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It started out pretty wobbly, but after the first course of pallets was it was pretty solid.
The walls were tied together and secured with the metal plates you see in the picture and a bunch of deck screws and 16d spikes. The top 3 pieces were constructed from some old 2x4's i had laying around and leftover pallet pieces.
Also, a house was being built in the local village, and LSS noticed, when driving past, that the roof tiles had been delivered on pallets. Because of the problem we experienced in sourcing sufficient numbers of pallets, our first wood store was a somewhat ramshackle affair.
So, having obtained the first few pallets, the construction of the actual pallet wood shed could begin. Another pallet was then up-ended, and fixed to the base at the bottom, thus forming one side of the wood shed.
Unfortunately quite some time went by before we had sufficient pallets available to continue the construction, with the result that I neglected to take photos of the intervening stages!
To construct the roof, I used the two shafts of an old horse-cart for the main roof lintel. As it can store three stacks of firewood each 30cm long, this gives a total volume of just over 7 m 3.
I did indeed add a second shed, and when I have sufficient pallets I will be adding a third. A better way to stack wood is to lay two pieces of firewood longitudinally at the end of each alternate row. As additional protection from the rain, I hung a tarpaulin on the front of each of the bays. Maintenant, je vais vous expliquer etape par etape comment construire cette cabane a outils , mais cette fois sans plans , en utilisant de vraies photos . Premiere pour construire cette cabane a outils dont nous avons besoin des palettes de carres , vous pouvez le faire aussi avec des palettes de mesures irregulieres et de toute autre taille , mais il est preferable d’avoir toutes les palettes de memes dimensions et avec une forme carree , oui, alors le processus sera etre plus facile . Pour rejoindre les palettes que nous pouvons utiliser des planches de bois ou des feuilles metalliques ( verticalement ) , mais ou il est possible , nous pouvons fixer les palettes directement entre eux en utilisant de longues vis avec les rondelles (horizontalement ) . Pour faire le toit ordre juste au magasin de carpenteer des poutres suffisamment longues pour atteindre les deux cotes , en laissant un peu de l’avant-toit de chaque cote pour proteger les murs contre la pluie .
L’exterieur a ete revetue avec des panneaux de bois minces , elles peuvent etre collees ou clouees a la structure de la palette. Une derniere couche de peinture speciale pour les navires seront impermeabiliser les murs , ils dureront plus longtemps. Et ceci est le resultat de la cabane a outils – entrepot faite avec des palettes et entierement peint fin , aussi un petit annexe a ete ajoutee pour stocker le bois .

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Fans of tiny home living need no convincing: one of the main goals of living in a tiny house is to live as inexpensively as possible! Back in September I reported on a pallet house being built by a fellow in Lakeland, Florida named Patrick.
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A couple of pallets were simply placed on the ground, and the firewood was stacked on them. I simply laid four of them in a line, and levelled them as best I could by using some old bricks and floor tiles. However, although this will probably be sufficient for one year's supply, I will be constructing a similar pallet wood shed next to the first one, so I can have a reserve supply. I had no experience of stacking firewood prior to moving to La Darnoire, so it was a learning curve.
Select these longitudinal pieces such that they have a very slight slope towards the inside of the woodpile. Each of the sheds has now been divided into two bays, as this provides better support for the roof and makes the firewood stack more manageable.
Avant que nous devons fixer quelques tables sur le cote que nous voulons etre plus eleve , et ubicate alors un faisceau afin de soutenir le reste des poutres perpendiculaires , grace a cette pente du toit drainer l’eau rapidement , ce qui signifie moins de fuites . Ensuite, nous allons appliquer la premiere couche de peinture , dans ce cas, un gris semblable au panneau de toit . Pour faire les fondations juste creuser un trou dans le sol et placer une barre d’acier . If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted.
In the local village is an agricultural implement supplier, who was quite willing to let us have some of his discarded pallets.

The end pieces were kept in place with whatever I had handy; a wooden pole, and metal rods pushed into the soil.
Two pallets were then deconstructed with the aid of a large hammer and a pry-bar, and the resultant planks were used to join the base pallets together. The upright pallets were tied together using some of the deconstructed planks as bracing, and these were fixed in place by 4cm wood screws.
These were tied to the first row by using bracing made from further deconstructed pallets (again secured with 4cm wood screws).
By joining the two shafts together in the middle, this provided a strong beam which was long enough to reach across the four pallets. I have since found that the wrong way of stacking firewood is to simply lay it all in one direction, leaning against the sides of the shed.
This way, the firewood only just touches the sides of the woodshed, and all the pressure from the weight of the wood is downwards and inwards. Ensuite, mettre un petit coffrage , dans ce cas en utilisant des blocs de beton , mais il est preferable de le faire toujours avec des tables couvertes avec un materiau phenolique .
Some corrugated iron sheets (of which there are plenty lying around the place) provided some cover from the rain.
I found that with firewood logs 30cm long, I could fit a total of three rows into the space I had created. Some cross-pieces were then added inside the pallets for added rigidity - these were simply the uprights of the old oak doorframes which I ripped out when installing the new double-glazed doors in the main house. I then used a sabre saw to trim the top of the end panels, forming a slope for the corrugated iron sheets which make up the roof. Nous avons place une plaque d’acier fixee solidement a la structure de la palette qui reste noyee dans le beton . When we visited JP (who owns a farm near Chartres) we were delighted to discover that he also had a stock of unwanted pallets; he receives a fairly steady supply of palletised animal feed.
Some wooden strips were then fixed between the lintel and the rear wall, (Update:these are actually unnecessary) and the corrugated iron sheets laid on top of these. Well, once the wood reaches head height, the pressure on the bottom rows tends to cause the pieces of firewood to want to move outwards. And as we had the trailer with us at the time (we were returning his oxy-acetylene welder which I'd borrowed) we simply filled it to the brim with these versatile wooden objects! The roof sheets are held in place by 8cm woodscrews which go right through the wooden strips into the lintel and the rear wall.

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