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Making your local server available online is probably the fastest way to cope with this, especially if you have hundreds of files that you require access to.
This command will install localtunnel globally, so it can be accessed in any directories at any level of your computer. If the command works, it should return the localtunnel version installed in your computer, like so. You can use localtunnel MAMP or WAMP; two applications that are the most popular for Mac and Windows to run local server. The localtunnel will generate a randomized subdomain name, in which you can access your local server anywhere, like this.
If you want to make the subdomain easy to remember, you can add –subdomain parameter following the port number. Like in any Help menu of an application, this particular command will return the list of options and guide on using localtunnel.

By default, when you run lt –port 80 command, localtunnel will pick localhost as the address to connect with.
But when your clients need to get access to the website immediately, or if one of the applications you need uses a webhook that has to be online to function, you probably wish that your local server could be accessible online. With localtunnel we can create a proxy that can tunnel to our local server, making it accessible from anywhere. For game consoles and several other devices formats like labtops and or phones the 5 mgh won't show. The 2.4 is allowed accessible but it is very low frequent wifi usage in which causes low mbs download speeds (connection). I can't even connect to the wifi unless I'm 10 feet from the router, and the internet speed is literally getting worse everyday. Just last month I was watching videos at 720p while buffering, and today I'm having trouble loading 240p videos.

I actually don't mess around on YT too much but I came across this video and had to comment. I worked for CableLabs who is responsible for granting or denying DOCSIS certification on vendor CMTS's & CM's. The Arris TG862 also falls under the name of TouchStone so you said you could not find any information on this router. During my DOCSIS engineering days I was partial to the Motorola Surfboard but the Arris was always my favorite CMTS to run data through and now their CM's are catching up to the reliability of their CMTS's so again, nice equipment to have. I am however going to make a call though and get the latest and greatest that CL certified and I bet that runs even better.

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