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Eastman, Gardiner & Company crew and log loader in the woods northwest of Laurel, Mississippi, in the 1890s. Gilchrist-Fordney Company was one of the “Big Four” sawmill companies that made Laurel, Mississippi, the major city in yellow pine production. Kingston Lumber Company was the predecessor of Gilchrist-Fordney Company, which took over the operation in 1906 about the time this rare photo was made.
The Tatum Lumber Company of Bonhomie, Mississippi, (near Hattiesburg) used Shay locomotives in its wood logging operations. The Heisler locomotive was one of the three major types of geared locomotives used widely in the Mississippi woods.
The Barnhart loader was a popular type and operated on rails on top of skeleton log cars, moving from car to car as the loading progressed.

Laurel sawmills had the highest daily output of any location in Mississippi during the era of the big mills. The log camp consisted of portable buildings, or shacks, which could be moved from place to place.
The Shay was the most popular of the three major types of geared locomotives used in Mississippi woods. The high firebox made the Heisler a favorite of Mississippi Delta hardwood loggers because it could wade through frequent flood waters that covered the tracks. Its features made for easy maintenance, great flexibility on rough track, and, of course, very slow speed. The Climax was the least popular of the three major types of geared locomotives used by Mississippi loggers.

Geared locomotives were slow but highly flexible on the rough track of temporary logging spurs. The Clyde skidder could gather fallen timber from as far as 1,000 feet from either side of the rail logging spur.

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