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Broadband connections are not a worldwide standard yet, people not on an ADSL or faster line have to spend more time to search for and to access information online.
A website full of videos, high-resolution images and fancy graphics are definitely cool, but at the end of the day it is how easily and rapidly people can access your content that really matters.
It is therefore crucial that any serious web publisher invests at least some time and resources to learn everything possible about optimizing his website for speed. In Part 1, here below, (Part 2 here) you will learn with him, how to actually measure and test the performance of your web hosting provider. A number of hosting services go up every day so you can't presume that they are all equally good for your needs.
I will not get into all the (easily googlable) detailed explanations about why most websites you see on the net are using shared hosting, and why it means that your site will be on the same hard disk with few dozen other websites using the same Internet connection. If you are targeting a specific country or a region, then you should choose a hosting service from the same area. If your target audience is in the US and your server in China or India, then you can't expect that your audience will see your pages loading as fast as they would if the server was closer to them. If the response you get doesn't say "0 % loss" in your result, then you don't have to read the results any further - look for another host. If the hosting server has bad connection, too many websites or simply some of its sites are slowing the server down with heavy content, and then the server will take long time to respond. If they are all over 100 (and you have sent the ping from the same country where your audience will be located) that is not good and you need to look for another hosting service.
People who have never done a route trace always find this fascinating because it opens their eyes to the reality of the web.
If any of those servers ends up with some problems or slowdowns, the readers find the access to the site slower regardless of the fact that the server may be fast and pages perfectly tuned up for speed.
Once you have signed up with the right hosting service and your domain is live, you can perform the same test only using the URL of your site this time. Google Code editors have put up a list of tutorials and resources to help you discover performance best practices that real web professionals employ in their everyday work. The load time of websites is one of the most important factors affecting its usability; most Internet users will just skip a site altogether if it fails to load within a couple of seconds. Jeffrey Way lists a crop of tips and tricks that will help beginners speed up their development time, and code their websites more efficiently. According to recent comments by Matt Cutts of Google, the load time of your website may soon affect your ranking inside search results. Keeping image size to a minimum is an important part of keeping your sites visual weight low and improve the load time of your website.
People everywhere complain that WordPress is slow and that their WordPress website suffers if they get more than 10,000 visitors a day. While the Movable Type platform already offers a number of different options to build out a system in support of millions upon millions of visitors, chances are you do not want or need such complexity.
Images, sounds, videos and animations are all components of your Flash websites, but since all these elements affect the load time of your pages, it is crucial that you learn ho to optimize your code to speed up your Flash website.
Originally prepared by Daniele Bazzano and Drazen Dobrovodski for MasterNewMedia, and first published on January 11th, 2010 as "How To Make Your Website Faster - Part 1: Best Tutorials And Tools To Speed Up Your Website".
One of the most important aspects of any website is loading time.  No matter how flashy your graphics or interesting your content is, if it doesn’t appear to the visitor in a speedy manner, it’s unlikely they’ll ever see any of it.  Below we’ve outlined some helpful tips to ensure that your website will load in a blink of an eye and keep your viewers in place! In the event that your pages have more than five images displayed on them, you will want to optimize the images for the Internet. Want to get your website to load quick as a blink for your repeat visitors?  Enable PHP caching.
With these tips in mind, get out on the web and make your presence known!  If you have a well optimized website that loads fast and is easy to navigate, you’ve already won half the battle.  The rest of it is all in your content and user experience – but having a quickly loading website is the first step in making sure that web surfers stick around long enough to see it! You can also use CSS Sprite with background-position to reduce the number of http request thus making your website faster to load.

10: If you can create a website using simpler technologies such as formatted ASCII text, the nusing Flash to create static text is completely senseless.
Smartphones are the most used devices to connect to the Internet, since users can stay informed anywhere at any time. As we have said before, mobile devices are more limited to access the information quickly due to their connections. 3G is the third generation of voice and data transmission through the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). Mobiles using this kind of connection have problems to visualize the information on a website quickly. 3G is not the fastest connection: its speed can be higher than 384 kbps and can reach up to 2Mbps in optimal conditions. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology and provides mobile broadband Internet access. Are there specific speed-up steps one must take to decrease the time it takes to load anyone of your web site pages?
A website that loads faster can thus help you a great deal to reach users with a slow Internet connection. Remember that when frustration sets in, it will only takes a second for your readers to move on to something else. Or maybe remove all those extensions, widgets and side-bar plugins that you have collected and installed over the years? Since the web hosting provider is typically a critical component of any speed-optimization strategy, what Drazen has to advise is truly valuable and it can be immediately put to use to make your website faster. They proceed to the page coding issues presuming that your host speed is good, and yet the entire story of the website speed begins on the server of your hosting service.
It all simply boils down to this - hardware setup of the hosting service and the number of other sites they host is a factor in your site speed. All your web pages will go through all those servers on the way to your target audience (presuming you are testing from the same area where your audience is located). All the data from any of the web pages you visit goes through a number of servers before it reaches you.
This means that the less servers between your audience and your hosting server, the less chance there is for something to go wrong along the way. This is a good idea because hosting services have more than one server and their company site is usually hosted on the best of them (which is what you tested earlier). Developer Network has identified a number of best practices for making your website faster.
Very useful for web developers but also for publishers of any size, these collection of tutorials adheres to the commitment of Google to make the entire Web faster for everyone. The tools listed in this set by Google Code editors can help you discover those variables and improve your site.
In this article you will find some simple yet effective ways to make sure that your website is running fast. You will find a mix of quick time savings tips, as well as specific coding tricks to increase the efficiency of your web applications and sites. So, to help you speed up your site, here is a collection of some useful tools that you can use to start improving your client's site performance now.
By understanding a bit about image compression, and how to optimize images for web, it is possible to significantly cut down on image size while improving image quality. This will instruct the browser to load the website once and then store away the images and everything else for later retrieval.  This way there’s only one time that the visitor has to wait for the Internet to produce the images. Should this be the case, be sure to monitor your website regularly and remove pieces of code that you no longer use regularly.  It may also be worth your time and money to pay a web designer to go through and edit your CSS to help you trim the fat, particularly if you are running a larger operation.
David tweets it, John Reddits it, Susie Facebooks it, whatever, all you get are clicks, not loyalty.

Reposting a reposted repost of an allusion to someone elses article which summarizes a discussion on some other site which scrutinizes a NY times discussion about trends of internet… Ridiculous. I did ask my host a while ago if their servers were fast but come to think of it they probably wasn’t going to say they were slow, even if they was. If all the copy stored on your website is important and essential, divide it into different pages and attempt to abridge it.
A solution to optimize images is using a resolution of 72 Dots per Inch, since it is the most suitable one for multimedia and web content.
Using Flash for your website allows you to create beautiful animations, but the loading time will also increase.
Using cascading style sheets will help to optimize the loading speed of your mobile website. This is because we are normally far from the base station and the signal conditions get worst. This is because the signal quality from the router to the computer is not optimal, and there is a loss of data transfer; so when connecting a cable, the speed is higher. If you haven't heard the news yet, even Matt Cutts, Google search engine evangelist, has already made it very clear that the speed of your site will soon affect your search engine result rankings. This also explains why major players like Google also place their servers in multiple locations in the world - it keeps the speed up and the load on the servers down. The list includes 34 best practices divided into seven categories that will help you optimize the code of your web pages for smoother loading. At Google, claim that multiple simple changes can improve the experience for your users around the world by several seconds.
By clicking on each suggestion given you will be redirected to each article for further reading. All that code adds up to bandwidth eaten, both parties (your server account and my client account) suffer byte based limitations.
In addition, in HTML editors, height and width attributes indicate to the browser the exact dimensions of the images on your page. The main problem is that all the elements on your website created with Flash must be loaded before the visitor can read the rest of the page; the user sometimes has to download plug-ins to visualize those elements, too. These style sheets normally have a code different from the main code (it is preferable to be HTML). Modem modifies the signal modulation to guarantee the communication, even if velocity is slowed down. However, the problem of this technology is that its coverage is reduced to the main cities, so although your device have 4G connection, maybe you cannot use it where you want. Another problem is that several WIFI lines emit using the same band and create signal interferences.
So, what is the best way to improve the performance, speed and response time of your web site? If you have little or no experience on these fronts, speeding up your website can indeed be a tricky task.
In addition, user may not visualize the content since Flash is not compatible with some mobile devices. When dividing the content on the website from its interface, we will get that files are lighter. One way for compensating the losses due to the distance is using an external UTMS antenna orientated to the base station.

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