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Increase effi ciency and reduce time consuming errors caused by manual data entry from multiple teams. Sauder chose ENOVIA SmarTeam on the Windows® platform to create a central source of up-to-date data that integrates with the company’s ERP and MRP systems.
Design cycles have been cut 33 percent and the number of SKUs (customer-specific product versions) managed has increased 50 percent, improving Sauder’s potential for market growth. Later this year, the company will unveil a mobile-optimized Web site, allowing customers to research products from home or on the go. Sauder expanded its diverse product lineup in the spring with the Soft Modern collection, which is available for purchase at High Point Market. Product Description This handsome bed features an unrivaled blend of craft and style for a piece that makes an irreplaceable addition to your home. It can make the things much more convenient and add design to the space it is positioned in. Consumers following Sauder on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube will see expanded style inspiration. The collection features 35 bedroom, occasional, dining and storage pieces and showcases a broad mix of materials and finish options.

The smooth combination of trend and utility of this bed creates the perfect area to escape to at the end of a long day. The company stayed relatively small until 1951, when Sauder developed the world’s first ready-to-assemble (RTA) table.
But as moving out of your old house to a new house, moving the furniture can be a hard task. In the new year, Sauder will encourage bloggers to try products, report on their experiences and offer insights into how to achieve certain style aesthetics. Many of the Soft Modern pieces also are designed to accommodate technology, including streamlined desks for laptop and tablet use. This is why many people now are going in for Ready to Assemble Sauder woodworking that is much easier to bring as well as setup. The stand-alone pieces in the collection mix with thrift shop treasures, family heirlooms and other pieces of furniture. The furniture is truly elegant, reasonably priced and is much easier to handle, but it is not functional until assembled. If you are going to move or revamp your home with new furniture then you need to consider Sauder woodworking.Sauder white library cabinetThe Ready to Assemble Sauder woodworking not just supports certain human doings like eating, reading, sleeping, to hold things at a height that is suitable for work, or to lay up objects, but it has turned into a form of attractive art.

The furniture is employed in homes all over to make a comfortable and warm feeling to the space it is sited in.
Some furniture can be a problem when you need to travel or want to decorate your home interiors. That is why it is good to go in for the Ready to Assemble Sauder woodworking and employ the services of Assembly Company who will assist you get the furniture assembled and in place.Sauder audio video storage woodworkingThe main reason that you might think about Ready to Assemble Sauder woodworking when you move often is just because of the adaptable nature of the piece.
When you modify homes often, then your furniture might not always suit to every new condition. Elevators, staircases, and tight doorways might make moving new furniture in hard or unfeasible with ordinary furniture.
With custom made Sauder woodworking you would be capable of moving your furniture in easily and quickly, no matter how tight the space.Sauder 3 drawer file cabinetAnother reason that you would go with the Ready to Assemble Sauder furniture choices is because they can be a lot more cost efficient. Even if the custom made chairs and sofas can cost more than the discounted RTA choices; they would be still a decent deal less costly than a typical showroom piece of furniture built in the standard method.

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