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The Flash player is not yet installed on 100% of computers but statistics suggest perhaps 85-95% are capable, and for most web designers that is enough, especially if users without it see a prompt to download the Flash player if they don't yet have it when they try to play a file. This page gives a brief overview of the processes you need to complete to prepare and publish Flash video file to a web site. Using Flash, Flash Video Encoder and ActionScript you can author a unique console for playing back video files. Transfer video clips (rushes) from a camcorder (DV?) to your video editing application (Vegas, Final Cut, iMovie, Premiere etc) and create a finished edit. Highest quality for video upload (YouTube) because files will be re-encoded, use native settings where possible.

If you want your video to play in a new window which will open once a link is clicked, you can create a new html page for it. The popularity of the Flash Player browser plug-in (pre-installed on almost all personal computers) means that web designers need only create and publish Flash Video files whereas previously they needed to offer a combination of QuickTime and Windows Media Player video to ensure they reached the widest audience. It is true that many end-users will be surfing from work or school and not have adequate access privileges to authorise installation but it is generally felt that they are an acceptable minority. Because this is an involved process and there is an easier alternative (Method 2 below), this method is not often used. Save the completed edit as a single file in the format you imported and edited it in (DV?).

Select your link text or thumbnail image and attach the behaviour by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
However, it does give the designer the opportunity to create a truly unique video player interface.

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