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Since there is some legacy information on this OCZ site, please use the contents of this site as a reference only. Time after time, the Vector continues to win awards and top honors left and right but the industry’s most renowned press including CNET, Anandtech, PC World, Maximum PC, and more!
The fastest and easiest way to get your new SSD up and running is to clone your old hard drive.
I have "imation 8GB" usb stick and I make it bootable with Windows XPE Live that I built it with BartPE software. If you haven’t heard, one of the best ways to improve you gaming experience is with state-of-the-art SSD technology.

Vector's sleek and thin alloy housing provides ultimate style and quality that matches your taste for modern storage. Many SSDs use more of your flash memory than OCZ requires for optimal NAND flash management. This should provide a worst-case scenario, since solid-state-based USB 3.0 storage solutions deliver much more potential throughput than the conventional external drives out there. You can take a USB 3 flash drive wherever you go containing your Win 8 installation and all your apps and boot it up on any system.
Because once Windows (or linux) is loaded, all of them perform at much higher speeds, so HW is working fast.

PCs with USB v2.0 ports will run like a dog, so everyone should be including USB 3 as a must have on their requirements list for a new PC or notebook. But USB booting is done by few of us, since making a bootable USB stick is a complicated process.

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