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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Steve Patrick, owner of Patrick Custom Sawing, in Ramer, Tennessee, told us an inspiring story about how he and his family have turned today’s tough economy into a profitable family business opportunity. Just as Steve does custom sawing, he’s finding, “I can also do custom planing for the public.” And there’s money to be made. But if you take all those steps into account and all the time it takes to do them, Steve feels it’s cheaper to just buy high grade lumber.
Making log cabin siding interests Steve personally and his philosophy is, “To keep in business, you do something you like doing. And at the end of the day, “You can sell log cabin siding and make a whole lot more money for that piece of pine than you can straight off the sawmill. Myrle and Bill, Steve’s mom and dad, put in a good days work running log cabin siding on the Woodmaster. Both Steve’s parents, Myrle and Bill, are retired now but they’re running log cabin siding and earning money. Steve and his faithful companion have 300 acres with a virtually endless supply of timber to turn into log cabin siding.
Steve tells us, “This is a way of making a good, decent living, doing something I enjoy, without breaking my back, working for myself. We’re still in the crawling stage with this Woodmaster but it’s proven it’s capable of doing what we want to do. Take these tips from Steve – he’s already taken the leap and is making it work!
Log cabin siding comes off the Woodmaster finished in just one pass thanks to the 2-Side Molding System the Patricks got with their Woodmaster. Woodmaster can be used around the clock, all the time, full time and will stand up, and all at a reasonable cost. You can get cheaper equipment imported from China – I’ve got a Grizzly® planer – but it’s not going to hold up to day after day use. There’s a place near here that makes log cabin siding but they’re using low grade 2 x 8’s and selling it cheap. Seeing the cabins we built attracts people to the siding itself even if they don’t want to buy the cabin. I took a 3-board sample to Lowe’s and set it beside a 3-board display from another manufacturer and Lowe’s said ours would sell itself because our quality is much better.
Top PostsEVEN IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY this father & son team built a successful woodworking business.17 commentsThis sawmill owner’s solution to today’s tough economy?
This article will outline log store plans and a log store design that is cost-effective while maximising the log shed's size. One of the biggest criteria when choosing log sheds is deciding how many logs you will need to keep dry and season. After studying many different designs for a log sheds we created a design and plan that would suit our wood storage requirements.
TIP 1: Build with sizes you can bulk buy - Our first tip when building your own log store is to base its dimensions on the lengths your wood supplier can provide in pack quantities. To construct the log store we bought the wood and fixings from a major construction retailer. Tip: If you plan to collect logs during heavy rain then you may consider having the roof slope down to the rear of the store so rain water doesn't drip onto you when collecting logs.
Tip 2: Feather edge panels can easily split so you may consider cutting the whole pack together while it is still bound in the straps. TIP 2: Use two people to align each fence panel starting from the back and moving to the front. TIP 3: This process is fast if you use an electric screw driver or a drill with a Philips screw head.
The roof of your log storage shed should now be complete and look like the photo to the right.
TIP 1: If your log store design includes floor boards then you may be able to reduce your costs by eliminating these six sawn softwood pieces. Use four timber fixing brackets for each corner along with sixteen 32mm screws (see above right photo).
Starting with the back of the log shed start screwing in each 2.4m fence panel starting at the bottom and working up.
Attach each of your twenty 1.2m feather edge side panels again starting from the bottom and aligning each panel with the back panels for a uniform finish. It is likely that the sawn softwood at the bottom of the log shed will often get wet or sit in the wet.
Have someone help you lift the top roof piece onto the log shed and support it while you fix it into place with the remaining timber fixing brackets.
If you have the budget then adding a floor into your log store design will enhance your wood store and make it easier to stack logs of random lengths. All you need to do now is cut your wood into even pieces and leave it to season inside your new log store. Cut your logs into similar lengths that will fit into your log fire and buy a maul axe that is specially designed for splitting the logs.

You have seemed at the different log sheds, garden cabins and even get rid of kits which you can purchase.
As soon as you have checked these more than the next point you will want to decide on is the kind of foundation you will be utilizing as foundation.
After the foundation has been laid out you are prepared to begin with the creating process of your log shed. When the foundation frame and fifty percent boards have been mounted on the foundation you will want to adhere to the rest of the instructions on creating this log get rid of of yours.
Before you go your stuff into this garden get rid of, log cabin or log get rid of retreat you will need to give the complete point a once over wooden remedy which will not only make your masterpiece weather conditions resistant and appear wonderful as nicely.
Numerous garden plans can easily be purchased for you to completely review countless diverse varieties of sheds, their extremely own materials, Decreasing sizes, and so on.
A basic garden storage shed plans provide detailed directions about you skill with the shed. Looking for Downloading A Gold Mine of Shed Plans, Schematics, Woodworking Courses Materials And Home Building Lessons.? Tend not to miss get specific Offer for Downloading A Gold Mine of Shed Plans, Schematics, Woodworking Courses Materials And Home Building Lessons. Although all our sheds are pressure treated as standard, this is a preservative to protect against rot and insect attack, this does NOT make the timber waterproof. I've seen a few things made from gas bottles on a machinery forum I used to go to, I'll see if they did one.
This profile creates a distinctive look and the shiplap detail sheds water easily, making this a very durable siding material.
It’s scary doing something new or branching out in this economy but the Woodmaster is relatively low investment and if you can dry and dress the lumber, you triple its value.” That’s 300% value added.
I’d like to make log siding on an ongoing basis and have a second machine set up for planing.
Everybody who comes by, socially interact with, or at church, I give them at least a piece of log cabin siding.
The main criteria were to find a log shed that had adequate size while not breaking the bank balance. In our situation we had a large supply of logs from a couple of recently felled trees and always seem to maintain a good supply.
This was great but when it came to buying the bespoke-length wood to build the log store we suddenly realised that costs were quickly adding up. Costs will vary but these figures should give you a good idea of the costs to build a large, bespoke log store.
In our log store design we opted to keep the log shed a little more sheltered from the elements by having a smaller front opening. Again check the overall length of the panels to make sure the lengths are 2.4m These 4 softwood pieces should be exactly the same length as your feather edge fence panels. This will allow the fence panels to overlap the back of your log store by 1cm on each side and allow the side fence panels to create the perfect corner finish. These four pieces don't need to be 1.2m so keep them as long as possible while making sure each length is the same.
You may need to re-space the panels to make sure the front panel is perfectly in line with the front sawn softwood.
You will have four 32mm screws to each fence panel using a total of sixty-four screws (16 × 4).
As part of your log store plans we suggest that you apply extra creosote to the bottom pieces and bottom feather edge panels so they weather better over time. Any spare timber fixing brackets should be used to strengthen any other weaker joins in your log store.
In fact if you have a substantial floor then you may be able to leave out the six 2.38m sawn softwood lengths from the floor altogether. When a tree has first been felled the wood can have a large water content of around 45% and this moisture content will fall to around 20-25% with seasoning. From all of these selections you have ultimately narrowed down your selection to 1 excellent design and style. The greatest sort of basis that you can lay down would be that of concrete or concrete slabs. Right here the first element to be constructed will be that of the foundation frame and the facet half boards. By the end of the day you should have hooked up the gables, the roof joints and finally the windows. Following the real plans as nicely as build your own garden shed might potentially save you lots of money. You ought to read programs from numerous source to create a complete listing of what you call for simply considering that a couple of of the plans are the fact is deficient within explaining the points you require. This article will inform you about Downloading A Gold Mine of Shed Plans, Schematics, Woodworking Courses Materials And Home Building Lessons. I started thinking what we could do to give them some income and increase mine, too, while still working with wood.” On top of that, as Steve turned 50 recently and started wondering, “How can I keep from breaking my body? As long as Woodmaster continues to do pleasant customer service, I believe they’ll have us as customers for life.

After scouring the few internet websites that sell log storage sheds it soon became clear that off-the-shelf log stores were often too small for our requirements or too expensive. The size of your log shed will also be dependent on the space you have around your premises.
If you want to build a log store half this size then you will also significantly reduce the above cost. Our log store design was lower so that we required fewer feather edge panels and also it made accessing the top level of logs easier for shorter people.
To screw the panels into the middle softwood struts you may need to make small pen marks first - using a tape measure to get the correct screw positions. If you are not going to put floor boards into your log store then you will need to space these six lengths so that the logs can straddle the two pieces.
At this stage you may wish to temporarily connect a fence panel to the top just to hold these pieces in place while you affix the other fence panels. You can either buy two or three extra 2.4m feather edge lengths to fill these gaps or leave them open for air flow through your log shed as we have done. At this stage you can also apply any wood creosote to the top and side feather edge panels.
The front of the roof should overlap the floor of the log store by at least 10cm and possibly more. We added the floor as an addition at the end but the added height from the floor will provide extra air flow and a gap to help stop the flooring rotting. Seasoning is the process of drying out the logs to maximize the heat you get from burning the wood.
Cutting the logs thinner will mean they will burn quicker releasing heat quickly into your room.
Barring these you can use compressed gravel, patio stones, tremendous spikes or even cinder blocks which can be positioned beneath the floor joists. These will provide you with the condition of the backyard get rid of or log shed that you are planning on. For outside hobbyists as nicely as garden enthusiasts, garden get rid of plans might be eextremely helpful within your building approach and you’ll find out an excellent deal from which. These prints are not always a comprehensive list, so keep in mind to find the genuine materials required. It gives specialist suggestions with phase-by-phase methods, photos and diagrams to make each and every venture straightforward to tackle.It is bursting with ideas for more than 12,000 woodworking projects! Also provides high performance waterproofing for up to 15 years, with a green mineral finish. How can I work smarter rather than harder, make more money, and still be dealing in wood?” The idea of planing wood was appealing. You will also want a convenient location where you can easily access the logs on a cold winter's night!
You should create a timber structure as shown by the upper right image (labelled: create a sturdy structure). Therefore, each panel should overlap the next panel by about 18mm (See photo to the right).
If you do fix a temporary top panel in place make sure it overlaps each vertical side piece by 1cm.
The overall height of the log store is 2.1m so you will have 30cm to overlap the 24 panels. The wood will also be far easier to burn and make your job of starting the fire far quicker.
We have a mixture of small and large logs that can burn quickly or slowly over a whole evening. The first point you will want to do is to consider all of the parts out and make positive that every thing you need has arrived as nicely.
If you get trapped developing your log shed or backyard garden cabin never be concerned you will have a lot of aid on hand with the supplied instruction handbook, full with development pictures and how-to movies.
The last trimmings like the roof shingles, gable eaves and fascia boards can be attached without having any issues. You will find plans for birdhouses, garden furnishings, outside sheds, full size decks, and every little thing in among. The quality of the information found in Shed Log (Shed Log : Try Garden Shed Plans And Make It Fun) is well above anything you will discover that you can buy. This will mean that you will be left with little wasted wood and greatly reduce your construction costs.
All ideas are complete from commence to finish, and consist of materials lists, comprehensive diagrams, and explicit phase by step instructions.

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