the viewers on a positive way. You want to make your website design look good, make it look real, bring real elements into your design, Think Design Blog itself is a great example the way the top of the website is designed with different textures that blend in to a plain part with the content is beautiful.
I know that is a lot more beautiful websites out there, so post your picks and thoughts, Thank you.
What about when you have clients who insist on textual content taking priority and want that super clean look?
For the websites u showed, they are not beautiful websites but the nice regular designs that made the client happy. Love the designs especially Kristina Miletieva the lighting is fantastic really makes it stand out of the page. Excellent website designs, i appreciate you for providing these excellent design concepts clean, cool, attractive with grace. Amazing, I love the website template that you design, impressive, fresh color and texture is quite reasonable. You can add a little punch to your already existing websites to make them look super cool with these beautiful website design ideas.Did you know that Bold, clean designs draws people attention and also makes browsing easier? Apple knows about that, Coca-cola knows about that, even local fresh mart near my home knows about that. Here we’ve collected 35 high quality resources which include WordPress themes, HTML templates, PSD mockups and even step-by-step tutorials to help you build a website that meets your business need. I must say that the quality of this template exceeds most templates found in premium market. It includes WordPress-specific features such as image slider, real-time contact form and Twitter integration.
It also includes built-in page templates to allow you to change the way the content looks with different layouts. The best part of this Photoshop template is it comes with home page, about page, service page, portfolio page, and contact page design, almost everything you need to build a complete website.

Although it looks quite complicated, graphic layers inside the template are well-organized for your easier customization. I hand picked these designs on Deviantart to show to you and talk about how beautiful websites are made.
My name is Paulo Canabarro aka Paul0v2 and from now on I’ll be here with you guys very often. I think that some of the best websites are ones which use design elements to add depth to the layout, giving less of an impression of viewing a flat computer screen. I particularly like the the School of English one as it is a subject that doesn’t really have a lot of imagery associated with it, so the designer has had to work hard to bring in the visual elements. But bringing images into to the website it’s not the only way to make a website look good. Keep up the great work of quality and especially original work, didn’t see any of these websites before, except one. They are so pretty and inviting, that if i came across them i would definitely be convinced that the product or company is good.
But some in of the websites the developer tend to work too much on graphics, in order to make them look good attractive. These Websites are full of CSS and HTML inspiration, enjoy and learn some ideas by visiting below websites. You can either download, work on a bit and put it online directly, or hire a web designer to perform the customization until it fulfills your company’s need. The template also comes with necessary page design like home page, service page and portfolio page.
I thinking of writing something about that for next time, like other ways to get a good design. This in some cases is true, but usually the viewer forgets about the main content of the website and starts focusing on the graphics and art work. Webdesign companies are available in plenty, if you are looking to catch the bigger fish on the internet. For a very small fee, web design companies can create customized designs for your business. A good website design is essential for the growth of small to big companies, since the boom of online marketing.

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