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Below are some examples of different color, siding, roof, and additional feature customizations that we are capable of. A mocha tan exterior with custom windows and overhang garage doors creates a perfect garage apartment. Brick red siding with a white roof makes this Gambrel building a perfect, traditional metal barn. A charcoal colored Gambrel style steel home with custom windows and a front porch with an overhang. A Gambrel home with a forest green exterior and a custom built overhang with custom windows. A custom built wooden stairway leading to a second floor of an attractive Gambrel metal home. An interior construction shot of a Gambrel style building featuring a second story stairway. Our steel buildings perform great in any climate with the proper engineering modifications.
Plan out your interior YOUR way with our custom designed, custom engineered steel buildings.
My husband and I have talked about this, and I’d like to ask a few questions if I may.

My father pasted away in October of a year ago and I am staying with my Mormon the couch in a one bed room log cabin, my parents dream retirement home…looking for something cost effective that I can put beside their house.
It's unique, sloped roof with optional overhangs on either side makes it a stylish and uniquely customizable building design. If you have something else in mind, please contact us and a representative will work with you to create your ideal steel building!
In general from foundation installation to the cost of building and delivery costs, how much are we talking here?
The building itself would cost around 14,000 can you tell me where you got yours and how much it was for just the building.
This style is ideal for barns, homes, and workshops - and it can also be used as a garage, shed, or any other type of building!
We built this ourselves on weekends and late at night, and have been very happy with how it turned it.
My husband actually ordered it from a manufacturer that sells portable storage sheds, and we customized the size to 16×46. I am getting ready to redo my shed and I think your design will work beautifully…thanks!
This is a wonderfully eclectic home and I think you two did an amazing job of making it your own.

You’ve inspired US and from Jan Riddle and her family to now my plea here 43 comments later… please help? When we first got it, it was just subfloor, metal and the studs, so basically we just built our house inside the shell. Without posting my email here for all of the internet, I wouldn’t otherwise know how I could contact you to ask. Depending on the manufacturer and who you buy from, it can be a couple thousand for the shed itself. I love your reused wood, your horizontal planks, your shelves, your furniture… I love it all! Hope to hear back, as I’m sure many of us would be and want to Thank You for in a sense opening this door and the wonder-filled glimpse of possibility! One more thing, the walls and insulation, we’re both retired and I am handicapped, we cannot do the work ourselves, so having to do or hire someone I want to compare to having to build a small house.

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