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Find the perfect gift for any kitchen gardener--or find products to help get the best from your own small kitchen garden. Looking through the plastic mesh fencing at my garden annex, you can see bush bean and chili pepper plants scattered throughout a robust weedscape. I repaired, perhaps, three fence panels with plastic mesh, using no more than nine feet from the roll. The day after my son mowed the lawn, I discovered a hole in the plastic mesh that surrounded my garden annex. When I examined the damaged fence closely, I noticed a tuft of hair and some flattened grass.
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Squint, and you might make out the fencing that stretches along all sides of the planting bed.

This year, I used plastic mesh fencing that I bought in the garden department of a large discount store. I guessed my son had run the mower against the fence, and I covered the hole by leaning a board against the mesh.
If you want to keep critters out of your garden, don’t use plastic mesh fencing as your garden fence.
Though metal fencing (such as chicken wire) may be three times the cost of plastic mesh, you will spend more money on the plastic stuff. The manufacturer of plastic mesh fencing and the retailers who sell it as fencing should be ashamed.
Probing with a stick revealed a hole in the garden soil lined with rabbit hair and weeds; a rabbit had eaten through my fence in several places and built a little nursery in my garden annex!
When I muse about what a rabbit needs to do, I realize that it has plenty of time to sit next to a plastic mesh fence and systematically chew large holes through it. Not only do I have at least a dozen hopping around in my garden each evening, but even my chicken wire and hardware cloth fencing is inadequate to keep out the rats, mice and some of the more determined rabbits. Now that my tomatos are starting to ripen, I’ve noticed that they get eaten pretty much down to the vine before I can even pick them.
After reading your posts, I’ve realized I definitely have blight on my tomato plants and have MUCH to learn about gardening.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Some of my chicken wire fences have survived 15 years, while the plastic gave out in a matter of weeks. After reading your blog, I’m pretty sure that I’ve got a case of the rabbits as well! Every season has its own challenges, and even very experienced kitchen gardeners can feel pretty ignorant about gardening.
Good luck in any case… focusing on your successes each season makes it easy to dig in the following year, tweaking a few things that need it, and trying a few new things.
Next year, I’ll opt for the chicken wire fence and try to get some of the crop for myself!
I ran into several insect problems that were all new to me, and each one sent me scrounging for information about how to save my garden.

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