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Your email will display a different image from a mobile device, adjust the size of both buttons and text as well as customize the content. Sources said that the Dotsons and Darrell Sheets could be replaced by "cheaper talent"."Storage Wars" is filmed on-location at numerous public storage facilities on the Pacific coast. However, Sheets, and his current co-stars, the duo of Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante, and Barry Weiss are only a few of the large number of locals that show up to bid on 'mystery' lockers. Hester claimed the show was often faked and that he was fired unjustly for bringing his suspicions to network executives' attention.

Hester was often made out to be the 'bad guy' in the episodes.He was portrayed to often "bid-up" a unit or "dump" a unit on a fellow cast member by allegedly recognizing an opposing bidder that showed interest in a unit he did not often want, and continually raise the bidding amount and later suddenly stop bidding himself so that the unit would be likely sold to the opponent at a much higher price. His bidding antics and brash style, including his use of "Yuuup!" in place of the standard hand-raise often led to a well-known war of words between himself and the less vocal Sheetses.According to Radar Online, Schulz and Passante voiced their support of "salting" units appearing on "Storage Wars," noting the practice of adding otherwise absent items to a unit to increase its post-bid value and make for better television.

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