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Built this rack to store 'em outside, but have yet to find a decent (shady) spot to put it.
HEB had these on sale last year for 20.00 each and I bought 3 for various uses inside and out. The 6 Place Kayak Rack is constructed from Northern White cedar which is rated best for weather resistant.
Use a stain or outdoor finish in the color of your choice and follow the instructions on the can.
Our Kayak Racks can be bolted to dock or such or kit can be bought for anchoring to the ground.
If you’re a verified owner of one of our log kayak racks, use our Contact Form and put your review in the Questions or Comments section. Cabin Life, June 2015"The Most Attractive Option For Boat Storage."Click to read the article. A universal kayak or canoe wall mounted rack at a very affordable price.(KAYAK and PADDLE BOAT ARE NOT INCLUDED.
Hull damage, material wear, tear and holes can all come from leaving your kayak on the ground.
Whether you’ve got a cabin full of avid kayakers, a resort full, or you’re adventuring with your significant other. Beachside Kayak Storage Rack – The warm sun on your skin, the breeze across your face and dirt covering your kayak? Oceanside Kayak Storage Rack – If you own a property on the ocean, your more fortunate than most. Maybe you’re a restaurant – give potential customers a secure place to store their kayak and it’ll keep them coming back. Whether you’re in need of a single storage spot or above 8, Log Kayak Rack can create a custom storage rack that will last years and will be perfect for your needs.
There is not a better constructed and more skillfully crafted storage rack than the ones crafted by Log Kayak Rack. No matter what is between you and the water we can create a custom designed storage system for it.
If you’re into watersports, chances are you know the importance of and need for proper storage.

Our kayak and canoe racks are constructed out of quality Northern White Cedar Wood, known to last beautifully for up to 25 years, even when unfinished. Can Support the Weight of even the Heaviest Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards and Small Boats – OVER 100 Lbs. If our standard selection isn’t exactly what you need, we offer custom built storage racks. When you invest in a heavy duty storage rack, you’re investing in a hobby you treasure, time you enjoy and the performance and longevity of your kayak, canoe and paddle board itself. One is a 12'9 Pelican Apex II tandem with a 36 inch width, the other is a Malibu Mini-x at 9'3 with a 33.5 inch width. I had read it wasn't, but I am needing to build a rack system and I like the way that one is set up.
We can install strapping to prevent any wind blowing the kayak off (this would be a rare occurrence). The racks are typically shipped in 2 weeks, with approximately 3 days of transit time to most U.S. They now come equipped with a rotating wall mount allowing you to fold them flat against the wall when not in use. If so, your letting your kayaks go through unnecessary strain, which may diminish their performance and your experience out on the water. Kayaks were made for the water and leaving them unprotected and lying on the ground means they are susceptible to damages that would otherwise not be present. There are many reasons people flock to the beach and making a kayak sand castle isn’t one of them… Our durable and secure stationary kayak racks can make sure the sand stays out of your kayak by keeping your kayak high and dry when not in use. If your ocean side property attracts kayaks, it may be a smart decision to consider our cedar kayak racks that add organization and a bit of charm.
Perhaps you’re a kayak rental company – get more performance life out of each kayak by properly storing them and teach your renters how to take proper care by example. Browse through our standard 8 place, 6 place, 4 place, or 2 place kayak storage racks to see if any of our popular models already float your boat, or contact us directly for a specialty rack at 1-715-543-2006. Log Kayak Rack provides a selection of heavy duty kayak, canoe and stand up paddle board (SUP) storage racks that are handcrafted out of northern white cedar logs. Selecting from our variety of convenient rack combinations or contacting us for a custom designed storage system will save you time, difficulty and allow to enjoy your aquatic hobby, instead of dealing with troubles associated with improper storage or care.

Maybe you want a back to back double rack, single sided triple rack or you have limited space to work with and need an H-shaped rack, T-shaped rack, A-frame or a lean-to rack. Be more at ease on and off the water when you’re kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding by investing in Log Kayak Rack’s enduring cedar storage racks. This quick and easy to use feature will prevent the racks from getting hit, bent, or even ripped off the wall when not in use. Ensure their resting safely by choosing a quality product designed specifically for kayak storage. But when you’re through with the rapids and the adrenaline wears off you’ll need a place for your kayak, or all 8 of them…Our free standing, cedar kayak racks will be a welcomed addition to the river shore near you. Our durable storage systems are weather resistant, which allow them to be utilized both indoors and outdoors.
Whether you have two or three kayaks, four canoes and a couple of paddle boats; our racks can securely accommodate a variety of boat collections. Our skilled woodworking professionals can construct even the most artistic racks that will allow for both function and beauty. Log Kayak Rack has a multitude of kayak storage racks that will provide your kayaks with a safe, secure and a darn good looking place to stay until you’re once again ready for them. Log Kayak Rack has crafted some of the finest selections of free standing kayak storage racks, from weather resistant cedar logs. Make your resort a kayak hot spot with an appealing, long lasting and protected storage rack for kayaks. Though no one who loves being on the water wants to put their equipment away, our storage racks can add organization, keep your property looking clean, your equipment lasting longer and allow you to quickly get back out on the water, where you truly want to spend your time. We offer standing racks, wall mounted racks and our racks can be moved from location to location, bolted down to a dock or anchored to the ground. We can also customize racks to hold row boats, paddle boats and any other small boat you have in mind. There are specifically designed kayaks for touring, recreation, whitewater and surf kayaking and our product can easily hold them all, while turning heads and creating a brand new base of clientele.

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