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WEATHERPORT YURTS   Here is another source for a well made looking prefabricated Yurt.
MONGOLIAN YURTS DIRECT   This business sells handmade Yurts from the UK but i guess they are actually manufactured in Mongolia. TenYurt   Here are plans for a potentially very low cost to build Rigid Sided Yurt shape structure. There is also detailed information about alternative materials and suggestions on ways that the TenYurt can be enhanced. YURT LIFE VIDEO   This video features a nice little tour of a rental Yurt set-up in some park which a person can rent for a short while. CAE WENNOL YURTS   These people here are not selling Yurts, Yurts are used as a source of rental income. JAIA YURTS   This business produces very beautiful Yurts if the pictures on their website are any indication.

SPIRITS INTENT   This business based in the United Kingdom, has some very unique and beautiful Yurts for sale. SUNTIME YURTS   These people here do not make the yurts they sell, all their yurts are imported from Mongolia. SIMPLY YURTS   This Yurt business is different than most in that they seem to specialize in renting out Yurts for group use such as for parties, weddings or any large group activity which would like to provide a Yurt ambiance for the event.
After three more years working closely with the craftsmen that make them we now have a unique collection of exquisite yurts not matched in this country or anywhere in the world. YURTS FOR THE MODERN NOMAD   Here is a newspaper article from the state of Oregon, Josephine County which describes a trend to use Yurts in their state park system for vacation rental units. The yurt campsite offers a perfect opportunity to test the yurts, the deck design and the effect location has on the longevity of a yurt. SPIRIT MOUNTAIN YURTS   Here's another example of someone who has made a job for them self.

ORIGINAL MONGOLIAN YURTS   I should have had this website linked here up on my site a long time ago. TURTLEBACK NOMADIC YURTS   This here seems to be a "combo" website in that the owner both lives in a Yurt and he also sells Yurts.
You don't need to stake or anchor ropes to setup a yurt, all you need is an open area the dimensions of the yurt. EURO-YURTS   Here is a business located in Holland as a joint venture with some Mongolian people. THE MONGOLIAN YURT   Well, this link i am presenting here offers some information on building your own Yurt (an online PDF) and actually it is presented in a two part series with the first part available when you click on the picture at the right and the second part shown when you click here.

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