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JC Wood provides expert refinishing, restoration, repair, and reupholstery services for commercial and residential customers in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Whether you are restoring a family heirloom or refinishing your conference table, trust JC Wooda€™s experts to complete your project with care.
Cut nails are thick and because they displace more wood fiber, they have greater holding power than standard nails.Cut nails are often used to attach wood to concrete block, mortar joints, brick or to fresh concrete.
Common nails are the most widely used nail used in general construction and are the nail type used where building code requires certain framing construction. Box nails are wire nails similar to common nails except that they have thinner shanks and are not to be used for dimensional lumber framing construction requiring common nails.
Duplex head nails are a specialty nail useful for temporary construction, such as form work when pouring concrete.
Bookcase with structure in multi-layer wood with microfibre finishing and bronze bevelled mirrors.

Hexagonal mirror with structure in multi-layer wood with bevelled mirrors and gold leaf decoration. Our expert craftsmen combine old world methods with state-of-the-art technology to transform your time worn furniture into lovely accents for your home or office.
Our former president Thomas Jefferson actually had a nail factory at his Monticello plantation so he could diversify his income from the farm.Cut nails are cut or sheared from steel plate and may be hardened. This is because box nails do not have as thick a shank as a common nail for a given penny size and as such have less holding power. Just as hammers require an understanding for proper use, nails are similar in that they have specific applications for proper use. After the 12d nail, the penny system does not have a clearly defined relationship to length.
They have a wedge shape with a square, blunt point which reduces spalling during penetration into concrete or masonry.

Nut and fabric Jacquard Audrey with additional hexagonal quilted and a€?intreccioa€? leather.
During fabrication the shank is tapered by the cutting machine and the nail head is made with a different machine. The common nail has a wide head having a smooth or textured surface and has a sharp diamond shaped point.
One thousand nails of the same size would be weighed and if they weighed say, 6 pounds, then they were classified as six-penny nails, likewise one thousand nails weighing 16 pounds were sixteen-penny nails. In some applications it makes sense to actually dull the nail tip to prevent splitting wood.

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