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This Portable Storage Closet is perfect for living areas with limited built in storage like apartments or dorm rooms.
Made from fine weave mesh fabric to keep clothing dust free while allowing the cover to breath. Portable storage solutions abound today but we have to admit that few have actually taken the on-the-go photographer into consideration…until now. Argraph’s MemoryKick Si was clearly designed with imaging in mind as the devices’ primary function is to clear your media card while you’re out shooting and your computer is at home…where it belongs.
While you’re not calling anyone from this thing to tell them about the great shot you just captured or uploading same to the Web, for under $200, the MemoryKick Si is a nifty little external drive with functions aimed at those of us too busy taking great pictures to be on the phone or surfing the Web. In addition, with HD video now all the rage in the DSLR market, extra memory needn’t be a concern. To receive a free quote on portable storage containers for your business, home or organization, please provide some basic information regarding your storage needs so that we can prepare a customized quote.  Once your order has been confirmed, we can arrange delivery for exactly when you need it, making the process easy and fast for busy individuals. We provide customized storage containers for portable containers and mobile site offices for sale or rent.
High security lock boxes are installed on all portable offices for the very best in security.

Mobile offices, ideal for construction sites, sit flat on the ground for safe and convenient access. Our ground level office containers offer the quickest and easiest alternative to save you time, effort and money. From our open bay office to our combo units comprised of part storage, part office, SMS has a rental choice to meet your diverse needs. If you decide not to have Gorilla Movers move you, this is another option for you where the company will bring a portable storage container to your home where you can have your items stored if your new home wona€™t be ready, you dona€™t have a new place to live, or traveling across country, etc, and the company will take away and store the container at one of their centers until you are ready to have your items back at your new location. The San Diego Chamber of Commerce named Gorilla Movers as a 2010 finalist for "Excellence in Customer Service.a€?We cater to our customersa€™ needs and their belongings. The wardrobe also works great as extra closet space for out of season clothing in the attic or basement. Just connect the device to your DSLR and you’ve got a nice “kick” of extra space for those memory-hungry HD videos. You can get fast performance or high capacity at a halfway affordable price, but rarely both. We have a variety of rental and purchase options to fit your needs with no hidden fees and a flexible delivery schedule.

This clothes storage closet features double doors and two drawers providing maximum storage capacity. An upgraded version now also doubles as a card reader and MP3 player and it’s compatible with all the most popular memory cards on the market today (CF, SD, xD, MS – 8 in all) and features a bright, crisp 3.5-inch color LCD display. Samsung thinks it can strike that tricky balance with its first-ever external option, the Portable SSD T1. To ensure this happens consistently, all Gorilla Movers must pass a strict training course. The lightweight fabric keeps clothes dust free and covers an easily constructed durable steel frame.
We provide an enjoyable workplace that emphasizes teamwork, which is evident on moving day. That's still expensive compared to spinning hard disks, but it's a relative steal for the performance.

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