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The original circular portion of Jackson Park is being prepared for new plantings, while a new playground is rising in the area that has been added to the park.
The work under way right now reflects the ideas and suggestions put forth by ONSL residents at community meetings coordinated by Old North St. ONSL residents Tom Tschetter and Joe Sweet discuss Jackson Park at the community meeting in April of 2008.
The Planning ProcessMay 02, 2013 by jgoodwin0 CommentFrom visioning to implementation, public input was an integral element of the Bridge Street District Plan. The 2007 Dublin Community Plan was one of the most significant planning studies ever undertaken by the City of Dublin and was characterized by the comprehensive and highly detailed land use, transportation, demographic, fiscal, infrastructure, and facility analyses that informed much of the preliminary analysis for the Bridge Street District Plan. In September 2008, members of City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission, and City staff visited Greenville, South Carolina. These developments helped inform the City about how to deal with development proposals in and around the Historic District, the need for a new and better future for several struggling auto-oriented shopping center sites, and exciting possibilities centering around the redevelopment of the OCLC campus.
A key objective of the Bridge Street Corridor Study was to develop a better understanding of the emerging trends expected to have a major effect on development in Dublin and throughout the region and nation in the coming decades. One of the most unique and effective elements of the Bridge Street Corridor Study planning process was the speaker series held at the outset. Christopher Leinberger, author of The Option of Urbanism—Investing in a New American Dream, is an internationally recognized land use strategist, developer and market researcher.
Carol Coletta, formerly the President and CEO of CEOs for Cities, (now with ArtPlace) is an expert on national urban issues and has hosted NPR’s Smart Cities program for ten years. David Dixon, FAIA, Principal-in-charge of Planning and Urban Design with  Goody Clancy & Associates, served as the Principal Urban Designer for the Bridge Street Corridor Study. Sarah Woodworth, Managing Member of W-ZHA, LLC, shared her findings on commercial and hospitality market demand in and around Dublin, and how the right blend of land uses can dramatically enhance the potential for high-quality development. An “Issues and Opportunities” public open house held in the fall of 2009 enabled Goody Clancy and Associates to gather community input on the existing challenges and opportunities facing the Bridge Street Corridor.
A comprehensive approach to traffic, parking, and pedestrian access is necessary in Historic Dublin. In addition to the speaker series and public meetings, Goody Clancy and Associates cast a wide net in their efforts to determine the community’s longer term development objectives.
The stakeholder interviews provided the consulting team with a strong understanding of the community’s values and a sense of the opportunities and challenges facing the Bridge Street Corridor. The culmination of the planning efforts was the Bridge Street Corridor Study Vision Report, officially adopted by City Council on October 25, 2010 as Resolution 50-10. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and a contract with the state Medicaid program.
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The goal of the planning process was to meaningfully build on the planning effort of the 2007 Dublin Community Plan while studying the emerging demographic trends and development opportunities.
These two area plans built on even earlier planning efforts, most notably the Old Dublin and Tuller Road area plans of the 1997 Community Plan. The trip allowed Dublin decision makers to see a community that demonstrated many of the principles and design objectives of the 2007 Dublin Community Plan that might be incorporated into the Bridge Street District.
Consistent with its tradition, Dublin once again found itself at the forefront of planning for these emerging opportunities.
Internationally recognized experts on the changing nature of commercial development markets, shifting demographics, and future economic development and employment trends were brought to Dublin to share their insights with the community. A nationally recognized urban designer, David was also a key member of the consulting team, along with Mt. Following the speaker series, a visioning charrette was held in December 2009, which challenged participants to imagine a new future for the Bridge Street Corridor using the information the speakers shared about the changing market trends and resulting opportunities. Higher-density development of up to 4 or 5 stories is appropriate in specific parts of the study area, provided it demonstrates high-quality design and sensitivity to the existing built and natural contexts. The community treasures the Scioto River, Indian Run, and the city’s bike path and park network in and around the Bridge Street Corridor. In addition to alternative transportation choices in the short term, including bike paths and public transportation, longer-term transit opportunities, including light rail and regional transit connections, should be anticipated and accounted for through the creation of transit-oriented development. Historic Dublin is a treasured community centerpiece that needs better walking conditions and parking availability in order to truly thrive. Following the initial interviews, ongoing meetings with property owners and developers gave the consulting team a better sense of near-term development opportunities.
The Vision Report included the Vision Statement, five Vision Principles, and an Implementation Strategy.
What's New in Old North chronicles the dramatic transformation under way in the neighborhood of Old North St. Years of effort by area residents, businesses and other stakeholders in developing the city-wide comprehensive plan resulted in a strong foundation for which the Bridge Street District Plan provides additional detail and refinement.

To begin the planning effort, the City engaged Goody Clancy and Associates in May 2009 to manage a visioning study for the Bridge Street Corridor.
Coletta described the importance of talent attraction and retention to regional economic prosperity, the types of environments that employers increasingly seek to attract talented employees, and the types of development Dublin will need to attract the high-tech and entrepreneurial jobs of the future. Auburn Associates, that helped form Dublin’s foundational economic development strategy in the early 1990s. Volk discussed her national research on what she calls the “Pig in the Python” effect—76 million baby boomers and their 75 million adult children, the “Millennials”—slowly migrating from suburbs into cities and suburban town centers, seeking the expanded range of lifestyle choices they offer. This context sensitivity is particularly important in and adjacent to the Historic District. These green assets should be enhanced and incorporated into any development that occurs in the Bridge Street Corridor. Deploying urban design and streetscape improvements to reduce the perception and negative impacts of high traffic flow on Bridge Street through the Historic District will help strengthen the walkability and character of Historic Dublin. The resolution also served as the foundation for City Council’s annual goals related to the completion and implementation of the Bridge Street District planning efforts.
This plan is available to anyone who has both Medical Assistance from the State and Medicare. This plan is a voluntary program that is available to anyone 65 and older who qualifies for MassHealth Standard and Original Medicare.
Although public comment from the Community Plan was used as a starting point, a community education and input process included interviews and ongoing dialogue with property owners, public meetings, and broader community engagement through public open houses, design charrettes, and a series of presentations by internationally known speakers and experts. They also walked the city’s Main Street and viewed extensive public art displays, historic districts, and new downtown housing. Information from these previous planning efforts has been refined and integrated into the 2012 update to the Dublin Community Plan as the Bridge Street District Special Area Plan. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium, if not otherwise paid for under Medicaid or by another third party. The nurses cannot diagnose problems or recommend treatment and are not a substitute for your doctor's care.
Louis, Old North is becoming a dynamic urban village of new and historic homes, a landmark eating establishment, beautiful community gardens, and a diverse, friendly, and engaged community. High behavior blood pressure ¦ Assist the patient in ¦ These risk¦ Inaccurate does not mean identifying factors have follow through excessive modifiable risk been shown to of instructions. Premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles may vary based on the level of Extra Help you receive.

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