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11.10.2014 admin
I was looking over CDNN's 2012-2 product catalog when I noticed a PTR-91 with wood buttstock and handguard for sale on page 32. I guess a third option would be for me to find an earlier JLD version of the PRT-91 and slap some wood on it, but that would cost more than the current PTR with wood being sold by CDNN.
The bad part about any CETME from Century is that its a coin toss whether it is good out of the box or it will be a problem for ya.
PTR also has a lifetime warranty on their rifles, so if something goes wrong, you have someone to help you. The thing I like about the HK rifle is it will be a investment, (rifle will hold it's value) in 5 years time you can sell it and get what you payed and more. BTW I hear the wood PTR is putting on these 91 clones is so so and you may have to refinish them to get the look you like.

Did you have to do any fitting of the robertrtg wood set to your PTR or was it a drop-in fit? Since I already have nice set of wood, I can get the PTR GI with the plastic green stocks for less than the wood version.
Suddenly, the PTR has caught my interest since I'm a sucker for this rifle with wood furniture. If you get the PTR please post some pictures of it so all can see what they are shipping these days.
Before seeing the PTR, I was actively looking for one of the cast stainless "1 of 500" Century Limited Edition CETMEs, but watched one of these sell on Gunbroker for $800 + shipping yesterday. I've read nothing bad about the LE and the consensus seems to be that this is the best version of this rifle that Century produced (excluding the early Portuguese made rifles Century sold).

That being said PTR has had their problems over the years (cracked trunions & Bolts) but they do seem to back up their warranty, best of all is a used HK91 if you can swing it. On the other hand, I've heard both good and bad about the PTR, though not specifically the wood furniture model, though I assume it is like any of their other models with just the wood being the differentiator. So perhaps these prices are a sign of things to come and the thought of spending just $200 more for a new rifle with the look I want is becoming a more attractive proposition. I know PTR now offers a lifetime warranty on all their models, but I'm curious if they have better quality control now and have worked out their issues.

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