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Please take a look through our website, which includes wood refinishes, before and after pictures, pricing, contact information and directions. American Basswood is a deciduous tree that grows throughout the Northeastern half of North America.
This hardwood is highly resistant to warping and has good gluing capabilities, making it a popular choice for furniture.
Solid basswood is a favorite among whittlers; it is very easy to work, making it a great choice for creating appliques, moldings, or turned pieces for furniture. Basswood is very light, ranging from white to pale tan in color and has an even, tight, and almost imperceptible grain pattern.
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Sometimes called “white walnut” or “oil nut”, butternut wood is both easily worked and attractive. Because the tree never grows in stands but instead favors areas with sparse vegetation and rarely reaches a diameter of more than two feet, butternut wood is relatively rare. The sapwood is a creamy, almost white color, while the tan heartwood boasts unusual variegated patterns of pinkish brown.
Today, and handful of artisans still create furniture from butternut wood; rustic and Amish-style offerings are the most common styles available.

Like ash, basswood is odor and taste-free; it is often used to create baskets, bowls, and other food-storage receptacles. The wood is softer and more porous than most hardwoods, so it tends to absorb stain unevenly, creating unattractive splotches.
If you prefer exciting colored pieces instead of ho-hum wood tones, basswood is a good substrate.
This is the perfect opportunity to try a decorative faux finish or play with striping, tole painting, or even gilding.
It is susceptible to denting and is best used as an accent, rather than the primary wood on an often-used piece of furniture.
Freshly cut wood often shows streaks of green, gray, and pink; these fade and eventually disappear as the wood ages.
The solvents used in this process are evironmentally friendly, and the whole process is done by hand. If you’re refinishing an old piece that needs some smoothing, try applying sanding sealer after stripping. Make sure you use a high quality primer on the piece before painting; the same porosity that makes staining linden a pain will also cause it to absorb any paint you apply.
Power tools, on the other hand, have an unfortunate tendency to damage butternut wood because the soft, stringy fibers tend to tear away when routed.

It absorbs stain well, and no special precautions are required to prevent streaking or splotching. A good stripping job can transform a yard-sale bargain or restore an antique to its original glory. You may also want to consider using a gel-based stain; these viscous products make applying a smooth, even coat much easier. One way to combat this is to route the ends first; any tearing along the edges will be removed when you route the sides.
Today, some artisans still create furniture from butternut wood; rustic and Amish-style offerings are the most common styles available. When stained brown, butternut is indistinguishable from black walnut because the grain patterns and pore structure are nearly identical.
Basswood veneer is often used as the top layer of plywood; it’s important to leave it thick enough that the under layers won’t show through. Always finish-sand with the grain; butternut often exhibits cross-grain scratches when sanded improperly.

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