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I-44 Mini Storage - Tulsa Storage Unit RentalStorage Units: Tulsa at I-44 and the 21st Street Exit. Why lease warehouse space, when you can rent a self storage unit and get the space you need for less? If you had a large garage to store your business materials in, how much easier would things be for you? We offer great discounts when you take care of your rent for 6 months or 12 months up front. If you do a little research in your area, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out you could be renting out your garage for extra cash flow. More and more people just need a place to put stuff and that’s why the popularity of these places has grown. People will pay for convenience and if you have am empty garage they can rent that is just around the corner or even the next neighborhood over, it’s far more convenient than tracking down one of these storage places that may not be as handy. Woodworkers have drills, presses, lathes, saws and more. Mechanics and weekend mechanics have tools and compressors and vehicles and parts and they too need places to leave them. Small business owners like plumbers, repair people and handy men all need to store supplies, tools and more somewhere and retail space is crazy expensive while commercial space requires huge commitments and also huge expenses. The amount you can charge for garage space can vary depending on many factors ranging from size to access to heating to having manual or powered doors to where it’s located.
With the low end parking space only that is still an additional $300 income a year that I didn’t have before and for the big garage at $350 per month that ends up being over $4,000 in additional income every year!! There is no guarantee you will see these same rates in your area, they could be lower, but they may also be higher and of course there is a chance it may not even be done in your area, but if you could, wouldn’t an extra few dollars in your pocket help?
What you really want to learn as you do your research is what laws cover the renting of a garage or storage space. Determining the full legality of it may start with your local Landlord and Tenant services hotline, but it may require you contacting a lawyer who understands local Real Estate law to get the real answers and access to proper leases allowing you to rent your garage out safely and legally.
This seems to be one of the big questions that pop up when renting out a garage to someone, especially when the utilities are paid by the tenants renting the house. Now I have had tenants rent the garage from me as well as their suite, but it’s not my preferred way to rent it out.
So you need to be clear and up front with the tenants who are looking at the rental space to live in that the garage is not included.
I personally have a two car heated garage at one of my rental properties that is filled with shelves and all kinds of parts ( too many parts actually), tools and general landlord pieces that I need on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. In most municipalities they are outside Residential Tenancy laws and fit under bylaws somewhere and may even have a special category. Make sure your parents document all the issues with the tenants in case they do try and come back with some sort of suit, but realistically they probably won’t as they are just trying to bully them now it sounds like. Our landlord may be renting the garage to a third party or for free, not sure, but nonetheless he did not tell us this (we learned on accident). Privacy of the tenants is and should be a concern, but if someone is renting the garage, it shouldn’t be an issue any more than people walking down the front street can see into the house, but this also depends on layout and access to the building.

It really should have come up in conversation when you were looking at the place as to what the status of the garage was going to be, but you’re well past that point now and may have to work with the cards you have been dealt.
Depending on their response and where you live you may have options to file for an abatement of rent, you may be able to break any lease in place or there could be other options.
Should you rent your garage to someone who will be doing mechanic work about 2 times a week?
As for cost, if you’re in downtown New York you should be able to get close to $1,000 per month per stall just for parking.
The majority of readers here are other landlords, not folks in need of garage rentals (although I know some of them sublet garages to make money!), in which case you didn’t even mention where the garage is in the world.
It never hurts to ask and it’s quite possible that if the market is very slow the current owner may appreciate a small income to cover things if it takes a while to sell, or the new owner may not even have a vehicle so they may also be interested in renting out the space. So come up with a reasonable rational reason for them to rent it to you and present it to the Realtor.
Once you narrow this down a bit you can then go online or in your local papers to find what similar garages nearby rent for.
The Vertical Bike Locker is a great way to store a single bike as well as bicycle equipment. By storing the bike on the back wheel you use lessfloor space, freeing up valuable garage, garden or residential area. Cyclehoop can work with your organisation or local council to provide a fully managed cycle parking rental scheme using Vertical Bike Lockers. Plumbers, restaurant owners, roofers, carpet layers and more store their materials at I-44 Mini-Storage instead of leasing warehouse space. We are a society of collectors and we seem to need more and more doodads to keep up with the Joneses. Space that you can rent out for a tidy little additional revenue stream if you just happen to have a detached garage at your rental property. This is not something you want to do with an attached garage as trying that can open up a whole world of problems. There are usually local Penny Saver magazines or daily papers that you can also look through to see if you find ads for storage spaces or garages in. They typically fall outside the jurisdiction of Landlord and Tenant laws, but you need to verify that.
You can typically appease the tenants renting the property by telling them up front when they first are considering renting your property that they are getting a discount on the rent of $XX to cover the utilities used by the garage tenant. After a while, to run your landlord business you start finding your garage starts to fill up with parts and pieces to run your properties.
At a certain point that space may start compromising the space you have for storage at home. So my question for you, is it something you can start applying to your landlord business in the future, or are you already doing it? Most garage leases are warehouse style leases and often allow landlords to simply padlock the door if the tenant doesn’t pay, but again, you need to determine what you can do in your area and this may be partially dictated by your lease you have with your tenant.

We have dogs that stay in the yard during the day and the garage is smack in our gated yard.
If you weren’t using it, it could have been assumed the landlord was using it and would require access or it might be rented out by someone else?
I’d start by talking to the owner, explaining that the electrical is all under your name. In Costa Rica and Ontario electricity rates are extremely high, in other areas, they are considerably lower and have less impact on your bottom line.
If you’re trying to find renters for it, check local places that advertise garages for rent. I rent the 3rd floor of a 3-family house and will be getting a car soon but there aren’t any spaces left. The only caveat is the Realtor may see it as a situation that makes it harder for him to show or sell it, so make sure you address that with options in case it comes up or in case it sells and they don’t want to rent to you. If you set the price too high, no one comes looking, if you set it too low, too many people come looking.
If you have some extra features that others don’t like heat, benches or power you may be able to get a bit more.
Whenever you’re researching prices for rentals you would want to watch the market for a few months to verify what continues to get advertised month after month (either priced to high or poor condition) and what places disappear quickly (either priced too low, has great features) and then kind of average out the sweet spot in the middle. A heated garage is a cold climate where space is at a premium may be worth $500 a month to someone in Canada, the same garage in the Souther US in a newer suburb where everyone has garages on their property and no one needs heat may only be worth $100.
And the easiest way to start is to check local ads to see if anyone in the area is renting garages.
Locally for us, renting a garage is the equivalent of renting a warehouse space and the rules are very much in my favor when it comes to payment issues or other problems. Our tenants have been very uncooperative and are lying, kicking our dogs, messing with electricity, and have been paying their rent late. If it is right in the middle of the property is there access without going through the yard?
If you would like to find out the cost of shipping a product, you can calculate the accurate cost by simulating the checkout process and entering your postcode.
Meaning, is there a garage door where they can access without going through the gated section? I have done my research by flipping my breaker and all of the electricity being used in the garages is going to MY meter which I pay for monthly.
However the house on the corner has a garage behind that sits next to us with the driveway opening toward the same direction as my street.
Orders to Scottish Highlands, remote areas of England and some areas of Wales will incur additional delivery costs.

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