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Big max rubbermaid shed accessories - Rubbermaid's big max shed is great for storing riding mowers and other lawn and garden equipment. I picked up this shed cheap from a neighbor and I'm trying to decide how to make the base for this shed. I put mine on a wood foundation made of treated 2x6s with plywood on top and then leveled that to the ground using deck post blocks with gravel under them.
Anyway, go buy a few of those concrete foundation blocks with the grooves in the top for 2x4 framing. 2x4s are probably fine, space them on 12" centers if you are really concerned with weight bearing ability.
I have one of these sheds - Great shed, but a level and solid base is very important - The walls will bow out and the doors won't shut properly if the base is skewed. I put mine on treated plywood base that is screwed to a framework of 4x4 posts laid on their sides, spanned across 3 posts acting as skids.

I'm wanting to dig down an inch or so, throw down some rock, pack it, and put pavers over that.
Remember on PT wood, you must use hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel nail and screws.
I didn't build it onsite because it was raining outside and I could build it in my garage on level concrete and then carry it out there once I had the concrete blocks leveled out. Rubbermaid Big Max shed is great for storing riding mowers and other lawn and garden equipment.
I did, but be sure to brace when you screw in the top triangles and the bars that connected them.
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My husband and I did it but I know the roof would have been impossible without a second person - even a 3rd would have been helpful for that one part. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.

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