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For the parent who shudders at the thought of a plastic playhouse in the backyard, Modern Shed's new kids' edition comes in unfinished wood ready to be painted or stained. The Modern Play Shed debuted at last year’s CA Boom and was available exclusively from Seattle-based Velocity Art and Design. Grooming tots to have a penchant for green architecture and an eye for good design is an effortless undertaking with the Modularean Eco House.
Tired of your messy eater’s spills soaking through cloth bibs, but don’t want to go plastic? I am interested into purchasing the Modern-Shed by Ryan Grey Smith here above, how can I do that and how long would it take to receive it? Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
On a personal mission to discover the ultimate cubby house I discovered Modern Shed’s offering for kids. Dubbed the Modern Play Shed, this eye-catching structure is no ordinary cubby house: its architect designed form creates a modern light-filled space that eclipses common garden play houses. This is one cubby house that you will go on loving over the years: it would be an asset to any garden.

Recently named by Time magazine as one of The Green Design 100, other alumni of this list in the kids section include Wishbone Bike , Popupshop , Bholu ,notNeutral BBO2 , Y Water, Kidsonroof Totem, and Bambu. Sometimes you see a product, structure, or piece of technology that makes you realize you are living in the future you imagined as a child. Hailing from the UK, this modular garden outbuilding is completely customizable, and can be configured with up to five other units to turn your outdoor structure visions into some serious quarters for work, play, or even to house guests. Hell, someone else in the UK turned his ordinary garden shed into a cinema.
Choices abound. You can choose exteriors such as copper, cork, corten steal, zinc or marine plywood. After you make your selected preferences online, the awesomeness continues as they will work with you to create things not already listed.
The freshest innovative and eco-friendly designs, trends, and ideas for urban gardens and stylish small places. Add-ons include vinyl-composition floor tiles and panels that give a look reminiscent of the Eameses' Case Study House.
The standard version comes unfinished, just waiting to be colored, painted, and crayoned by its tiny inhabitants.
Each shed is fully insulated and the company can assist with adding a renewable power source to juice up your computer and, er, shed some light.

It would be really neat to house an art show in several of them…or have some kind of cultural festival centered around them. The Modern Play Shed may be further customized by incorporating additional accessories, from cork walls and colorful floor tiles and wall panels, to whiteboards, chalkboards and a deck. Add-ons include vinyl-composition floor tiles and panels that give a look reminiscent of the Eameses’ Case Study House. And luxury empires are establishing credos on issues their customers are still waking up to.
Behind the scenes, trailblazing executives are taking big risks to make it all happen — beautifully.

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