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As a kid I loved dolls and dollhouses!  I actually received one for Christmas one year however, it was a metal version of the house from Leave It To Beaver that thousands of other little girls also got from the back of the Holiday Edition of the Penny’s catalog.  How I would have loved to have had one of the dollhouses recently featured in this WebUrbanist article I recently came upon and had to repost it here!  Enjoy!!!
These shipping container modules from Paris Renfroe Design are the ultimate in modern dollhouse architecture.
Fabulous prefab dollhouse design is also from Paris Renfroe; in fact, it was his first foray into miniature home design.
For all of the minuscule minimalist modernists out there, this A-frame dollhouse is based on Andrew Geller’s similarly-shaped teepee home from the 1950s. You don’t see many Bauhaus dollhouses, and probably for good reason: the classic style would be largely lost on little ones.
This beauty was spotted on eBay and is said to have been the result of a collaboration between an architect and a cabinet maker. If this were a real house, it would be one of those that causes accidents because drivers are so distracted by its architecture. The Ding 3 and Raryray wooden dollhouses from Momoll have achieved an almost cult-like following in the world of miniature hobbyists. The Kaleidoscope dollhouse features colorful sliding transparent walls that let you change the configuration of the house while letting your imagination run wild.
A new house number ranks right up there with painting the front door when it comes to adding curb appeal quickly. The secret to creating the lookalike house number set was nixing aluminum in favor of painted Extira, an exterior panel product that has the benefits of MDF (easy to cut, well-priced) but none of the downsides (it won't absorb water). This is one of my first houses ever built but after alot of requests to make it into a tutorial I have now made that so I really hope you do enjoy.
They were originally used to display interior designs, but eventually came to be used as children’s playthings.
Taking the wildly popular container homes trend and shrinking it to dollhouse size, Renfroe is bringing even more exposure to this particular architectural movement. The modern, open home could easily be a real city dwelling, complete with small backyard pool and intimate second-floor patio. The upper and lower units can be purchased separately or together so you can come up with your own unique home design.

This Ultra Modern Doll House comes ready to finish, so you can apply your creativity to each and every room. The unusual shape lends itself well to imaginative play, while the design itself is visually interesting enough that you’ll want to keep it out on the table rather than hide it away with the rest of the toys.
The 10 Grain Play Pad does look suspiciously similar to a table spotted at Ikea, but this is actually a very minimal, modern dollhouse. But Kathy Osborne, an illustrator and graphic designer, didn’t really intend her design to be a child’s toy. Its simplistic design enhances a decidedly nature-friendly aspect, while its eco-friendly materials enhance its connection to the planet. Designers often use them to show off mini version of furniture or room designs, and architects often build miniature mockups of their ideas. They wanted to experiment with dollhouse making just to see how it might turn out, and the results speak for themselves. The asymmetrical floorplan and sloping roof would absolutely make this house the talk of the town.
The Ding, above, comes with either two or three levels and looks more like a mod office building than a children’s toy. If you would like to submit an article and be a featured author, contact us using our web form.
Today, they’re still loved by children, but there is also a growing global community of adult miniature collectors who value dollhouses for their style and quality.
Each unit is handmade by the artist and will run you $175-$250, depending on your desired finish. The sleek lines and glass fronts offer an unquestionably modern alternative to those character-less plastic dollhouses many of us grew up with. This gorgeous modern dollhouse from Minimii encourages that learning and playing with a design that even grownups will love.
The high ceilings, interesting entryway, garage-top terrace and huge, modern windows make this a truly unique dollhouse. It’s simple enough that both boys and girls will love it, and it has the added bonus of being just ambiguous enough to serve other functions in the house.

Her first venture into designing dollhouses was originally going to be a replica of the famous Philip Johnson glass house, but she went in her own creative direction with it and produced something unique and marvelous. The single-wheel design adds a bit of whimsy and visual interest to this already-stunning little house. The modernist cantilevered design is awesome enough to make just about anyone want to play with dolls. It’s highly coveted, though, and when one pops up on eBay it usually goes for an exorbitant amount.
Believing that you shouldn't have to give up quality just because of a silly thing like a small budget comes this project by uber-DIYer Chris at Curbly.
There is a huge variety to be found in the world of tiny houses, from the elaborate handmade houses to the mass-produced plastic ones. If you have some money to throw around, this might just be the perfect way to inspire your aspiring architect or interior designer. The Villa Sibi Dollhouse is deliciously modern and comes with a garden deck, separate lap pool house, and modern furniture. It features simple but interesting shapes and enough room to show off all of your modern miniature furniture.
He replicated a whole set of house numbers for the fraction of a price of ONE number sold at DWR. For many of us, the dollhouses we remember from childhood are the frilly Victorian type or the sterile Barbie’s Dream Houses. But there’s a whole world of sleek, stylish modern dollhouses out there, just waiting to instill a love of modern architecture in your little one.

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