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I started seeing and hearing about Lost My Name a few months ago and really wanted to see what the buzz was about. When a little girl wakes up one morning and discovers her name is lost, she sets off on a journey to find it again.
The full colour cover and pages are heavy, high-quality, Rainforest Alliance certified card stock and will definitely stand up to repeated readings. And if you order the gift wrap option, your book comes in this pretty, coordinating green envelope.
Follow Lost My Name on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest news, promotions, and giveaways. One lucky reader will win a personalized copy of The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name or The Little Boy Who Lost His Name for their own little one! This entry was posted in Books, Giveaways, Reviews and tagged book reviews, books, children's books, giveaway, personalized, Tee Turns 5. Not an animal, but a Knight represented the first letter of my son’s name LOVE this. This is such an amazing book, My youngest granddaughter’s first creature was an Aardvark!! A Hippopotamus was the animal that represented the first letter in my daughter’s name. October 8, 2014 by Joe Hackman Leave a Comment When in life does everything to 100% to plan? Last year while transforming my business it became evident I was missing out on opportunities. In the parking lot of the RV storage facility at the end of the trip, water was dripping from a spot where it shouldn’t.
As (bad) luck would have it, water had been leaking from the trap under the shower probably since it was purchased.
After looking at the damage closely with Greg and his team, I decided to request a replacement coach from Newmar. Everyone you talk to at this Newmar is helpful, they return calls, they tell you the process for requesting replacement, and they follow up with you when they say they will. We all love companies that do things right, with enthusiasm, and who care about their customers. I trust Newmar, they have done nothing to erode that trust, and I am going to continue to believe in them as they have given me no reason to not trust them. Next time you are considering who to do business with, I hope you will evaluate based on what will happen if things get really challenging.
August 22, 2014 by Joe Hackman 2 Comments I’m going techie today to help answer some questions I get periodically about how I manage DNS. Imagine one day waking up and learning that your customers cannot access your website and your employees can’t access their Email.
There are a few very important steps you can take to protect your domain name registration, I’ll give you the simple version and if you have questions about any of them use the comment section at the bottom of this blog post.
Use a reputable registrar to host your domain such as Network Solutions (I use their SRSPlus resale account for my domains – if you have more than a dozen or so domains you might consider using it as well to save money).
Make sure you maintain all Email accounts associated with all the users (administrative, registrant, technical, billing, etc) don’t let a staff change sink any important messages from your domain name registrar.
Read and address any non-trivial messages you receive from your domain name registrar (credit card on file expiring, etc). There are probably a number of other things you can do to get more out of your registration and plenty of things to look out for but if you follow the above steps you will probably be way ahead of the average person when it comes to management and protection of the domain name asset(s) at your company. The problems with DNS Server Hosting are very similar to the issues for a registrar account. If you’re going to allow someone else to manage your DNS Server Hosting use only a company you trust completely to manage your DNS server hosting as if it was their own.
Insist on a high end product that distributes the hosting over 5 or more regionally unique servers such as DNS Made Easy or Amazon Route 53 for the servers. Maintain your billing contacts, account credentials and reminders the same way you handle the DNS registrar so you never miss an important renewal. There are numerous other considerations for DNS Server Hosting, but if you follow these steps you will again be way ahead of the game. I guess this wouldn’t be complete without saying how much I love Danville, California. Back in 2008-2009 when things got pretty rough financially for many of us, we considered leaving the Bay Area for a less expensive area. We are enjoying learning about our new home town and meeting the kind, laid back people of this community.
July 14, 2014 by Joe Hackman 2 Comments Sunday we bid farewell to Southwest Utah, an area that had been very good to us. 70 East Bound was not quite as pleasant weather wise, and little did I know that was pretty much how things were going to be in the near future (the benefit of being a day late writing this!). While heading East Bound on 70 we had a bit of confusion over the time the World Cup game would start.
July 12, 2014 by Joe Hackman Leave a Comment Today we experienced a first for our entire trip.
The trail I was talking about starts about 500′ west of the Red Canyon Visitor Center. The entire area has beautiful features but it’s one of those trails the longer you walk the better it seems to get. Unlike some of the other trails we didn’t see much wild life, but what we did see we were lucky enough that it posed for a portrait. After enjoying the view for a while, we hiked over the summit, only to be completely blown away with beauty on the other side.
Then we discovered that the initial summit was one of several amazing vistas as we reached the top of several other ridge lines.
The remainder of the hike was rich with scenery and eventually we found ourselves in the aforementioned campground.

I absolutely love this concept, because while I’ll spend many days with my family and close friends, there are others that it is probably impractical for it to happen. CIMCO Version 8 License ManagementRecently we shared the news that CIMCO is working on the release of version 8.
En 2014, le groupe se produit lors des Festivals Printemps de Bourges, Les Femmes s’en melent, et sur les scenes de La Fleche d’Or, de l’Alhambra et de la Boule Noire. En Juin 2015, Lost My Name sort un nouvel EP intitule ‘’ D I Y ‘’, produit par Tom Fire (Flavia Coelho, No One Is Innocent) et finance quasi- exclusivement par sa fanbase via la plateforme de crowdfunding « Kisskissbankbank ». In 2014, the band played at several festivals such as Printemps de Bourges, and prestigious Parisian venues (La Fleche d’Or, l’Alhambra, la Boule Noire). It will show you when Google has changed its algorithm and what the change was trying to achieve. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The three dads and an uncle behind these gorgeous personalized books kindly sent us a copy of The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name just in time for Tee’s birthday.
The book comes in boy and girl versions, so just choose one and enter your child’s name.
From the T in Troll to the E in Eagle, the various creatures she meets along the way give the little girl letters to help her find her name again.
In fact, she’s been reading this on her own with just a little help from hubs or from me. Imagine having dozens of customers that you’ve never met, never been able to share meal with, learn about their kids, or even walk around their facilities and learn more about what makes them unique. Luckily the slope in the parking lot tilted the RV enough for water to escape the membrane that lines the bottom of the coach. This would be a big ask, but in my mind due to no fault of mine the coach was in really bad shape. Right now they are working with me to get the RV transported to their plant to get it repaired and also concurrently getting me information so I can make a formal request for a replacement.
Remember it’s never fun, but you want to be shoulder to shoulder with the right people when it does.
It happens all the time and it’s usually due to problems with DNS or Domain Name Services. Never register a domain name through a web hosting company and have them handle it all, these companies blow it from time to time and take you down with them. The main difference is being that it is easier to recover from a problem with DNS Server Hosting.
I will share the abbreviated version here and please comment if you need further clarification. These products have servers in different geographic locations in case there is an issue affecting the other regions. Most people do not take these issues into account until they experience a horrific scenario like the ones described in this article. What I didn’t mention was that we had been considering a change of scenery for more than just the 6 week road trip. A Town I grew to love and will always maintain friendships, work relationships and a strong connection with.
Reflecting back at my recent past, the things I hold closest to my heart involved experiences with people and places. Little did we know then that we would discover a gem, our next Danville, in El Dorado Hills. The weather was incredibly mild, the scenery was amazing, and the small towns along highway 89 encouraged us to come back again and explore them. There was lots of great scenery, mostly canyon walls, washes and massive mountains of sandstone. This of course did not help them as they valiantly held on but failed to find the magic needed to defeat the relentless German team. After our ascent we were rewarded with sweeping views limited only by mountains in the way in the distance. However impractical it is a fun exercise so I shared it also on my wall and loved the responses I got there.
Joe does IT Consulting work and provides CIMCO Software solutions for CNC Based Manufacturers at Managed Solutions. En 2011, Meryem, Gooz et Julien fondent Lost My Name, et sortent debut 2012 un premier EP, «Sparks In A Cage», qui pose les bases d’une power pop puissante et efficace. Avec plus de 150 000 ecoutes Spotify au Canada sur sa premiere semaine, Lost My Name s’impose avec ce nouvel essai comme l’un des groupes emergents de la scene Parisienne .
You can then check in Analytics if the month your traffic took a nose dive correlated to a Google update. It would also be useful if you took a screenshot of the last 12 months traffic from Google Analytics showing the drop, hope this is useful! We’re completely down-to-earth, we don’t blab on about business buzzwords that sound like they come straight from a textbook. The solution was a plan to hit the road to meet them and as a huge bonus be able to have family travel with me.
After seeking an RV Repair place with some good reviews (much harder than it sounds) we discovered Prairie City RV in Folsom, CA. There was a similar rig from a competitor that was about 15% cheaper than this one, did I make the right decision? I am confident this will have a happy ending, and talk about a great reminder why we should place a high priority on quality of service, you can’t buy piece of mind when you find yourself in a situation like this one. DNS allows the world to locate services related to your domain name including your website and Email.
Or worse case someone could hack your domain registrar account and do whatever they want with your domain such as point it at a website that infects visitors will malware or a virus. If you maintain your registrar account you can always make an emergency change in very short notice to resolve a problem.

You can still access and make changes even when significant outages are affecting a large area. Don’t be a victim of poor planning, your DNS matters a lot and there is much you can do to protect it from harm! My work has evolved to a point where I really don’t see customers as frequently as I did years past. Danville is awesome, the people are awesome, the schools are awesome it’s really hard to criticize Danville.
They were often different places like SOBCON in Chicago and Portland (now known as Genius Shared). Once we finally had that sorted, we determined that we had to stream the Argentina v Germany final on my laptop.
When we departed we decided to not let the issue of quickly deciding on what kind of a place we want. The trail starts out flat and wooded, today it was gorgeous, probably low 70’s when we started. While we were walking alongside the highway we saw many cars that were probably headed to Bryce.
After several successful live shows, the alchemy is already indisputable: the set is heavy and unpredictable, presenting a brilliant mix of pop, rock, hip hop and electronic sounds. With 150 000 plays on Spotify in Canada in their first week, Lost My Name are clearly one of the most promising bands of the Parisian electro rock scene. So many books for children use cutesy pastel drawings, but I really like Pedro Serapicos’ darker and more textured style of illustration. They were the obvious choice for these issues because the owner actually cares about his customers! Since I spend the majority of my time sitting behind my keyboard and not the wheel of my car, I no longer have a strong geographic tether. If I were to come up with criticism of Danville and perhaps the Bay Area as a whole it would be that it is expensive. They were also the experiences where I made the time, fighting against the current of my habits to find a calm new pool in this river of life. The amazing views and the close proximity to some very different opportunities further attracted us. I pulled out all the stops to deal with an over-heating inverter (can you say ice pack on top?
Yesterday I was saying how not planning too much is a good thing and in our case we just lucked out, but we made that luck possible. What will be nice is to see how many of these can actually end up happening, wouldn’t that be amazing? The owner Greg and his team found not only water infiltration but also mold, and lots of it. There are two main components of DNS – your domain name registrar and your DNS servers.
This summer was all about that and I have very strong feelings and conviction on the importance of experiencing many more different textures of life in the future. I recalled all the places not too far from the area where I camped and rode dirt bikes years ago in my 20’s. I was happy, content and smiling, not regretting the neat things left behind and embracing the indelible memories. Reading has always been one of my favourite pastimes, and I’m resolved to pass that love along to my kids. The first big trip was a huge success, it was a bit of an adventure for my family and also connected me much more tightly with many of those remote clients. Then I realized something, part of my due diligence had really paid off, a company with a great reputation for taking care of it’s customers and producing quality products was getting a chance to prove how great they are. As you probably know the registrars are companies like Network Solutions and Godaddy, but there are many others available too. When I reconnected with some important people from my past and present in San Diego, my head was spinning with grand plans to reconnect with them for some new adventures. I imagined having access to those areas not for a weekend or even a long day trip but for part of a day and felt it would be a great experience for my family as well.
The weather continued to be amazing, with windows rolled down we rolled up 89 North bound with smiles on our faces. My magic bag of tricks complete with a cell phone amplifier turned 1-2 bars of 4G into 4-5 bars of 4G service.
While driving down the Carefree Highway, I took in the joy of a song I remembered hearing as a small child.
Once the decision had been made we diligently sought a home that would accommodate all of our needs, but it became evident quickly that this task was going to be a greater challenge than we had hoped for. The cool thing about 89 in Utah is nearly all of it has a river running adjacent or near it.
So we are now temporarily settled in an apartment so we could start our son in school and continue the search for the perfect (or nearly perfect?) home. I enjoyed watching that river grow and grow in size until it became a force to be reckoned with as we descended down to catch Highway 70 east. While enjoying the cooler climate of Utah near Bryce Canyon and the growing river alongside the highways; I pondered powerful metaphors of the affect every mile and site had on me during this trip.
Also there are so many more things we want to do now, and if we are burdened excessively will they even be possible? When I met with every customer who I had only spoken with on the phone and via Email, my appreciation for them as people grew. I learned about the hobbies we shared, the life experiences we had in common, and I left with stronger ties to them than ever before.

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