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Breaking Lewis Cook follows in Dele Alli's footsteps Brian McDermott - The last successful Leeds United manager Proof that protests have no negative effect on the team Expensive stunt planned for Middlesbrough game Shameless click-bait poll: Time to go, Massimo? West Ham United will today be announced as preferred tenants for the Olympic Stadium, a move which will instantly catapult the struggling London club towards the top of the Premier League income list.
Whether West Ham can fill the stadium or not, the Olympic Stadium was built with a sustainable future in mind. The Hammers will receive the huge boost in income for the pathetically low price of just ?15m. Arsenal spent ?500m building The Emirates, a cost they’ve met through cautious spending and the continued sale of key players. Whenever a team starts to prioritise investment in the stadium over the team, there’s going to be some repercussions. But like Arsenal, Leeds United were denied loans from the taxpayer and had to do things the hard way.
The multi-billionaire owners and their blank cheques have made things difficult enough, how are the rest of us supposed to compete against the Manchester City’s (another taxpayer built stadium) and West Ham’s when hundreds of millions of pounds is being spent to aid them? I know this comes across as an incredibly bitter rant from a frustrated football supporter, and that’s mostly because it is.
It matters if its full because when the Olympic stadium is seen on TV half empty it is embarrassing for the government, the country and those who were supposed to be ensuring a viable legacy for the Olympic games.
Of course progress is possible but without a far more wealthy backer than Gold moving to a 60,000 seat stadium isn’t going to make them into a top 6 team. Orient may be closer but they actually play in the London Borough of Waltham Forest where as the Boleyn Ground is in the London Borough of Newham which is where the Olympic Stadium is also situated so West Ham if they move will not be encroaching on Leyton Orient as they will still be playing in their own Borough whereas Orient will be encroaching on West Ham’s patch. A further point, the taxpayers in questions are London taxpayers, so no-one in Yorkshire will be paying for this. I also recall that Leeds City Council was keen to discuss a possible buyout and rent back of ER & TA, but Leeds United (Ken Bates) wanted to have ownership of the stadium. Wasn’t the original plan to reduce capacity down to 15-20,000 and keep it as a national athletics stadium? This is clearly just an attempt by you to get hits on newsnow from the millions of west ham fans. Struggling to see how as tennants West Ham will reap the rewards of other money spinning events held at the stadium, surely that will go to the stadium owners. I’m a leeds fan mate and I even find it a bit rich taking in this way about tax payer hand outs, after all would we still exist had we not written off a massive chunk of tax payers money owed ?
Speaking of stadiums, looking forward to when GFH buy back Elland Road personally, it may not be the Olympic Stadium, but its home. The Velodrome's strapline "Britain's only remaining 1948 Olympic venue" is not entirely valid. 14th June - NCU letter - “By now you should have received your coupons for extra Olympic rations.
Nevertheless the NCU ran the wonderful cycling, and such a successful team that every member won a medal. My enthusiasm for this research (for which I blame Wally Happy) caused me to purchase both books.
Also there is Harry Hall (whose bikes Harry Hill rode quite a bit) who excelled as a frame builder and soigneur. On the first leg the absolute favourites Russian duo came down the banking and virtually took out the Germans. Overnight there were diplomatic-level arguments but the German two (bandaged) riders appeared at the appointed time. Quote :-"Blokes who’ve trained on tandems for years wouldn’t have done what we did, but we gave it a go. In my teens my body changed from being a lanky string bean to a fair copy of my solid, muscular dad.
The former was professional, had a manager and a back-up team with vehicle, several bikes and a masseur.

It is strange that only 25 years after his death, memories of him have dimmed, but some have scarcely mellowed. Classic Cycles website, The Cyclist (USA), Cycling Weekly and an unkown man outside Ribble Cycles. I awoke at 4am to the ominous sound of rain lashing on the bedroom window of my parent's house in Saltwood, Kent.
The near-gale force wind, a great nuisance then, would back to be useful westerly wind right behind me. This was to do with the construction of a new "proper" railway line linking London and the Channel Tunnel. I decided that occupying the carpeted lounges was not quite the done thing so went out onto the deck. The conciquence was a cyclist slightly cleaner, much colder but, intelligence-wise, unimproved.
There were no other trains and so I set off at break-neck speed (relative term) in the direction of Roubaix. After my detour I was now on a cobbled road, which didn't feature on my map, heading towards the sunset. My pessimism lifted when I discerned a good number of parked cars and a thread of humans on the horizon. As I got closer I detected that the thread of humans was mobile, and then that it was moving towards me! I had never really wanted to visit Lille and seemed to have avoided it now, just viewing its' intestines. I got straight onto a train and arrived back to the Saltwood Castle Hotel before it closed. Olympic Cyclist’s Bespoke Prefab Sheds Produce So Little Waste it Fits in a Garbage Bag! Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. Land and Water Services Ltd were contracted to construct a new towpath under the Network Rail Bridge U07 within the Olympic Park to create the games’ VIP visitors access. A sacrificial steel frame was installed using divers to allow pre-cast concrete units, (weighing 4t)to be placed first time to very high tolerances, to form a new  waterway wall. An old shed with mossy roof decays into a field of lavender at Cedarbrook Lavender and Herb Farm at the Sequim Lavender Festival held mid July on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, USA.
It took 4 years from the opening of the competition for design teams in February 2007 to practical completion in January 2011 to design and build the Velodrome. Chris Wise is widely known for hands-on engineering projects, both as design lead and also for his close working collaboration with some of the world’s leading architects. Chris Wise is widely known for his hands on attitude to design and is justifiably vocal about the need for engineers to embrace drawing as a means of communication. This short video reveals how the Bird’s Nest stadium depicts heaven by reflecting the ancient Chinese traditions of pottery and basket weaving. As such, the money West Ham United can expect to receive from non-matchday activities (such as conferencing) is likely to dwarf anything they can dream of achieving from ticket sales. They won’t own the stadium of course, but with a 99 year lease and affordable rent, why would anyone want to shell out ?500m to build one of their own? They’re getting a world class stadium capable of generating huge sums of money for one third of a Fernando Torres. It was money well-spent by the Gunners, their new home generates over ?90m a season in ticket sales alone, but the rewards came at a cost.
For Arsenal, the trade-off has been a 7 year run without silverware as key players depart and the profits are used to repay investors. Key player after key player was sold to fund new executive boxes and conferencing facilities, all the while, Leeds United struggled on the pitch.

No supporter wants to experience the unsuccessful run which often occurs when their owners divert funds away from the football team, but most clubs aren’t handed ?500m stadiums on a silver platter. Both Arsenal and Leeds United have attempted to secure taxpayer financing in the last few years.
Like Arsenal, Leeds United have had to suffer the consequences of stadium redevelopment, just like almost every other team in the history of football has had to do. A half empty stadium given to a club which sees finishing mid table as a major achievement and is unlikely to ever achieve more, apart from the odd cup run, appears to reflect less of a legacy and more the startling level of incompetency surrounding the bidding process. Read this to give you some idea of what could happen to West Ham and stop fretting about us. It will take them years to create a group of 60,000+ people willing to go watch them every week.
There have been subsequent deals go through, and mysteriously some clubs always seem to be at the centre of things when the rules change (for example the funding changes for European football when the champions league came along, and the extensions which allowed entry for non-champions to the Champions League came along with timing which unsurprisingly benefited certain clubs. Do you mean the one that is in the London Borough of Newham which is West Ham and East Ham combined. The council said that was never going to happen – their idea was that LCC would own it. I think they will still depend on their 2 multi Billion pound owners to put subsidise them.
He completed the Tour de France in 64th place despite having had a nasty crash whilst training for this.
I had no dry clothes to change into so I left (last again, "please push the door to firmly") to ride 15 miles to Brighton.
Height restrictions under the bridge (5m ceiling) as well as two London Underground tunnels running directly beneath the waterway required LAWS expertise for delivery. The stability of LAWS’ modular pontoon allowed all of the units beneath the bridge to be accurately placed. Cedarbrook Lavender and Herb Farm, Sequim Lavender Festival, mid July, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA. The design stages are shown in described in more detail in this project programme (pdf opens in a new tab) put together by Jonathon Watts, Architect on the Velodrome with Hopkins. Arsenal wanted a loan to help build the Emirates, while Leeds have tried to negotiate deals to repurchase Elland Road and Thorp Arch. That was fair enough, right up until the point the government started handing out multi-million pound stadiums to other clubs. If the Olympic stadium was 2 miles from Elland Road, I don’t think anyone would complain if Leeds put in a bid for it.
There is a viable alternative, its called Tottenham, or perhaps more of an effort could have been made to get Rugby Union clubs like Saracens involved.
Using its own  pontoon mounted hiab crane and bespoke dredging equipment the bed was prepared, removing 3m of existing rubble and silt which was replaced with an underwater rock blanket. Once backfilled the new towpath was completed, and screw piles were installed along with a new timber deck to provide the new access. Furthermore the point about the ground having good transport links is ridiculous and irrelevant, people don’t go watch football because there is a regular bus or train to the ground. If you wanna shout right wing stuff at random people you haven’t met, please go to the nearest town centre and do it there. The stadium would fall into disrepair if it wasn’t given to a football club who could pay the rent and the upkeep of the stadium. Oh , I forgot, it’s a protest against Uncle Ken that means your ground is half empty most of the time. They should have been relegated or docked points over the Tevez affair (and that would have tipped them over financially as well), but nothing happened then, and this has just been waved through now.

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