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Of course you can make this tutu in any color using any tulle that you like, but if you are trying to make a knock off of Isabelle’s tutu, you will want to select your tulle carefully. I got the pattern for making the tutu from Doll It Up in their post about Resizing a Simple Girl’s Tutu for Dolls.
At this point, I think it is a great idea to double-check that you like the fit of the tutu by trying it on the doll again. Now, I don’t want to give anything away, wink, wink, but there just ¬†might be some kind of a surprise flash giveaway of a tutu tomorrow on my facebook page. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
December 13, 2011 by Ashley Hackshaw Boo and her cousins are getting handmade doll bunk beds for Christmas!
When I was little my dad made me doll bunkbeds (thought not as “pretty”) and I thought they were FANTASTIC!

I’m sure if you have any AG fans in your house, you are well aware that this year the Doll of the Year is Isabelle. That post shows you how to make a tutu using a store-bought tutu or to make one from scratch. Fold it in half with the raw edges together(folding it lengthwise now), while still keeping it in the circle.
When trying to fold the second fold, the tulle has a tendency to shift and not lay close together. You will want to use 14″ of elastic, but you could start with a smaller amount if you need to.
I lovr Ana Whites projects…will have to store this one away for when my girl Josie is a bit older! I might have to wait until the snow is off the ground to commission my husband to make them, but I love them!

I used a specialty elastic I found at Hobby Lobby because I thought it gave a more polished look. Just don’t make it too tight or your child will have a hard time getting the tutu on. Those bunkbeds are adorable too but I knew she wouldn’t have room for it in her teeny bedroom. We found a great pattern and made a tutu that Snowflake couldn’t even tell wasn’t bought at the AG store!

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