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With vast experience, Shields Buildings has become the foremost supplier of timber buildings in Devon and throughout Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.
With one simple quote the timber building can be built, delivered and installed in as little as eight weeks, with a reliable delivery service all offered as part of the job. Shields Buildings also work on turnkey projects offering a complete service including planning permission applications, site clearance, base work, building design, delivery and construction; ensuring that the process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. A range of the timber buildings are available to view at the Shields Buildings site, easily accessed on the A3124 between North Tawton and Whiddon Down. If you're seeking a flexible garden space for storage or a craft room or office, our bespoke garden workshops and sheds are the ideal choice. A bespoke garden studio or office could be the perfect option for a hobby or for working from home. Shields Buildings timber stables and field shelters are perfect for horses, ponies and many other animals. Shields Buildings are the proud suppliers of bespoke timber buildings throughout Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. Our experts can guide you through the process from planning permission to construction and maintenance.
A signature feature of all Treetops Traditional sheds is that they come with customisable doors. As no windows are supplied, you can guarantee that all of your storage will be totally secure and away from prying eyes.
As the manufacturer has dip treated the timber at the factory, it is also protected from damage during transit. This pent shed is built to store expensive tools and equipment and is part of the very popular Treetops Traditional range. Strong, rigid 12mm tongue and groove timber is used on the roof and the floor, giving it a very high quality finish. A strong floor means you will never need to worry about the weight of the tools or equipment you are storing.
One of the stand out benefits of the Treetops Traditional sheds is that they use Redwood timber. As with all the sheds in this range, the timber is dip treated for free by the manufacturer. If you take a look at the Treetops Traditional pent tool store sheds, you will see they all allow you to customise the door.
Cons - The only negative with this shed is that it comes with fairly poor quality roof felt. Saturday I finished off the slab laying and painted the shed some more, to give it two coats all over.
We began by marking out where to cut the hole in the base of the shed to leave the space for the pier. This part actually took the longest time, as then we put the back of the shed on first, together with a side, and then the other side, and the front, all of wich went up quite quickly.

I was amazed at the actual height of the shed, I had ordered it to be 1 foot taller at the back and front, and I was worried that the Telescope won’t even see Polaris or anything else for that matter. Then it was time to finish for day, I had left it water tight, whilst I decided and designed how I want my roof to open. This Shed Gallery is a selection of photos, showing installed Sheds and Log Cabins manufactured and installed by Titan Garden Buildings. They have been designing, crafting and installing garden buildings, sheds, studios, garages and workshops since 1991. Made to order to your specification our high-quality workshops and sheds are made to last and guaranteed to be fit for purpose. Not only will a garden studio or office provide somewhere quiet and comfortable to enable increased productivity and creativity, but it will also enhance your home by providing outside luxury. The robust sectional timber stables can be of a bespoke design and are built to last with many high-quality design features. With a solid reputation for designing, crafting and installing high-quality products, together with efficiency and exceptional customer service we guarantee you won't be disappointed. Many different sizes are on offer and this one offers a compact width with a slightly larger depth. A single door is supplied as standard and this can be moved to the opposite gable as the one shown on the picture. This won’t be expensive to change and we do recommend buying a fibreglass felt which won’t deteriorate over time. It is designed with security and longevity in mind and this particular size is large enough to accommodate most people’s storage needs.
We love that no costs have been cut on the interior, unlike a lot of other sheds at the same price level. This isn’t found on many other sheds and the Shiplap tongue and groove cladding ensures the building has a very strong, wind and rain proof design. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean you get away from the annual treatments, but it does mean you can delay initial treatment up to 6 weeks after installation. No windows mean thieves cannot see what you are storing and a key operated lock makes it very difficult for them to break into the shed. We’re pleased to see that the interior matches the quality of the exterior and we also love the small high quality details that have gone into the design.
However, you do need to apply annual treatments and we would advise changing the roofing felt that is supplied with the shed for a better quality covering. All instructions are provided, though some customers have reported they aren’t very helpful.
We then re-inforced the underside of the shed base with extra wood battens which I purchases separately.
Anyway next came sliding the roof on and then we put the felt on the roof, but perhaps next time I may put the felt on the roof before we put it on. Although there are still lots of jobs to do, including fixing the corner external vertical battens, putting in the windows, filling any holes, putting on the electric, touching up any bits I missed with the stain, and also get the shed lined and getting plywood put up, it’s not over yet!

It is incredibly secure and provides a safe and dry place to store all kinds of tools and equipment. This tongue and groove features heavily throughout the entire construction; even the roof and floor.
Annual treatments are required after that to keep it safe from anything the weather throws at it. Whilst the shed isn’t designed as a walk-in building, if you’re shorter than 5’7”, you will be able to walk around comfortably.
A pent roof is used to allow assembly of the shed in front or to the side of other buildings. With tongue and groove clad panels, they slot together snugly, whilst leaving behind a small expansion gap in case temperature and moisture changes cause the wood to warp. These will lift the floor of the shed off the ground, helping to keep it ventilated and away from the damp. From the secure key operated lock to the 12mm thick Redwood tongue and groove Shiplap cladding; this is one of the best quality models out there.
We did this because once we had cut a hatch in the floor, the floor lost a bit of it’s strength especially when walking near the edges of the hole.
This roof style offers great protection against rainfall, whilst also acting as a space saving measure. It is superior to overlap which means this shed is going to last a lot longer and provide much better protection against the elements. A single door is provided and your two options relate to where you want this door to be placed. They are really affordable and we highly recommend you buy them if you want to further protect this high quality building from rot. Dip treated prior to delivery, the shed is already fully weather resistant, though annual treatments will be required. So if the double doors are something you are interested in, you will need to contact the manufacturer to see if this model applies for the double upgrade. Being able to customise the door is an excellent advantage and its windowless design also adds to its secure and solid construction. We advise against this as whilst it will save some time and effort, the shed is really simple to self-assemble. Strongly braced there isn’t much chance of it sagging and it is also well-secured via a built in lock. With this model however you are not given this option on the site and you will need to contact the manufacturer to see whether it is available.

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