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From time to time, I post some of the odd dear antler questions I’ve been asked, so we can all have a giggle!
Our pastures are home to herds of deer that graze in our lush organically grown grass and munch apples from the organic apples trees that hang over the pastures, offering shade as well as nourishment.
People ask all the time if they can safely give their pups antlers from their husband or dads hunting expeditions and of-course the answer is those antlers are the best kind…FREE.
I don’t mind the silly quesrions but I do mind when people call at 6:30 in the morning! There is nothing like having that perfect lofty perch in a nice big, tall and straight tree overlooking a couple of well traveled game trails and maybe even a pinch point to boot.  As you sit there with height, visual and scent advantage, you’re getting anxious to know if that big mature “10” you’ve been seeing on your trail cameras will make a daylight appearance!  We all dream of having that type of setup. So what do you do if you don’t have those elements for the perfect tree stand?   What if your geographical area doesn’t grow that type of woodlands or what if the only parcel you have to hunt is barren of such woods?  Have you ever considered using a ground blind? Setup of ground blinds has become faster with the introduction of the hub style framing.  Portability isn’t all that great when you have other gear to carry in, but it’s not impossible to get it all to the same area in one trip. One thing I learned a long time ago about noisy zippers is to take a plain unscented Chapstick and run it up and down the open zipper and it will be a lot quieter when you go to open it in the morning.

Some of these tips you may already be aware of and you may be practicing them.  If you follow these tips you will be stealthier and have less setup time before your hunt and hopefully more success. If you are interested in finding out more about the product, click on Deer Antlers for Pups. Fresh cool water flows from 7 waterfalls into ponds placed strategically around the pasture to make sure fresh water is always available to the deer. We are always happy to answer any questions, and special orders are fine, but do please remember antlers only come in one color! Seriously, my Daddy and brother enjoy deer hunting and there have a couple of 5 gallon buckets of antlers. Makes me wonder what silly questions I have asked over the years–I am certain the list is LONG.
We started out giving this product to our own dogs and when my mom said she was confident of them we knew they were a winner. This Weathered Log & Whitetail Deer Antler Table lamp will make a useful piece of rustic decor to your log cabin office or den.

You cant be in your blind and waiting before sunup because you CAN NOT leave it setup over night. Should the deer seek shelter we have heated and air conditioned barns that they can come and go from at will. My hope with this site is to share my experience to help you have a more successful and enjoyable deer hunt.
All of our antler lighting is made from naturally shed antlers collected from the wild - no animals are ever harmed.

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