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Thanks to the development of Open Source & Free Software in the recent years, it has become wonderfully more accessible for everyone to build a website or manage an online store. Piwik, the leading open web analytics platform, integrates well with more than 50 different CMS, ECommerce shops, Frameworks, Programming Languages!
If your website uses an open source CMS or programming, there is most likely already a plugin or module for your tool to make it easier to integrate Piwik. We’d like to maintain the Piwik Integration page up to date so if you see any broken link, or if any plugin below is broken, please let us know. Please note that these plugins, addons, modules, extensions linked to on this page are built by third party developers who are not in the Piwik team. If you are the author of a new extension or addon for a technology not listed on this page, please contact us with the plugin name, description, logo. Our Piwik T-Shirts store is going well, thank you to everyone who got a T-Shirt or sent us a donation recently.
If you use WordPress CMS, and wish to use the Custom Types feature, we highly recommend the plugins WP-Types and Views.
We could not have reached our goals without the generous support of our incredible sponsors. Initially released in January 2001, Drupal is rated as among the most popular open source content management systems or frameworks. Benefits the developers from more than 20,000 add-ons, all contributed by Drupal community members. Basic features include menu management, page layout customization, user account registration & maintenance, RSS feeds, system administration, etc. Launched in August 2005 Joomla is another powerful open source content management framework. Popular Joomla users include United Nations, GE, eBay, Harvard University, MTV Networks Quizilla, The Hill, etc. Released first in May 2003, WordPress is a preferred choice for open source website development requiring simple functionalities.
While you decide to have a website that could be managed easily, you have two choices – Either use the combination of HTML, CSS and a programming language (say PHP) to develop the site from the scratch, or alternatively, use a CMS. Each of the open source CMS are important in their own sphere and are widely used by masses worldwide for quality website development projects.
The plugin library in Joomla, also known as ‘amplifications’ comprises a thick of open source plugins.
WordPress consists of a huge number of plugins in its broad library that play a significant part in WordPress development. On observing the comparisons, it could be inferred that all the open Source CMS are more or less at par and are equally important for website development.
The below points give some more inputs on the choice of preferred CMS development platform.
Finoit is among the best service providers when it comes to providing solutions regarding open source CMS development customization. About usFinoit is a product engineering Company providing strategic and technology consulting in the field of Web, Mobile and Software domain. There are dozens of softwares such as WordPress, Drupal, Mediawiki, Magento, osCommerce that have helped millions of individuals share their ideas or build a business online.
Often, these modules will automatically add the Piwik JS code in the footer of all your pages.

We are still accepting stickers designs if you are creative and wish to put Piwik related message on a sticker!
These are fantastic tools to easily create and manage custom types, custom taxonomies, which you can even translate with WPML the wordpress translation plugin. Whether you know nothing about coding or programming, you will find no difficulty using WordPress themes. While some corporates prefer them due to their availability as free tools, others embrace them for the ease of use, multiple plugins, themes and templates, high security standard, etc., they ensure. For seasoned developers, using complicated programming languages may be daily affair but if you are a novice or non-technical person, it is not your cup of tea. However, they differ on certain aspects as well, which ultimately make them less or more preferred accordingly.
While they allow the users to use the sites without any prior knowledge, such CMS also enable the developers to customize the sites using latest plugins, add-ons, templates and themes. We possess credible experience in utilizing the capabilities of open source frameworks of the likes of Drupal,Joomla, WordPress and Magento to develop most feasible solutions.
We are focused on designing and developing user centered products and applications for startups to elite business groups across the globe.
Therefore, there’s no deny that WordPress themes are the wise way to set up your site. Should you wish to avail the services of one such content management systems, either on your own or through an open source web development company, there is literary no dearth for the options. Perhaps, finding solace in ready to use content management frameworks is much better option. Among the topmost CMS to entice users and developers worldwide include Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. The Best free wordpress themes 2014 is a collection of more than twenty wonderful and free wordpress themes which are carefully designed in a unique way. However, it won’t leave you scratching your head to know the foremost platforms in this context; merely a little bit Googling is enough to make you realize the power of Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. And if you wish to customize the CMS as per your preferences, you can always approach open source CMS developers. All the three may differ in features and functionalities but they all serve the same purpose, to ensure high quality and cost-effective web development solutions.
From our viewpoint, such approach is rather efficient as not all of our respected readers are ready to bother with drawing, coding and animation and all other design trifles from scratch, especially when they are not fully confident about the result of the whole enterprise.The desire to know something beforehand is in people’s nature as nobody wants to waste time, efforts and money down the drain.
These pre-designed templates give you the possibility to have a look into tomorrow the day before it comes. More importantly, it’s designed to be a perfect pixel which contributes to make every site look professional and attractive at the same time. Look through their contemporary classy layouts and imagine how your business ideas will resound in this or that environment. Try them on, viewing the demos, then change and start all over again… It’s really relaxing when you don’t need to invent something new and just use the professional skills, experience and knowledge of team experts, working especially for such cases as yours. This feature enables you to choose the suitable backgrounds, theme colors to site layouts and control specific features of the theme.ClippyDownloadClippy, which seems to be a cute name, turns out to be a cool theme simultaneously. On the contrary, your content is clad and shod according to the latest trends!* * *Business Corp. It is such a wonderful theme which presents a huge number of features and applications for users to make use of.

The theme provides a good tool for those who love writing and it will give your with the best space for your passages. The theme comes under high resolution and absolutely responsive, layout options and many others.
About the Author Helga Moreno Helga Moreno, the author of this article and many other blog posts on MonsterPost blog, will gladly share more interesting facts here and on her Google+ profile or Twitter.Enjoyed This Post?
The most important thing is that all included in this theme is designed to be easily to use.
The theme holds stunning features such as custom widgets, options panel, unique layouts and many more.
The theme is designed for personal and corporate blog in such a responsive, simple and suitable way. The very first impression that Fizz strikes on users is its activeness in almost all devices from laptop, smartphone to tablet.
To make it available and useful, the theme is created with widget, Grid responsive design, SEO, W3C compliant (HTML and CSS). The theme holds traditional feature of dual column post layout but it’s also modern in that it offers a full responsive design.
Do not miss the chance to choose this theme because it provides you good elements to build a successful site.DestyleDownloadDestyle is a responsive, clean and attractive theme which is efficiently supplied with all the fundamental tools to support yo in building your site yourself.
You will make use of the excerpts, thumbnail images, custom menus and many other features when exposing to this theme.
Designed in clear and friendly interface, Shopping presents to users with a logic and minimal design and beautiful content. Integrated with Optional People Profile pulgin, you will have a chance to create a staff profiles page for yourself. One interesting of this theme is that the theme comes with many theme options to enable you to choose from nine different color schemes and sidebar layouts. It is made sure that the theme is included with custom background, custom menus, custom header and featured images.PromaxDownloadPromax is a modern and multifunctional theme for both personal and business users. Users will find that the theme connect your site with the rest of the world through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. More than that, color options for your site header, footer, navigation and sidebar are also available. With many theme options, users feel much easier when choosing, editing and controlling the header, sidebar and footer color. The theme will provide you the best interface for you to write what you like and give users wonderful time reading the posts or blog posts.You can feel that all the above introduced themes are carefully and professionally designed with a view to satisfying all the needs of users. The Best free wordpress themes 2014 is our deep and sincere thank to you for your support for us in a long time. Then, if you feel like any item above, let’s take one and make use of it as it is free of charge.

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