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There are several designs you could choose when building the deck box, so take a look over the alternatives before starting the construction project.
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Plumb the legs with a spirit level and check if the corners are right-angled before inserting the screws. After building the frame of the deck box, we recommend you to attach the side walls between the wooden posts. Top Tip: Make sure the corners are square and insert the screws through the supports into the slats. One of the last steps of the project is to attach the trims to the exterior of the deck box. Align the trims with great care before locking them into place, if you aim for a professional result. One distinctive home trend that has emerged in the last few years is the outdoor living area. When planning an outdoor living area, the process is very similar to planning an extra room addition.
Map out your space requirements in relation to the outdoor furniture you want to include and the number of people you want to accommodate. Your home’s existing architecture will greatly influence the design of your outdoor living area. We will incorporate materials used in your existing home into your outdoor living area, creating a seamless transition from indoors to out. For a truly professional installation, determining the elevations of your deck, patio, and walkways is vital.
Creating unique entertainment areas are a great way to make the most of your outdoor space.
Just as we’ve seen the rise of outdoor living spaces, we’ve also seen an increase in outdoor kitchens in St. When planning your outdoor cabinetry and countertops, you’ll want to be sure that you are using the highest quality materials for your budget. An attractive, functional outdoor living area can be one of the finest features of a home, enhancing its appearance, increasing livability, and bringing pleasure to those who use the space. This article is all about designing a deck, whether you're accessorizing an existing space or building one from the ground up. Whether a new or improved outdoor area calls for a deck depends on several factors: the site itself, the style and size of the house, individual lifestyle and personal preferences, and budget.
A family composed of toddlers, teens, pets, and parents probably requires a different design from that of a couple who like to relax on their own or entertain on a small scale. The following pages offer a wide sampling of deck styles to serve as inspiration for developing and planning outdoor living spaces.

When building your new home, a solution to saving some trees around the house and also enjoying the conveniences of modern outdoor decking is this wood deck design idea from Anderson and Anderson architects. Building a deck storage box is easy and it will enhance the look of your property, so make sure you plan everything form the very beginning. Invest in high quality lumber, such as redwood, pine or cedar, especially if the components will be exposed to bad weather.
As you can notice in the image, we recommend you to cut the slats at the right size and lock them together to the frame with galvanized screws. Therefore, you need to cut both ends of the 1×2 trim at 45 degrees and lock them to the wooden structure with finishing nails and waterproof glue.
Apply several coats of stain or paint to the components, in order to protect them from decay. If you want to see more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects.
People are taking all the comforts of their home – kitchens, bars, living areas, even widescreen TVs – and recreating them outdoors. Determine how much space you will need under a cover (out of the elements), as well as how much space you need “out in the open.” As with planning for a deck or patio cover, you’ll want to arrange your outdoor furniture in a formation you like and measure the total amount of space you will need to recreate it in your pavilion, outdoor kitchen, or patio. Your first major decision is whether you actually want to include an outdoor kitchen in your design plans.
Our skilled design team will work with you to create a beautiful outdoor living  space you’re sure to love. We will take into consideration the rooflines of your house, elevations, and profiles when creating your outdoor living area. We love adding in those extra personal touches like a hidden bench or a patch of daffodils. Stone steps and pathways linking the major focal points of your outdoor living space will help to accentuate this truly magnificent area. A horseshoe pit, basketball court, or volleyball net can add to the fun and enjoyment your family will experience in your new outdoor living area. Our exceptional design team will help you create an outdoor living area you are sure to love. You’ll want to have a plumber and an electrician hook up electricity and plumbing to your outdoor space before any type of flooring or patio is laid. As more and more people retreat to the home to seek relief from the fast pace of the times, well-designed decks are becoming preferred places to relax after work, entertain friends, and regroup with the family. Plenty of pictures accompany dozens of deck ideas, from timeless and classic designs to more daring, modern setups. And though the site may be the deciding factor in choosing the style of the deck and the budget may determine the number of amenities that can be included, other less tangible aspects should be addressed as well. Personal taste is also an important matter to consider when planning an outdoor area -- whether it's a preference for a certain color stain on the floor boards or a particular style of railing to surround the deck.

A well-designed deck integrates diverse elements into a functional and aesthetically pleasing whole that harmonizes with the house it serves and the yard it adjoins. A portfolio of ideas rather than a how-to manual, this article discusses basic deck types and presents a number of deck styles for both contemporary and traditional homes. Use quality materials and always take accurate measurement before cutting the components at the right size. Smooth the wooden surface with fine-grit sandpaper, if you want to enhance the appearance of the project. An outdoor living space gives you a special place to prepare meals in your outdoor kitchen, dine alfresco, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful St.
Taking your time in the planning and design stage will save many hours and much headache down the road. Once you determine your main attractions, you can then plan the pathways and patios surrounding and leading up to them. If so, then special attention and detail needs to be focused on your outdoor kitchen design from the beginning. Call us today, and let our design team help you create the outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming about since you moved in.
Will the space serve primarily as a transition zone between house and yard, or will it double as an indoor-outdoor room? For instance, materials don't have to match the house facade exactly, but they should complement it in style and mood. If you choose to go with the outdoor wood deck then it can be carefully cut out to follow the shape of a tree trunk. Fill the holes with putty and attach trims to the box, in order to get a professional result.
For grilling out with your family or entertaining friends, nothing beats an outdoor kitchen. You trust these important details to the knowledgeable and experienced design team at Barker & Son. The idea is to create a unified appearance that is balanced with a variety of colors, forms, and textures to add interest and offset monotony. Afterwords, why not try decorating with river stones and allowing grass to grow up in that place? You will get a modern look for your backyard, and also choose a environment-friendly solution.

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