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Every website should have a backup of their website files so that whenever something happened on the website, you will not need to start over again and waste time rebuilding it. Avoid giving away your login credentials to keep out from important files and data leaking out. SiteLock and Securi Sitecheck are examples of website scanners that will protect your website from viruses and other malware pieces. We have recently received calls from several professionals whose websites have experienced malicious attacks.
Unfortunately, there are dishonest people who use their time and talent to try to crack code and hack into websites.
Our maintenance plan clients don’t have to worry about out-of-date plugins or themes because we perform those updates proactively for them. If you’re not sure if you have the most recent plugins and themes, or if you don’t know how to perform the updates yourself, call me at 952-697-5269  or complete our form below. To thank you for completing our form, we will give you our free report, What kinds of media are Americans consuming? Simple Comments SecurityCommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
In an effort to help improve the security on the servers we encourage clients to follow some of our best practices. There's so much Web hosting knowledge to share that we commit ourselves in posting special updates, tips, hints, and anything AN Hosting or Web hosting related. The question is should you opt for something that is the most popular choice and also the cheaper one, although with a number of limitations, or should you go for the costlier option, one with more features?
In trying to select a web hosting type it should be understood that one size doesn’t fit all. Dedicated hosting can very well host a small websites too, but it would be a waste of finance to spend on server resources that will never be required by them. So the most important criteria to choose a web hosting type is to identify your own requirement and then to compare those with the features offered by various web hosts. If downtime is critical to the growth of your business then you must definitely look forward to dedicated web hosting type to host your website. In shared web hosting type, since server resources are shared, the performance of one website affects the functioning of another website on the same server. Sometimes your shared hosting web host can penalize you with suspension of your website in case of sudden spike in your web traffic or bill you for consuming extra bandwidth. The main reason why professional webmasters choose dedicated hosting is that it offers complete control and flexibility over server resources. In some cases of dedicated web hosting type, even the root access code is given to the webmaster to log on their server by themselves.
Comparatively, shared web hosting type falls short of lending sufficient control and is not very flexible due to limitations on the type of files and scripting language etc. To be able to take control in your own hands you must be technically sound to run and maintain a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand is all about high performance and feature rich environment. On the face of it one is forced to imagine that dedicated hosting type is far superior to shared hosting. It is for you to determine your own requirements and find out which one of the two is ideal in your case. Besides coming with a higher price tag, dedicated hosting requires additional technical skills and know how to operate their servers. But if you are running a large to mega website that has massive traffic associated with it, then you have no choice but to for dedicated hosting. In brief it can be said that dedicated hosting offers you endless choices and has practically nil limitations. If you find this website useful, please consider helping with its production with a donation.

DonateIf you find this website useful, please consider helping with its production with a donation. Most VisitedThis Website contains a Rich Resource of more than700 Web Directories(Updated)& Lists ofBest Web Hostsfor all types of web hosting solutions. So you are a small business with products and you want to sell your products on your website. Though 7 out of 10 consumers are confident that they receive the same standard of service online as they do from similarly sized ‘over-the-counter’ retailers, their biggest concern regarding online retail purchases from smaller operations remains the security of the internet transaction.
Nearly half (49%) of online shoppers are concerned about security, with another 34% concerned on the speed of delivery.
So what are you going to do with your e-Commerce website knowing people concerns about online security?
With our e-Commerce web design,  you don’t need to worry about the security concerns that your customers might have. In this article, you will be informed of some guidelines on how to keep your website secure. There are web browsers that offers SSL encryption automatically (it appears as https at the beginning of URLs). If you need to give out some login credentials to your assistant or co-workers, you may instead, create a separate and new account to those who needs to access the website on a regular basis. You may suppose that a more complex password is better Avoid using words that doesna€™t relate with anything from your website. Ensure that your host uses suPHP, which is essential for allowing PHP scripts to only function with the permission of the owner.
We want as many people as possible to know how to avoid this: Please make sure all of your plugins and themes are up to date. This upbeat, always-smiling, creative dynamo keeps our projects organized and running smoothly, while delivering exceptional customer service. Keep an eye on files within your account, pay attention to files that aren’t yours, recently modified files etc. Make frequent personal backups, and make sure that your backups are not infected with malicious code. Check your applications for new Administrative user accounts that hackers may have setup as back doors.
To overcome this problem you need to understand all the features offered by your web host. Similarly a shared hosting platform will fall short of delivering service when a big website would demand more from it.
This is one of the purposes of selecting a dedicated server because large websites need more space and bandwidth to handle massive traffic demands. Further a dedicated hosting facilitates running of almost any kind of script, application or software and hence has fewer chances of getting dysfunctional due to the fault of the webmaster. Sudden spike in traffic can eat away a major portion of the shared bandwidth and as a result other websites too can face slow down. Here one can use any kind of software or application and the server supports all kinds of scripting languages. Shared hosting is designed with a view to bring down average cost per unit by sharing server resources. Dedicated hosting is for premium clientele and here at times hosting companies do not require their clients to pay in advance.
But the fact is that both types are good and have their own ideal place in the world of web hosting.
Don’t pick the costliest one on the pretext that the more you pay the better you will get.
In the absence of this knowledge you will have to rely on either your web host to provide with technical assistance or hire staff that is capable of installing and running your website on day to day basis. Smaller websites will be wasting their resources here which can do quite well with limited features of shared web hosting type.

All you need to worry about is to make sure your e-Commerce website is simple and user-friendly, providing a positive online experience for your clients.
Make sure to put your PayPal payment method on the homepage so that your clients aware of that and hence reduce their potential concern. You can make use of services from Mozy or Carbonite to have back up copy of your website files and data.
And in case someone has to leave the business, you must deactivate the account assigned to them or alter the passcode immediately. The best tip for a more secured password is to use random words with alpha numeric characters and symbols. We take security seriously because we don’t want our clients to experience website disruptions.
Clients love her positive, get-it-done attitude and her ability to understand the nuances of their businesses.
It is true that both shared and dedicated hosting have a place of their own and each one of them is good in its own sense.
Although space and bandwidth are quite cheap nowadays yet it does not mean that if your website does not require you still opt for a dedicated web hosting type. Running of a wrong script or any other fault on part of any webmaster can lead to server crash or breakdown that can be quite frequent.
Additionally with a dedicated server your web host is constantly monitoring the smooth running of your website. In dedicated hosting there is never any fear of crossing any limit and you have ample stability to handle any growth of your website.
In managed hosting your web host provides you with complete maintenance of your server, but of course with an additional cost for you to bear. This comes by sacrificing certain features which otherwise would add to the cost of the plan. If you have requirement for all those value added features and can really make use of them then you must opt for dedicated hosting. The best solution for small businesses who are looking to sell their products online is to use PayPal business account.
We also ask that you keep your site applications current and up to date with the latest versions when possible.
Just because shared hosting is cheaper of the two that doesn’t mean that it will not deliver good performance. Even with shared hosting space or bandwidth is hardly ever a limitation for a website owner. If one doesn’t require additional features and advances applications to run on their websites then shared hosting can be quite a boon. Here only the essentials are provided for and it suits many webmasters who don’t require any additional specific feature to run on their website. However, if you website can work without the aid of these features and you think that you will never ever need those services in future, then you should avoid paying for something you don’t have a need for.
Doing these simple tasks will not only help you but it will help us as we continue to work to provide you with the best hosting experience possible. To pick and choose one web hosting type you need to understand the difference between each type.
Similarly dedicated hosting with its high price tag doesn’t make it the ideal solution for all your web hosting needs.

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