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I thought I would post a few of the graduation photos I have been culling through and editing.  Can’t believe I took almost 800 photos that day! Nonetheless after numerous tries, I have cobbled together a fix for anyone wanting to use, in this case Slimbox2, with XML Google Maps and NextGEN galleries to display your photos on a map. Now we are going to add the following lines after the statement and before the statement.
Creating a custom bookmark icon is a great idea if you find yourself showing off your website in meetings or at conferences to potential clients and business partners. 02) A screen with a bunch of buttons will appear including: Add Bookmark, Add to Reading List, Add to Home Screen, Mail Link to this Page, Tweet and Print.

03) A crappy screengrab will automatically be added as your icon image and you’ll be asked to type in a name for your bookmark. Bass player, ex-skateboarder and snowboarder (i broke too many bones), Call of Duty addict and blogger. Javascript has issues in dealing with contents in and out of iframes.  Why Google uses iframes since they have been depreciated by the W3C, but I am sure they have a reason. Then tap on the little icon in the middle of the box with an arrow coming out of it [pictured below]. This code will tell Apple iOS devices where they can find the bookmark image elsewhere on your server.

These bookmarks look just like Apple App icons and allow you to pull up a page on your website the same way you would open an Apple iOS app. You can see an example of a MethodShop app icon in the image on the right (4th row, 4th column). Feel free to forward this tutorial to your creative and IT teams if they have any questions.

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