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Fortunately, there exist several options for removing such odors from hardwood flooring.  In this guide, several tips will be provided for neutralizing this smell, and adding freshness back within your flooring.
After soaking up the urine and cleaning the area, sprinkle heavy quantities of baking soda on top of the location. This products does wonders in eliminating urine smells and is often recommended by your local veterinarian.
There needs to be at least 500 Ebonstone Blocks nearby in order to be considered inside a valid Corruption area for the purposes of fighting this boss. When summoned in the Underground corruption after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated, it's a great source of Souls of Night due to its many parts.
Disclaimer: For the purposes of this guide, it's assumed that the player is using a new character in a new world, and would therefore only have access to appropriately-tiered equipment. The head has 65 and 0 defense, the body segments have 150 and 2 defense, and the tail has 220 and 4 defense.
Because the head deals so much damage, it's strongly recommended that you avoid it at all costs, even if it means having to move through the boss's body segments (taking damage in the process).
It's ill advised to fight the Eater of Worlds inside a chasm, as not only can it strike with little warning, but it could also knock you to your death. If you don't want to fight the EoW by breaking a shadow orb, but don't have enough Rotten Chunks to make Worm Food you can start building an arena above ground.
Since this boss is composed of multiple segments that each have their own HP, weapons that can hit multiple enemies per attack are recommended. Shuriken: This weapon is ideal for beginner players as it damages lots of the bosses segments which makes it easy to kill.
Crimson Rod:Use this at the start of the battle and then switch and use a weapon above or below. Vilethorn: This weapon does only 8 damage (7 to the body segments), but it's here due to how it can hit multiple enemies several times per attack, so this damage can really add up fast.
The Eater of Worlds decided to "swim" horizontally along one of the rows of wooden platforms of this arena, which placed it in a good position to get massacred by a player with a bow and Unholy Arrows. Bow with Unholy Arrows: A Gold Bow with Unholy Arrows will do about 19 damage, while a Demon Bow will do about 22 damage.
Ironskin Potion: Increases your defense by 8 for 5 minutes, allowing you to take 4 points less damage from attacks.
Thorns Potion: For 2 minutes, enemies that attack you take damage equal to half of the damage that was inflicted upon you. If you built your arena above ground, then you may have to deal with it becoming tangled up more often, as the boss doesn't have much earth to swim around in.
This boss could possibly be a reference to the "Eater Of Worlds" from Stephen King's novel "Night Shift" from the first short story "Jerusalem's Lot". This boss could be a reference to the 1990 film `Tremors` where giant worms with teeth attack a group of friends. In the iOS version of Terraria, once you break the third shadow orb, the entire Eater of Worlds will spawn in the location of the shadow orb, and the message "Eater of Worlds has awoken!" will not display. "Eater of Worlds has been defeated!" will still display once it has been killed, however. A possible bug may be that, when building over the Corruption, the boss will be summoned, as if incredibly displeased with the bridge, leading to much confusion and claims of griefing. One very specific bug may happen if the Eater of Worlds is fought in the Underground Jungle. Sometimes when a Meteorite lands and you exit the world and re-enter it the boss will be summoned. Another possible bug is when you've cut the Eater of Worlds into several segments and one kills you, that worm will disappear but the others will continue to fight (needs confirmation). Sometimes, on console version, on a full server, only one segment will be visible, and only it can be damaged.
If you break 3 Shadow Orbs, and use Worm Food, it will summon 2 Eater of Worlds (confirmed).

Summoning the Eater of Worlds using an artificial pile of Ebonstone.Entangled Eater of Worlds. This holiday season, parents will flock to stores to buy all types of gifts for their children. Wooden toys have not lost their luster or durability but they have been passed over for the more colorful plastic types that talk and move. Everyone is not as appreciative of donation gift giving so be sure that the recipients are the sentimental type.
People scoff at those monthly clubs that send foods and other items but the sentiment is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.
Who would have ever thought that buying and selling would come to such a level, but it has. Visiting fair trade merchants supports cooperatives and groups working in favor of oppressed and impoverished peoples in countries all over the world.
Fair trade merchandise can be purchased at a variety of stores including Wal-Mart, Target, Harris Teeter grocery stores, Whole Foods Market, and Costco. How To Antique Furniture With Paint And Candles - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Kelly Ripa Throwing A ‘Tantrum,’ Did She And Michael Strahan Really Hate Each Other?
If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you might want to check out Pinterest. You can add extra touches like a curly wig and a big bow in your hair, and you’ll need to draw on a few cracks to make yourself look like a broken doll. If the doll Halloween costumes above aren’t creepy enough for you, you could always try to make yourself look like the hideous doll from the movie Annabelle. If you want to spend more time perfecting your makeup and less time putting together a costume, you can find doll Halloween costumes at costume shops. He has an over-productive olfactory system with absolutely zero tolerance for unpleasant aromas.
We have wood floors and I clean the floor that’s in the too the pups are in religiously but the smell stays im worried there going to ruin my floors is there any way to prevent them from destroying it?
It can only be fought in the Corruption, where it's summoned either by destroying three Shadow Orbs or by using Worm Food (either method is repeatable). In order to function as a monster, each part of the Eater of Worlds needs to have at least two pieces: a head and a tail. Therefore, trying to maximize damage equally across the entire body will generally result in the fastest kill. Also, it may be a good idea to aim for the head, as not only does it have less defense and HP than a body segment, but splitting the boss up by destroying body segments will only make it more difficult to dodge its attacks. You could use the Grappling Hook to cling onto a wall, though you should still avoid getting struck by the head as, again, it deals heavy damage to players.
Just kill any corruption monsters and take the rotten chunks they drop and once you have the arena ready, you should also have enough rotten chunks. These include the Vilethorn, any kind of flail (such as the Ball O' Hurt) and a bow (preferably a Golden Bow or better) with Unholy Arrows, though a Gold Broadsword or better can be used if none of these are available.
Moreover, this weapon passes through solid blocks, so it can damage the Eater of Worlds even when it's underground. It does 25 damage and can fire almost as fast as the Minishark in close range, thus making it a very effective weapon against the Eater of Worlds. If the Eater of Worlds passes through this, then whatever segments touch this will take continuous damage, which will add up even quicker than what a Vilethorn can dish out.
The best time to use this weapon effectively is when the Eater of Worlds is swimming horizontally along the ground (as seen in the picture to the right), allowing you to damage not only the head, but quite a few segments as well.
Bring along a few (Lesser) Healing Potions as well, as the head deals a massive 40 damage (minus armor), though the body segments deal only 15 damage by comparison.

Although you should still avoid the head at all costs, it'll at least make the damage inflicted by the body segments less painful. Although this can make the fight go by a bit quicker, you have to take damage for the potion to work. Like the Ironskin Potion, this can also make surviving the Eater of Worlds' attacks a bit easier. This can make avoiding the Eater of Worlds' attacks easier, as players can even spot it while it's burrowing underground. It was dug underground so that the Eater of Worlds could have some ground to move around in. The arena doesn't have to be very big (around 75 blocks is a nice width), though it should have a roughly flat surface at the bottom, and at least 2 rows of wooden platforms for avoiding the Eater of Worlds should it decide to swim along the surface of the bottom floor, or one of the rows of wooden platforms.
However, if you built your arena partially or even fully underground, then the boss shouldn't tangle up as much, and can easily be set up for a quick kill (as mentioned before), though you will have to keep an eye on every side of your screen, as the boss can burst from the walls, or (if deep enough underground) even the ceiling. For those who would appreciate an environmentally correct gift there are a few ideas to choose from.
According to Mashable, the website recently unveiled its list of top-searched Halloween costumes for 2014, and it includes some really fun ideas for women.
All you need is a doll-like dress from a thrift store, a lot of makeup, and some fake eyelashes. If you’re not sure how to do your makeup, you should be able to find some YouTube tutorials that will be helpful. The horror flick will still be fresh on everyone’s minds by the time Halloween rolls around. You could even dress up like the real Annabelle that the movie is based on — she was just a normal Raggedy Ann doll. This is because American Horror Story: Freak Show is introducing an evil clown named Twisty. Spirit Halloween sells voodoo doll, marionette, wind-up doll, and sexy Chucky from Child’s Play costumes. Other ideas include a goth doll with a black yarn wig or a goth porcelain doll all decked out in black and white. If you destroy a segment that is neither head nor tail, the Eater of Worlds splits at the spot that was destroyed and each half will continue fighting. The Harpoon is also highly useful against this boss, since it's more than capable of striking multiple segments on his body at once if the player stands close enough.
It uses up 12 mana per use, so you should consider using a different weapon if your max mana is low.
Although many people would rather prefer to not get hurt by the boss's attacks, only using this in case they do get hurt, if you REALLY wanted to use this as a major source of damage, then you're going to have to use up quite a few Healing Potions (and maybe a few Regeneration Potions as well) to keep yourself alive, as the total HP of all of the segments combined is a little over 7000! If you'd like, you can dig some holes beneath your arena (and to the sides and above it if it was built underground) to more easily spot the Eater of Worlds before it attacks. This is most likely caused by defeating a boss and then immediately creating the new world. Because of this, destroying every other segment of the boss is the most efficient way to defeat it (though not always the most practical). If the player is using one of the above recommended weapons, then it's possible for the player to stall the boss this way almost indefinitely, leading to a quick, easy kill.

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