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A little while ago on our sister blog Money Bulldog I wrote a post about a program I’d seen on TV exploring the booming self-storage industry and how we just can’t seem to bear to get rid stuff even when we run out of room to store it at home. The producers of the television program in question interviewed a few of these business owners and asked them why they had chosen to set their business up in a self-storage unit and I found the answers really interesting and in many cases quite sensible. One of the first and most obvious benefits for business start-ups is that there is no real long term commitment and no lease to sign when setting up an office and stock area in one of these self-storage facilities.
Many of the people who were interviewed also said that the overheads of operating out of a self-storage unit were lower than they would be in a standard office space. Some of the business owners interviewed operated quite seasonal businesses or businesses where they needed to hold a lot of stock at a certain time of year but not so much at other times. Usually as businesses grow they are faced with the need to relocate to bigger premises which can often involve large costs.
All of the business owners interviewed then only seemed to have good things to say about the flexibility that came from operating their business out of a self-storage unit and I have to admit that before watching the program I really wouldn’t have thought of this as an option. Would you consider running a business from a self-storage unit or do you know somebody who does? If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have new articles sent to your reader.
I have seen some beautiful homes using storage units featured online and in magazines and they are fantastic!
I ran my business out of Starbucks for a while, then out of my garage, then out of shared office – and only last year we got our own small office space.
Your house economy set in an economic downturn or the industry is becoming greater, people happen to be always changing. Mobile Self storage- Portable self storage are fed to the customer after which picked together and come to the latest location. Mobile storage containers services may well either buy and give the bundled unit into the place about relocation, or all the storage unit are usually placed inside a secure manufacturing facility until it is just about to be used. Cost-Saving together with Green Build Methods- We can be seeing a fabulous trend inside lower-cost plus green construction relating to self storage units. Some new self storage being built are selecting recycled putting together materials, some companies can be incorporating solar panel products into the properties.
If you are looking for affordable, safe and secure, Personal, Business or Student storage in Marston Green, make Ryans Removals Self Storage in Marston Green your first choice. Here at Ryans Removals we have up to 500,000sq ft of general and bespoke storage units available for rental at very affordable prices. Ryans Removals Self Storage Marston Green offer a wide range of very secure, clean and private personal and household self storage units in a variety of sizes from 35 sq ft up to 200 sq ft.
Many businesses lack valuable office space or just simply want somewhere to keep important documents safe and secure.
Government regulations require businesses to keep records for a minimum of 6 years which means that companies often end up having far more paperwork than they have room for.
Being a student is stressful enough what with lots of course work and exams to do without then having to worry about where to store personal belongings during holiday periods or at the end of term.
Security is provided by 24-hour internal and external CCTV and alarm systems, with full-time on site management. We offer the perfect option for new start up businesses, expanding enterprises, local reps or franchisees in need of business space, but not wanting to take on the commitment of long-term leased premises. Whatever your plans, Big Box offer a wide selection of spaces from a secure locker, big enough to accomodate your course work, text books, clothes and personal possessions to a range of full height rooms if you have furniture items to store. Whatever the situation Big Box Storage Centres offer excellent value Student Storage Rent a locker from as little as ?1 per day or share with friends in a self storage room from just ?9.50 per week. Swindon Storage SpaceThis page uses frames but your browser does not support them.Swindon Storage SpaceThis page uses frames but your browser does not support them. 7 reasons why shipping containers are the SECRET to a successful self storage business plan. If you’re putting together your first self storage business plan or just want to find ways to improve your existing one, then this article is for you. Starting any new business can be risky but many self-storage site entrepreneurs are discovering that shipping containers can limit the necessary start-up expenditure, as well as adding value to their businesses.
Coming up are 7 reasons why shipping containers should be part of your self storage business plan. One thing’s for sure, people are often pleasantly surprised by the low cost to purchase shipping containers – especially newly built boxes.

Aside from the comparatively small investment needed there’s also longer term financial advantages too. Containers are made from Corten steel and designed to endure harsh conditions at sea for many years, so they’re built to last.
When you consider the long life span and potential re-sale value, versus the initial low cost of buying containers it quickly becomes clear why they’re often the preferred choice for self-storage business owners who want to optimise their budget, and profitability.
Getting the most out of your land is of course a top priority for you as a self-store business owner. Fortunately shipping containers are engineered to be stacked several units high so taking advantage of this feature allows you to get more from your storage site.
By adding stairs and walkways your customers can easily get access to their containers whilst you enjoy the extra rental income. When you start writing your self-storage business plan it can be hard to estimate the amount of customer demand.
With containers you can just add storage unit space as and when you need it, keeping your capital expenditure down.
Using shipping containers as store units mean you can easily scale the amount of storage space available, exactly when you need to. You know what you customers want when it comes to self-storage, such as adjustable shelving for example. With a shipping container you can have it modified to meet this need and many others including partition walls for smaller store units, personnel door access and lighting. One of the main priorities for any customer choosing a self-store site is likely to be security.
Containers have a reputation as being secure for storage because of their sturdy construction and lockbox feature. As well as being made from high strength corten steel our new build containers come ready fitted with a lockbox, which helps prevent anyone from tampering with the padlock. As you’ve already seen, the long life span of containers makes them very attractive to buyers especially when you consider the relatively small outlay. As well as being built from high strength corten steel containers are also coated with marine grade paint which helps fight off corrosion. Of course using containers for site storage rather than shipping means their lifespan is likely to be even longer too. If you want maximum flexibility on your land then the ease at which shipping containers can be moved is a real advantage. It might be as simple as you just wanting to move containers from one part of your site to another, but you also have the option to easily relocate the boxes off site should the need arise.
Could including shipping containers in your self-storage business plan help you be more PROFITABLE?
As the sector grows it will be more and more important for entrepreneurs working in the space to find ways of staying ahead of the competition and remain profitable. Shipping containers give you flexibility and help keep your costs down, but they also give you what your customers want in terms of secure storage. As we’ve seen, these 7 advantages of using shipping containers as store units make them ideal for any self-storage business plan. Container HireFlexible, great value short and long term container hire of all sizes including 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers. Looking for a flexible self storage company in Birmingham or Solihull to store your personal belongings or business goods then make Ryans Removals Self Storage your first choice. Here at Ryans Removals Self Storage Birmingham and Solihull we have up to 500,000sq ft of general and bespoke storage units available for rental at very affordable prices. Ryans Removals Self Storage offer a wide range of very secure, clean and private personal and household self storage units in a variety of sizes from 25 sq ft up to 200 sq ft.
If you’re running a business from home then and it is growing fast but you are not quite sure whether it is big enough yet to justify having your own office space outside of the home, setting an office up in a self-storage unit could give you a chance to test the benefits of renting a space without having to take on a minimum lease, you just need to give one month’s notice if you want to leave. According to Big Yellow all of the utilities, maintenance, security and water rates are included in the monthly rental price. Under normal circumstances this could present a dilemma for business owners, leaving some of them paying for space they don’t actually need for a large chunk of the year.
Again the ability to easily increase the amount of space you have at your disposal as your business grows can be very advantageous and remove some of the challenges to business growth. While loved ones are transferring towards a larger breathing space, retirees happen to be downsizing towards a smaller place.

In add-on to family members and persons moving plus needing space or room to stow their important things, larger agencies also take advantage of these services for an ongoing schedule.
The customer does not need to work with a relocating company in addition to pay competent movers, nor do gardening own any truck in addition to deliver weight themselves. Not simply is that moving service a resolution for the standard customers, it is good for short-term storage containers. More storage containers facilities think you are constructed by pre-existing structures instead of contractors erecting solely new constructions.
From the moment you contact us, our aim is to ensure that your experience with us is as easy and as pleasant as possible. Ryans are able to offer affordable archive and document storage facilities in Marston Green which are secure, confidential and have no access charges.
With over 30 different room sizes, you'll only ever pay for the amount of space you need and can increase or decrease the room size at any time.
If you are a larger established businesses with a seasonal requirement for extra space, you will equally enjoy the simplicity of a low-cost Self Storage Room rental with Big Box. With many different room sizes, you'll only ever pay for the amount of space you need and can increase or decrease the room size at any time. Access your goods 7 days a week, we'll even help you arrange cheap transport to the centre!
This means that if and when you want to sell any of your containers you’re likely to get a fair price. Our nationwide depots mean  fast delivery wherever you're located.Specialist ContainersNeed a non standard shipping container? All units are accessible during our opening times 6 days a week and with no access charges. Ryans are able to offer affordable archive and document storage facilities which are secure, confidential and have no access charges.
Many people are using self-storage units for a variety of other reasons including to operate a business and not just a makeshift business, a full scale business in fact.
In a self-storage unit you don’t really have this problem as you can increase or decrease the amount of space you rent quickly and easily. People may very well be buying catastrophe home or maybe losing its investment and returning to condominium. With together businesses as well as individuals, what countless customers prefer is a great deal more convenience and reducing spending.
They take their moment packing and do not need to drive, which takes tips stress due to moving.
Home suppliers who will need to de-clutter and even stage a home for good discounts or who re-locate of a house before picking up a new home are applying this service to produce their tries easier. Because the conversion system is growing, storage warehouses are not anymore found mainly in distant areas. Our fully trained staff will assist you with all of your requirements from selecting the rightA sized storage unit for your needs right the way through to helping you select the right packaging materials to protect your belongings. Unsure what size unit you require then simply give us a call and one of our friendly staff will make sure that you only book and pay for the space that you need. Our document retrieval system means that orders placed before 3pm are guaranteed next day delivery and in an emergency when fast access to your files is required, we will endeavour to get them to you within two hours. We'd like to help you turn those ideas into reality and are happy to share our wealth of conversion experience with you. All types of specialist containers for sale including palletwides, flatracks, tunnel units, reefers, open top, full side access boxes and chemical storage units. They may need to relocate as a consequence of job or maybe family cases, and Individuals continuously need extra hard drive space usage.
So, now is the time that our company is seeing any upward craze in cell phone or handheld storage as well as cost-effective work methods. Just a week minimum rental term, the option to change to a smaller or larger unit at any time (subject to availability) and the choice to end your rental at any time without notice are just three of the reasons that Ryans Self Storage are one of the best around.

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