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From lawn mowers to snow blowers and every grilling implement in between, back yard warriors tend to accumulate a lot of stuff in their quest to grow the greenest patch of grass.
If a full sized shed seems a little on the large side, or if, say, you’re only stashing a lawnmower, a pile of firewood, or a couple leftover bags of potting soil, a smaller sized container like this Garden Storage Shed might be a better choice. Then again, even a small-sized shed might be a little much unless you’re a real DIY-er with a lot of big tools. In fact, if you’re really big on entertaining, some storage units, like this Rattan Grenada Patio piece, are designed as part of larger sets of patio furniture to make a complete outdoor decor. If you have a deck and happen to be handy with a set of tools, the best way to get a lot of storage space without taking up any extra space in your yard could be turning that big empty space under your deck into a closed or semi-closed area. To make sure your stuff stays safe from the weather, you have to make sure your deck is watertight, usually by adding a vinyl or other waterproof membrane to the underside of the wood. Beautifully maintained single story home with wood flooring, high vaulted ceiling, open floor plan with a traditional wood-burning fireplace with blower in family room.

But as seasons come and go, or even just in between bouts of gardening, it helps to have a place to stash all that stuff…and let people think the grass takes care of itself. But while the aluminum siding monstrosities of yore still make up a big part of the market, a new shed for your back yard doesn’t have to be an eyesore. For a smaller scale gardener, or even someone looking for a way to navigate a larger garden, this Garden Storage Cart makes a great portable caddy, with large plastic wheels that move easily on pavement, grass, or dirt.
This bench and others like it are hollow inside with seats that lift up for easy access when you need it, and forget-about-it storage when you don’t. These are especially good for storing picnic goods and outdoor linens during the summer, rather than having to tote paper cups and plates in and out between every meal. A lot of work, but the results can be pretty stunning, and depending on the size of your deck, it can keep a lot of stuff out of sight. Enjoy the outdoors in the spacious screen porch or Deck overlooking the large fenced-in backyard.

From cute cottage chic, to surprisingly classy bright colored plastic, to this rustic barn-style Wood Siding Garden Shed, there are more options than ever to help you find a storage shed that brings your yard to life, instead of turning it into one you have to live with. And because it’s made of weather resistant plastic, it can stay outside even in the off season. It isn’t as simple as nailing up a nice pre-made lattice wall (above), or building cabinets into the open space (below).

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