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You can use 1x skip sheeting, but you must run diagonal laterals on the underside of the rafters and 45's on the gable ends.
Do you guys recommend I use the asphalt paper under my 1x4 battens as shown in the picture above?Also I've looked around and have had a hard time with finding some good clear instructions on flashing around the metal roof.My plans call for a 6" overhang so I'm sure i'm going to need to add flashing, does anyone know of any good sites or threads where I can find this info or should I start a new topic? So Tom just so I'm clear your suggesting I first apply 4x8 sheathing, then apply the asphalt paper, and finally the metal roof, is this correct? Ken's Gardens is a year round nursery and retail center specializing in a wide variety of flowers, plants, trees, and more.
We are a green house and garden center providing perennials, annuals, herbs, vegetables, ornamental trees and shrubs; servicing Lancaster and Chester County.

Also need 1x4 on the angle under the rafters to provide bracing because there is no sheeting to do it.
I've taken some pictures of my fathers old shed and this is the type of metal that I wanted to use on mine.
EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber is roofing system that can be applied tool sheds. As you can see from the pics his shed has no flashing, should there be flashing under the roof metal and running over the 2x4 batten to shed water? Also would I still need to use battens on top of the asphalt paper to keep moisture from building up under the roof metal as you can see the metal I'm wanting to use is flat in areas and I was just concerned about moisture build up.

Also this will be my first time installing a metal roof so any other tips or tricks would be appreciated.

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