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The resurgence of fly-away truck wheels on Ontario’s 400-series highways has its transportation minister suggesting the trucking industry needs to do a better job policing safety. An Oxford County woman was killed by a fly-away truck wheel two weeks ago east of London, and a group of Boy Scouts from Michigan narrowly avoided disaster six days later on the same stretch of road when a truck wheel careened into their van. Fly-away wheels were a menace two decades ago until the government responded to a rash of deaths, including four in 1995 and ’96, with tougher laws and jacked-up fines in 1997. The law was also changed to make flying vehicle parts an absolute liability — no defence can be offered. At the busy Flying J truck stop in London, Stan Opolski was walking around his truck Wednesday, checking the tires in the daily inspection ritual all drivers are supposed to do.
Sandy Baigent, safety manager at Coleman Trucking in London, said some firms cut costs to be more competitive and safety may suffer. At inspection stations, some trucks are waived through or given little scrutiny if they have a valid ministry inspection sticker, Baignet said.
It’s also easy for drivers to avoid inspections by not taking major highways, she added. Truck traffic on Ontario roads has ballooned in the last 20 years, with more than 291,000 registered vehicles last year compared to 166,045 in 1995, ministry figures show.
Six days later, the van carrying the Boy Scouts was destroyed after a wheel bounced over the median and struck the vehicle on the same stretch of the 401. Trucker Antonio Mathews, stopped in London at the Flying J truck stop, while hauling auto parts out of Detroit, said he believes safety responsibility ultimately rests with truckers. If a business has several violations, from speeding to safety concerns, the ministry can order an audit of its business. Choose among a variety of subscription packages and stay up to date with convenient home delivery and our on the go digital e-edition. With their crop-seed hats and fuzzy-faced livestock, the farmers' self-shot pictures are often a generation removed from the teens whose cellphone photos on Twitter and Instagram made #selfie Oxford Dictionary's word of 2013. Take lifelong farmer Les Nichols, for example: His felfie -- the word is a portmanteau of the words 'farmer' and 'selfie' -- shows him wearing a green toque with a herd of his beef cattle in the background.
For Nichols, as for hundreds of others of farm tweeters, it's a statement of pride in their livestock and livelihood. The nascent felfie movement started just a couple of weeks ago as the Irish Farmers Journal launched a competition for the best farm self-portrait, with their farm critters as supporting cast.
Canadian farmers quickly picked up the idea, and various advocacy groups urged members to post their own felfies.
Now there's a cornucopia of Tweet pics of women and men fronting red-combed chickens, fuzzy lambs, wet-nosed calves and assorted donkeys, ponies and porkers.
And, like most social media conventions, there's more than one use of the word: a Twitter search of #felfie also turns up numerous photos of shoes, socks and toes -- feet-selfies. Take lifelong farmer Les Nichols, for example: His felfie -- the word is a contraction of the words 'farmer' and 'selfie' -- shows him wearing a green toque with a herd of his beef cattle in the background.

Muhab Sultan (left) is wanted for second-degree murder in the killing of Jeremy Cook in London, Ont. Authorities were searching the Rideau River in Ottawa on Thursday for any trace of a man officers saw disappear below the surface Wednesday night. Sultan Sultan, the 23-year-old's father, told Postmedia Network he is just praying his son is alive.
Police say a man tried to run over two officers on bicycle in downtown Ottawa around 4 p.m.
They say they gave chase in a squad car and ended up near the Rideau River, where they say two suspects jumped out and officers arrested one, but lost the other. Several hours later police say they were called to the river's edge, where the same man was trying to swim across and police entered the water. Sultan said he hadn't learned anything from Ottawa police beyond what was being reported in the news. His son might never turn himself in to police on his own, because he spent more than a year in jail in London on charges of weapons and trafficking offences, as well as for sexual assault, that were later dropped, Sultan said in a series of short phone interviews from Calgary. Sultan said he's worried his son won't tell the truth because he doesn't want to be considered a rat. He also acknowledged the pain of the Cook family in Brampton, Ont., where Jeremy is from -- the teen moved to London to go to school.
Sultan Sultan emigrated to Canada from Sudan in 1991 and with his wife raised two sons and a daughter in London, Ont.
His son Muhab moved west as well, and had been doing well in Calgary building a business as a mover when he decided to return to London to start another company fixing vehicle windshields, Sultan said.
Sultan appealed as well to the other men wanted by police in the Jeremy Cook shooting to come forward. Officers arrested three men in a cab soon after the deadly shooting of Jeremy Cook, 18, but they were released after it was determined they weren’t involved. So far the investigation shows Cook accidentally left his cellphone in a taxi earlier that morning or the previous night. During the confrontation over the phone, one man jumped out of the car and walked away and the driver stepped on the gas. Cook grabbed the driver's door and held onto the car as it peeled away out of the parking lot. Last summer, Cook and his business -- Cottage Chairs -- were featured in a publication by the Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre. He had just graduated from the city's Notre Dame Catholic secondary school, and was heading to Fanshawe College in London for carpentry, said a spokesman for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic school board. Chief John Pare called the shooting death tragic, noting many people have safely tracked lost or misplaced cellphones. When area residents learned Monday the shooting involved a dispute over a phone, they were shocked.

TOKYO - Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday it will build new factories in Mexico and China, ending a self-imposed expansion freeze and putting more pressure on its global rivals.
The world's largest automaker by sales volume said it would build a $1 billion plant with an annual production capacity of 200,000 cars in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, increasing its overall North American production capacity by about the same number of vehicles. It also will be the first built from the ground up under the Toyota New Global Architecture strategy, the automaker's new approach to engineering and building vehicles, Jim Lentz, head of Toyota's North American operations, said in an interview on Wednesday. Toyota said investment for the Guanajuato plant would likely be about 40% less than comparable investments in 2008. Toyota plans to move production of its Corolla compact car to the new Mexican plant in 2019 from a factory in Cambridge, Ontario. That Canadian plant will get a new product, Lentz said, as part of a realignment of Toyota's North American manufacturing that will concentrate production of low-margin, small cars in Mexico and at a Mississippi factory currently building the Corolla. Toyota plants in Canada and the central United States will focus on larger, expensive cars and sport utilities. In China, Toyota said it would spend about 52.5 billion yen ($440 million) to add a new facility and a third line at its factory in Guangzhou, owned jointly with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd. Wednesday's moves officially end Toyota President Akio Toyoda's three-year moratorium on capacity expansion, and increase pressure on the Japanese automaker's rivals, including Volkswagen AG and Detroit automakers General Motors Co and Ford Motor Co. If you already have an account on this newspaper, you can login to the newspaper to add your comments.
If an axle or a bearing is bad, we cannot see it,” said the 20-year driver from Bowmanville, who works for Macton Express. 6, Kimberly Coordes, 50, of South-West Oxford, was killed when a truck wheel bounced over the median and smashed through her windshield as she drove toward London.
Sultan is wanted for second-degree murder in the slaying of Jeremy Cook, 18, who was shot to death on June 14 after using an app to track down his lost cellphone in London, Ont. He had never been in trouble with the law in London and didn’t know his killers, police said.
Toyota says it is now using about 90% of its total manufacturing capacity, versus about 70% in 2009. A Quebec man was charged with operating an unsafe vehicle and failing to surrender proof of insurance. I am praying to God that this person is not Muhab," Sultan said about the man Ottawa police are seeking.

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