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Storage sheds are often considered a "rural" thing, the sort of item one finds in the backyards of old houses on country lanes.
Even after cleaning out unnecessary clutter and organizing what you have, do you still need more space? If a storage shed is indeed what you need, consider the various styles and find something that will complement your home. Before buying or installing a shed, check with city ordinances to see what laws govern putting a shed in your backyard.
Once you've got a space cleared for the shed, it's relatively easy to find one pre-built (or requiring only a little assembly). Built to handle your storage needs while providing the perfect get away for the young ones, the Mini Cottage is the perfect choice for any backyard. Your Better Built Mini Cottage Shed will be custom built to your specifications, allowing you to specify such things as overall building size, door and window sizes and locations, and shingle colors that blend with existing structures.
Be sure to check out our other storage buildings including the Cottage Shed with a 'salt box" style roof, and the Playhouse which features a similar layout on a slightly smaller scale. Order your Mini Cottage or any Better Built storage shed at the Flying Moose Antique Mall in Wichita, KS. The Livestock Shed offers shelter for horses as well as a convenient tack and storage room all under one roof.
Features include a heavy steel gate, interior saddle racks, and a feed window between the stall and tack room. The Twin Stall Livestock Shed includes all the same features of the single stall, and provides a second livestock stall with a centrally located tack room in between the stalls.
As with all Better Built Buildings, the exterior is virtually maintenance free, saving you time and money.
Your Better Built building can be customized, allowing you to specify such things as door and window sizes and locations, shingle colors that blend with existing structures, or a metal roof option. Order your livetstock shed or any Better Built portable storage building at the Flying Moose Antique Mall in Wichita, KS. In addition to it's cute styling, it also offers a place for the kids to enjoy endless hours of fun and imaginative playtime.

The building is also functional with a full size door on the rear, providing easy access for convenient storage.
There is also an attractive porch railing, as well as windows on both sides of the playhouse.
While the design has the younger crowd in mind, we have had many customers who like the visual appeal of the Playhouse, and have ordered the building strictly for use as a storage shed.
The Tea House provides a covered sitting area for afternoon "tea" or any occassion where protection from rain or sun is required.
The Tea House is built to compliment any of our buildings and cabins and is available in 6 sizes to best accomodate your needs. The Tea House can be configured to suit your needs with the opening on either side or end, as well as additional openings if needed.
The underside of the roof is finished with attractive T1-11 rustic siding, to avoid un-sightly sheathing and roofing nails.
Offering more covered area than round or octagon shaped "gazebos", the Tea House is an exceptional value. Order your Tea House or any Better Built storage shed at the Flying Moose Antique Mall in Wichita, KS.
A Better Built Storage Shed is perfect solution to the always present need for more space to store your belongings.
Portable sheds usually do not require a building permit, as they can be moved if necessary to another location either on the same property or to a new location if you should move or sell your home.
If you are looking for a shed or barn with a country look or primitive appearance, Better Built Portable Buildings offers 16 different styles of portable sheds all built on a "rustic" theme. In addition to conventional buildings, Better Built also offers garden sheds, cottage sheds, garages, offices, cabins, playhouses, mini cottages and tea houses that offer additional functionality.
Portable buildings and outdoor sheds are available in Wichita, KS at the Flying Moose Antique Mall. But more and more people in regular suburban neighborhoods, even modern areas with brand-new houses, are using storage sheds now.
People use them to store outdoor items such as gardening tools and sports equipment, or for general storage if they don't have an attic or basement (or if those spaces are already full).

Things like awnings, shutters and doors can be made to complement each other, making your shed like a miniature version of your home.
We do not endorse any author, website, or product mentioned in any articles not written by us.
Many options are available that allow you to customize your building to your specific liking. Similar in function to a Gazebo or Pergola, the open design allows for an unhindered view, while the included porch railing provides a secure feeling and helps parents keep an eye on toddlers. The convenience of having your own shed right in your backyard can save you a tremendous amount of time as well as money when compared to renting a public storage unit.
This also allows more flexibility in the placement of your shed since you do not need a concrete pad or foundation.
Select from pressure treated T1-11 rough textured panel siding, or an attractive, log siding option.
These buildings make great storage units while providing additional features allowing increased usability.
If your home is recently built in a more modern style, remember there are sheds made to look sleek and modern, too. You'll have even more control over it that way, making your shed a truly personal item that reflects you and your home. All articles published on this site are not meant to be used for legal, medical, or any other type of advice. The end of the cottage features a larger door for adult access making it a very versatile storage shed.
The mini-cottage now comes standard with 6' 6" walls in place of the previous 5' 3" walls, making it even more functional and providing additional storage room. Using the same 29 guage metal that we use on our metal roofs, your building can be completely enclosed with metal, offering you the ultimate in long lasting protection!

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