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In this four part series, we will learn how retailers can link the schedule to demand (customer traffic). The Marginal Value of a Sales Associate answers what is the value of adding, or taking off, a single salesperson. In building the added value of a sales person, we look at the Sales per Hour as a productivity metric, while keeping all variables—traffic levels, period of time, matching locations—the same, and only changing how many associates are scheduled. Adding one salesperson increases revenue, but each revenue segment is less than the previous revenue slice. For a profit-neutral retailer, the objective is to reach a point where the operating margin is zero. If the store scheduled 4 people between 11am and noon, what would be the impact on revenue if we would have scheduled 5 associates? These conceptual tests should be done not only during high traffic hours, but also before there is an expected increase in traffic, in order to see when it is best to start preparing for peak demand. Schedule to Demand optimizes the schedule based on the behaviors both the store and the employees. In summary, Service Intensity is a holistic ratio of customers to staff, per period of time.
Before starting on your layout, we will provide initial consultation for your equipment needs and conduct programming study for the best design solutions to fulfill your requirements.
We recognize the significance of ensuring your layout is code complaint, plan check friendly, efficient and operable to support the business. Having a good layout will help you get through the permit processing stage faster and smoother.
A professionally drafted layout will help you obtain a more accurate construction estimate.
We understand the importance of maximizing the dining room square footage in order to help you fit in more tables and customers. Based on existing conditions, we will design (for empty space), redesign (for existing restaurant) or re-arrange (for turn-key restaurants ) the existing floor plan to accommodate your operational needs.
Based on your menu and business concept, we will help you layout the kitchen floor plan with all required equipments to meet health department codes, and proper clearances for building and ADA codes. We can help add in special equipments per your preference and retrofit your equipment list on to the new proposed floor plan.

For franchise businesses, we will arrange or re arrange all required equipments and fit everything onto the new proposed floor plan. Based on a confirmed kitchen and counter floor plan, we will help you plan the seating arrangements, hostess stations, waiting area, and other features in the dining room to meet ADA codes. Based on programming studies, we will designate proper locations for the restrooms that are space saving and are easily accessible. We will provide an equipment schedule with manufacturer name and model number for each piece of equipment.
Since we don’t sell equipments, we will provide our honest opinion and advise on what equipment fits your need the most, and not specify base on in stock availabilities. It would be much more difficult to revise the permit drawings if all are based on a layout that is not code compliant.
A problematic layout will lead to changing plumbing, electrical and mechanical plans during the permit stage, which will cause unpleasant delays down the road. A professionally designed layout will help you assess the space to see whether it’s worth your investments. A professionally designed layout will help you communicate with your landlord to see whether he can help upgrade his shell to better support your operations. A professionally designed layout will help provide solid logistics to complete a business plan whether it’s based on a virtual space or a real space. With a detailed equipment plan and equipment schedule included in this service, you are able to submit the information to different equipment vendors for complete bids or look for individual internet pricings for the different equipments. Miller Construction started work on this latest phase of the Alexandra Park development in November 2010. The first phase of Alexandra Park houses a successful DW Sports fitness centre and retail store as well as a Carephone Warehouse, it is also home to the iconic Shard sculpture by the award winning artist Robert Erskine.
The new development is also creating 241 car parking spaces, as well as landscaped grounds and a courtyard garden for patients and visitors with pedestrian and cycle access to the City’s Greenway Network.
When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. We introduced the Definition of Service Intensity, the Optimized Service Intensity, the Service Level Measurement, and in this post we will cover the Marginal Value of a Sales Associate. While this is a fictional sample, the positive correlation between sales and number of employees mirrors actual projects.

In other words, when a retailer is comfortable with a level of profit, we add employees, in turn generate revenue, until the trade-off between increased cost and increased revenue is zero. With 4 associates, the store sold $1,083 during the hour (Abby $248+ Bob $223+ Jane $321+ Rachel $291= $1,083), and achieved a conversion rate of 25%. Using the Service Productivity metric, we know that Mike’s baseline is $198 sales per hour. In other words, the performance of a sales associate depends on the store’s environment and the individual ability. In building a baseline for the Optimized Service Intensity, we identify the correlation between Service Intensity (store schedule) and Sales Conversion (store performance), over a long period of time.Service Level Measurement is a percentage of how often the local store performed according to the corporate service model. You will be able to control your own budget and work with your own contractor to bring the design into fruition.
We will help you design restrooms that are fully compliant to help avoid lawsuits and ensure a problem free plan check. It is important to start the project off with a properly designed layout and not to submit plans to the city based on a problematic floor plan. As well as a brand new Primary Care Centre covering 22,174 sq ft over two floors it will also deliver a new 5,000 sq ft Boots pharmacy. If demand stays at the same level, there is still a natural buying behavior for that particular retailer, limiting how much the associate can do to influence the sale. Therefore, we can add Mike’s estimated performance and build a forecast of income and cost based on 5 associates.
Together, the Service Intensity and Service Productivity allow us to develop a model where we can identify the Marginal Value of a Sales Associate. In our example, adding Mike will increase the store’s sales per hour to $ 1,281 ($1,083+ $198 = $1,281).

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