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This tutorial will show you how to pin and unpin sites from the modern and desktop IE10 on your Start screen as tiles in Windows 8 and Windows RT. When you open a pinned site tile on the Start screen that was pinned from the desktop IE10, desktop IE10 will open with that pinned site set as it's home page.
How do I pin Internet Explorer & Firefox to Start Tiles, to where when clicked would load in my desktop? Setting Internet Explorer start page for all new usersSetting Internet Explorer start page for all new users that are created how do I do that? Internet Explorer wont startHi I have windows 8 pro and internet explorer and firefox crash the minute they load.
How to reset internet explorer settings on start screen ?How can I reset all the settings of internet explorer on start screen ? If using content from current website, client will provide an outline to iDesigns Solutions stating which pages to migrate. Training will be provided on-site or by screenshare via the web to the main site administrator or a group after the website is launched. As the lead developer for iDesigns Solutions LLC and self-proclaimed WordPress geek, Michael spends most of his time in his "coding world" and wouldn't have it any other way. The Modern UI and Start Screen in Windows 8 has had both good and bad reactions from the users of the release preview. In the beginning, I too thought that Start Screen was a waste for desktop and laptop users but when I started working on it, I realized that it actually is very helpful. So today I will show you how you can pin new items to Start Screen to make it more helpful. To pin an application that is not showing up on your Start Screen by default, Launch Start Screen and right-click anywhere in it to select All Apps.
You can also pin a Website on the Start Screen that you visit often enough (like Guiding Tech ).

You can also pin a website using the modern Internet Explorer but for the time being there’s no way you can do the same using Chrome and Firefox.
In Windows 8, there is no way to directly pin files and other special items like Drives and Control Panel items but you can do it using a simple tool called Start Screen Pinner. Site tiles pinned to Start from within the modern IE11 will open with the modern IE11 by default.
Site tiles pinned to Start from within the desktop IE11 will open with the desktop IE11 by default.
If you like, you can change this to have all IE site tiles on Start open to the desktop IE11 by default by checking the Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop option in Internet Properties. NOTE: If you ever unpin the site from Start, then you could also remove the site from Apps afterwards if you like.
The Home button on the right is removed, and the site icon of the website is placed on the left. You will also notice a home button for the pinned site to the left of the back and forward arrows at the top left in desktop IE10. While in the modern IE10 from the Start screen, open the website that you want to add to your Favorites, and do step 2, 3, or 4 below for what you would like to do.
While in IE10 Metro (Windows UI) from the Start screen, do step 2, 3, 4, or 5 below for what you would like to do. I tried internet settings of internet explorer of desktop but desktop settings don't seem to apply to metro settings . Before branching out on his own, Michael served as webmaster for well-known companies such as Travelocity, City of Fort Worth and Pizza Hut.
That means you can easily find people looking for ways to disable these features to get things back as they were in Windows 7. Start Screen is the first thing that opens up when Windows 8 boots up and if you have pinned your favorite, regularly used items onto it, you will actually start loving the ease of access it provides.

Simply right-click on the folder you want to pin on the Start Screen and select the option Pin to Start. After you click on All Apps, you will see all the applications that are installed on your computer. Using Start Screen Pinner you can pin anything and everything on the Windows 8 Start Screen in a matter of seconds and these things include all the items we have discussed above. Moreover, don’t forget to check out how to group similar Start Screen items together for better accessibility.
Clicking the site icon returns you to the home page of the site.The Back and Forward buttons pick up the predominant color of the site's icon.
While in the modern Internet Explorer 11 from your Start screen, do step 2, 3, 4, or 5 below for what you would like to do. We know how important communication is, so throughout the entire process, we are available to answer any questions via phone, email and instant messaging. But if you look closely, you can compare Start Screen of Windows 8 to any program launcher of a modern smartphone device that enhances the accessibility of the user. After the website loads up, click on the Settings button on the top-right corner of the screen and select the option Add site to Start Screen. At iDesigns Solutions, we hope that our clients will continue to do business with us even after their project is complete.

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