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Our Carports and Carport Kits are prefabricated and available in stardard and custom sizes. ClearBlu has taken equipment wash bay systems and technology to a higher industrial standard. Our custom designed drive-on grate screens out heavy solids, such as gravel, that destroys sump pumps. The following describes the process of bio-digestion of a 6 carbon chain: Cellular respiration is the process of cell catabolism in which cells turn food into usable energy in the form of ATP. ClearBlu’s stainless steel, self cleaning,¬†wedgewire waterfall screens remove solids and floating material that can easily clog treatment systems. With over 80 wash bay installations in the western United States, ClearBlu Environmental is the leader in biodigester systems and technology. We started with the end goal of building systems that would last 20 or more years, where the industry standard is 5 to 7. In this process n-carbon chains are broken down in the presence of molecular oxygen into n-molecules of carbon dioxide, and much of the energy released is preserved by turning ADP and free phosphate into ATP.

Grass from mowers, chaff and husks from harvesters, peels from garlic, or any floating material can quickly clog any system. As General Contractors in both California and Arizona, we build complete installations including concrete, metal buildings and electrical.
If you are looking for a high quality metal carport, RV cover or storage building, we can help.
We decided that customers did not need to spend hours a day or a week maintaining their treatment systems and that a well built wash bay system should be low maintenance. Cellular respiration occurs as a series of chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes, the first of which is glycolysis, a series of anaerobic reactions in which glucose (a 6-carbon molecule) is split into two molecules of lactate (a 3-carbon molecule), producing a net gain of two ATP molecules. Adding a screen in front of your treatment system will help protect your long term capital investment. In a series of aerobic reactions, lactate is converted to pyruvate, which enters the mitochondrion and combines with oxygen to form an acetyl group, releasing carbon dioxide.
Ruggedizing systems to make them compatible with the industries we serve was an important goal as well. The result of these goals are clear to industrial users.

The acetyl group (CH3CO) is then combined with coenzyme A as acetyl coenzyme A, and enters the Krebs cycle. During this series of reactions, each acetyl group is oxidized to form two molecules of carbon dioxide, and the energy released is transferred to four electron carrier molecules. The tanks allow grease and oil to float through to the treatment system, leaving the settled mud non-hazardous. The electron carrier molecules then release their energy in a process that results in the pumping of protons (hydrogen ions) out across the inner membrane of the mitochondrion. The potential energy of the protons generated by one acetyl group is later released when they recross the membrane and are used to form three molecules of ATP from ADP and phosphate in the process of oxidative phosphorylation.
Thus, during cellular respiration one molecule of glucose, as well as oxygen, ADP, and free phosphate are catabolized to yield six molecules of carbon dioxide and an increase in usable energy in the form of eight molecules of ATP.

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