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Are you keen to get started on organizing your garage having read our other articles about the Rubbermaid FastTrack series?
If so here is a bit more information on Rubbermaid FastTrack shelves and other popular accessories. To fix these larger shelves to the rail, you will also need three upright tracks with grippers and brackets (sold separately). The shelves are 16″ deep, so ideal for storing large boxes and they have a lip at the back to stop items from hitting the wall.
Add a few tiers of this sleek looking shelving to store a variety of items, such as gardening tools, hats, boots etc.
How you position them is completely customizable and being lightweight, they are easy to rearrange.
To offset the cost you have to remember that these shelves are not permanently drilled into your garage wall. As with all FastTrack accessories, mounting this hook onto the Rubbermaid storage rail is as easy as snapping it into place.
As with the multi-purpose hook it is easily snapped onto the FastTrack rail, can hold up to 50 lbs in weight and is rust, chip and maintenance free.
Basketballs, soccer balls, Nerf balls and all the other types of ball are hard to keep track of in a garage with their ability to roll all over the place. The bungee cords hold balls of any size tight but allow easy access to them without the need for removing the top ones to get to those lower down. Snapping onto the Rubbermaid FastTrack rail in seconds, your ball storage worries could be over very soon. Sign up and you'll be the first to know of any Special Offers I am running as well as any FREE stuff that I'm giving away. Learn how to get the organizing habit and spend just 15 minutes per day staying on top of your clutter. My aim for this website is to bring you "simple steps that work" to help with all your organizing needs. Rubbermaid Closet SystemsEverything you need to knowGet the answers to every question you have about Rubbermaid closet organizers.
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Rubbermaid Shelves8 ways wire shelving can helpGet the complete story on Rubbermaid wire shelving with our 4 part series. Rubbermaid Closet ShelvingA complete reviewGet the complete story on Rubbermaid wire shelving with our 4 part series. Rubbermaid Storage ShelvesStand along shelving kitsGet the complete story on Rubbermaid wire shelving with our 4 part series.
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Rubbermaid Large Vertical Storage ShedA complete reviewThis vertical shed can make your life easier in 5 different ways. Most upholstery leather is finished leather, which means it's been given a protective coating. Even with thorough housekeeping, it seems that some homes accumulate dust faster than others. Summer is here, and that means windows and doors will be open wide -- and dust will be making its way inside.
Even the tidiest homes accumulate dust, which is a collection of tiny but solid particles from the surrounding environment -- hair, dirt, dead skin, decomposing insect carcasses, and other nasties. Synthetic feather dusters just disturb the dust, making the surface appear clean, but it quickly settles again as if you'd never dusted. This is an obvious one -- and it's hard to avoid in the summer, especially if you're averse to air conditioning -- but If you leave your home open, it is more likely to collect dust. OLD FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY AND HEAVY CURTAINSBroken down fabric fibers and dust mites feeding on organic debris in couches and chairs cause these old furnishings to attract dust. Tip #1: Upgrade the Sealing Around Your WindowsWith new windows, there's often a gap between the jamb and framing where air sneaks in. Tip #2: Check That Your Windows Are Low-EThinking about window film as a way to buff up your windows' efficiency? Tip #4: Invest in a Black-Out ShadeWhile window films can fall short, the best external energy saver for your windows is a simple blackout roller shade.
Veneer is a thin layer of wood, usually less than 3 mm thick, that is glued to a piece of solid wood, medium-density fiberboard or particle board.
Photos, cards, memos, party invites -- it's good to have place to stash these odds and ends in plain sight.
It was while I was producing a story about dorm-room decorating that I came up with the idea for a fun and guy-approved memo board -- one made with bungee cords instead of ribbon! TV wires, cable wires, USB cords -- these days we've got more electronics than we know what to do with. An entire business has been built on creating gadgets and contraptions to tame your unruly cables.
My least favorite part about unpacking a new gadget is taking the protective plastic sleeve or twist tie off of the beautifully organized cable, unleashing its true, unruly nature. Another great solution is this water hose-inspired Wall Cleat by designer Karl Zahn, which doesn't appear to be in production yet.
Resembling an oversized yo-yo, the Cable Turtle organizer keeps wires under wraps with its circular design.
First, user gkrieshok uses binder clips with the addition of magnets to keep his cables affixed to his desk rather than curled all over the floor.

Even easier is this hack by David Rudolf Bakker, in which he affixed the binder clips to the side of his desk and placed his component wires into the curvy niche of the clip handles.
I discovered a natural way to brighten carpet fibers, so I tested this method on a small area rug that was lacking in luster. I was thrilled to find out that the process not only brightened my carpets and will guard against further fading but it also took care of some minor stains.
Largest selection of commercial refrigerators, freezers, reach-ins, merchandisers, blast chillers and walk-in coolers at Restaurant Equipment World.
Set a Reminder and we'll send you an email when it's time to stock up on items you buy regularly or seasonally, like air filters, fertilizer or mulch.
The grippers snap onto the rail and the brackets (once locked onto the uprights) support the shelves. Like all FastTrack accessories, they are maintenance free and sturdy, holding items weighing up to 350 lbs. By the time you’ve bought the shelf, 3 uprights and 3 brackets, the price is quite high. Think of all your long handle tools, sports equipment and scooters that you can keep off the garage floor but easily to hand. As well as hanging general items such as shovels and tools, it is great for storing extension cords and other wrapping items thanks to its tall lip. It is a great space saver and will really get you hooked on Rubbermaid’s FastTrack system. This vertical rack makes the most of your vertical wall space by stacking all your balls in an easy to access rack. It could also be used without the rail – just stand it in the corner of your garage or hang on a utility hook.
Many of the ingredients found in commercial leather cleaners are common items you may have lying around the house, so it's really not necessary to buy store-bought cleaners. Also, keep it at least two feet away from any heat and air conditioning sources, as fluctuations in temperature cause the same problems. Just when you think your house is clean, a beam of sunlight comes across the living room, highlighting all those dust particles dancing in the air, just waiting to settle on every available surface.
One of the big contributors to household dust is the dust mite, which feeds on organic debris such as dead skin cells and decomposing insects. If you love traditional dusters, get a good quality ostrich feather duster and maintain it properly so it stays in top shape. Some builders have the ducts cleaned before the home is sold, but others don't, meaning that drywall dust, fiberglass and other construction debris might be trapped in the air ducts. Pets are also more likely to track in dirt and pollen, contributing further to the dust accumulation.
Last week we kicked off our Energy Savings series by showing you how to conserve power while using kitchen appliances. A blower door (a powerful type of fan) and infared camera can help identify exactly where the leak is and you can then caulk the area near the casing, stool and apron. If your windows are already Low emissivity (low-e), then don't waste your time, window film won't make much of a difference.
It is used primarily on furniture, but can also be used to cover kitchen cabinets, countertops, floors, and even home decor. Place a sheet of wax paper and smooth cardboard atop the blistered surface, then lay a clean cloth over the cardboard. Using an iron on medium heat, iron the surface firmly -- but be careful not to iron the veneer directly or it could burn.
After a few minutes, check the veneer and if the blisters are no longer visible, place a heavy item on the surface, such as a book and leave it on for 24 hours. Left the veneer up gently with a knife and using a toothpick, apply a small amount carpenter's glue into the blister.
Dive in to unconventional organization with a wall-mounted memo board made from bungee cords!
From chargers to laptops to printers to DVD players, you can't seem to escape being wrapped up in wires.
Let's take a look at five really great ideas -- most you can buy ready-made, and one you can McGyver using something you probably already have around the house. Bluelounge has developed a CableClip designed to hold your cables in a perfectly-wrapped, contained state.
Now that I know how well it works, I plan to make my way through the rest of the house, bringing life to our tired and faded area rugs and carpets.
Make sure you get at least 2 shelves and mount both on the 3 uprights you are buying to make the most of the cost.
Why not get two and use them to hold a canopy or hammock horizontally folded up in their bag. Tools can be stored right side up or upside down, whichever is more appropriate to their shape. Simple care and maintenance tasks will help protect your investment -- and keep it looking its best for decades. Even older homes that are surrounded by new construction are likely to experience this to some degree as debris makes its way inside the house. Heavy curtains attract and trap dust; replacing them with lighter, airier ones will significantly reduce dust buildup.
Make sure they're properly installed (shoddy work can be a major source of energy loss) and double-glazed. Over time, especially with older furniture, the glue can no longer hold the veneer, This resulting in blistering or bubbling of the surface.

You may be able to flatten a small blister by applying some heat, which can reactivate the glue. But what if you want to add a little flair to your wall without being frilly, ribbon-y, or just plain boring?
Paired with a few curtain clips (okay, not so masculine) the result is a organizational tool with a ton of personality. The simple, clever box holds your entire power strip (even a double one!) and its unsightly messy cables. You place the wires inside the snake-like casing and -- using the patented zip clip -- you essentially zip it closed like a real zipper. It really is just meant to be a damp wash, any more and you'll be struggling to get salt deposits off the carpet. I believe it's made by Rubbermaid, very sturdy, with shelves that measure 36" wide by 24" deep so LOTS of space store things. Small balls like tennis balls could be accommodated in a small basket hung underneath or even kept in a bag within the main rack.
Duct cleaning is arguably unnecessary unless the home has recently been under construction, because the actual ducts should be a dust-free environment.
Yes, they're affordable, and they'll end up saving you money on cooling and heating by helping to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Bungee cords are easy to come by -- they're available online or at home centers, hardware stores and sporting goods stores.
If the paper does not cover the board fully, cut a piece an additional sheet of paper to cover the exposed area.
This is a great product for smaller wire messes as it comes in three sizes, the largest of which can hold about three large cables. The clever hackers over on Lifehacker have come up with a few ways that you can use the small black fasteners to help organize more than just your papers. A ballpoint-pen mark is much easier to eradicate than a huge saturated blob (which may never come out). Still, many believe that regularly cleaning them will improve air quality as dust particles may have become trapped inside. Check out these clever tips on how to save a bundle and keep your home more energy-friendly.
You should take measurements beforehand, so you can position the paper's seams in way that looks intentional.
For superficial scribbles, try one of two home remedies: Either dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub until the marks disappear (this may take several tries), and then dry with a hair dryer on its lowest setting. Change or clean furnace and air conditioner filters regularly because if they are dirty, they will blow dust into the home. It's possible that that would yield an even more impressive result, but this solution worked well too, and without being harmful to pets and children (and to all of us really!). Many people opt for hypoallergenic air filters to further maintain the air quality in their homes. If you're thinking of remodeling, consider replacing carpeting with tile, wood or laminate flooring, and use an area rug instead.
And remember this: films are hard to remove, and because they can heat up the glass they may damage your dual-pane windows. The shelves are easily removable so you can use it in a tighter space without the top shelf and supports. Make a paste of one part lemon juice and one part cream of tartar; apply and let sit for about 10 minutes. As you can see in the photo above, the bungee cords should be installed horizontally and vertically to keep your memos secure. Then, put another layer of paste on top, and remove it with a wet, wrung-out rag dampened with Castile soap. Install the screws for the horizontally placed bungee cords before moving on to the vertical ones. Let sit for a few hours, and then wipe it off with a dry rag.Removing Stains from SuedeSuede should treated differently than typical leather, as it can ruined much more easily.
Measure and mark a spot horizontally across the frame (point B), making certain it is parallel to the first marking.
Remove dried-on stains with a clean pencil eraser; rub it over the spot until the offending substance is gone. Continue measuring and marking for the horizontal bungee cord placement randomly over the board. Bronner's liquid castile soap can effectively clean and condition leather upholstery in one shot. Prevention is key: protect suede from stains and water damage by applying upholstery protector every six months or so.
Remember, the actual placement of the cords is up to you, but the photo above should provide inspiration.
Measure and mark for the vertical bungee cord placement using the existing horizontal cords as your guide.

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