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If you are from the San Diego area, you might think that PODS San Diego is the best company you could choose.
Comparison chart between PODS and Portable Storage San Diego Cool Box: With portable storage San Diego Cool Box units you will get much better value for your money than you would with PODS, Cool Box offers you delivery within 24 hours, while PODS does not.
If you place your order before 10:00am, Cool Box will make sure your belongings are transported to the destination safely by the afternoon! Pack your items in the morning, and unpack them safely in the afternoon at the destination.

PODS is only a hyper marketed company which does not even offer good prices to their clients, and their services are not such high quality as they advertise. On the other hand, if you choose Cool Box San Diego storage units, you will enjoy low prices, perfect customer service and the highest quality services for your moving and storage needs! If you can make proof of another company in the area charging lower, you’ll get instantly 10% discount- and this is a promise! Guaranteed satisfaction and top customer services is offered only through the best storage company San Diego, and not through PODS!

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